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“I no longer share that view. Of course we don’t want the price of gasoline to go up. We want it to go down. We do acknowledge and feel the pain.”

U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu in The New York Times’ Green blog “An Inconvenient Statement, Retracted”

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Nobel economists urge Obama: back EU carbon limits

Top U.S. economists, including five Nobel Prize winners, have urged U.S. President Barack Obama to drop his opposition to charging airlines for carbon emissions under a European Union scheme that has drawn fierce opposition from airlines and governments around the world.

Whisper it, but the EU’s climate strategy is working
Business Green blog
The contradiction is striking. Just as the European Union faces arguably the greatest crisis since its inception, leaving it visibly diminished on the world stage, the bloc’s ambitious and influential climate change strategy has never looked more powerful.

EU targets farm, forest land in extending CO2 curbs
EU governments will have to record changes to forestry and farmland that alter the carbon balance under draft law published on Monday, as the European Commission presses ahead with new rules against greenhouse emissions.

Think-tank calls for CO2 auction floor, eyes 15-euro level

Point Carbon
The EU should deploy a reserve auction price alongside withdrawing hundreds of millions of carbon allowances to give investors in clean energy and governments more certainty, according to report published Tuesday by think tank Climate Strategies.
**RKB – Report not immediately available; stay tuned.

JP Morgan China chief urges Beijing to scale up CO2 trade
Point Carbon
The CEO of JP Morgan in China has proposed the country should speed up the introduction of a nationwide emissions trading scheme in order to have a say in the way global carbon market develop.

China sets 660-mln tonne CO2 cap for Guangdong

Point Carbon
China’s central government has set Guangdong province a CO2 cap of 660 million tonnes in 2015, a senior official told local media Tuesday, a 30 percent increase on its 2010 emissions.

Study Warns of Economic Damage in a Keystone Spill
The New York Times
A report released on Tuesday by Cornell University’s Global Labor Institute concludes that the economic damage caused by potential spills from the Keystone XL pipeline could far outweigh the benefits of jobs created by the project.

The impact of tar sands pipeline spills on employment and the economy
Cornell University Global Labor Institute

Natural-Gas Windfall Wanes
The Wall Street Journal
The brilliant green artificial turf on high-school football fields here serves as a vivid symbol of the natural-gas boom that brought prosperity to this traditionally poor corner of northwest Louisiana.

Report: Solar, wind and biofuel markets smash revenue records

Business Green
The global market for solar PV, wind energy, and biofuels grew 31 per cent during 2011 to almost $250bn (160bn sterling), according to new figures from analyst firm Clean Edge Inc.

Clean Energy Trends 2012

An Inconvenient Statement, Retracted
The New York Times
Energy Secretary Steven Chu on Tuesday walked away from his oft-quoted pre-Cabinet statement that the United States should deliberately raise gasoline prices to discourage consumption.

Global Reporting Initiative promises to make green reports easier to navigate

Business Green
It is one of the most common complaints levelled at firm’s sustainability reports: they are difficult to navigate and hard to compare.


Climate change and regulations worry California farmers

Harvest Public Media
No matter your personal opinion on the subject, talk of climate change usually conjures up images of warming, floods and rising sea levels. Those are the ecological changes predicted from coast to coast.

Stabenow’s green-energy tax break plan falls short

The Hill’s E2 Wire
The Senate on Tuesday rejected plans to extend a host of lapsed or soon-to-expire tax breaks for renewable fuels and power sources.

Senate turns back sweeping oil-drilling amendment

The Hill’s E2 Wire
The Senate on Tuesday blocked an amendment to pending transportation legislation that would have mandated a huge expansion of offshore oil-and-gas leasing, opened the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling and approved construction of the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline.


Oilsands destroying wetlands in northeast Alberta, U of A scientists say
Edmonton Journal
A University of Alberta study shows the oilsands region could be drier and more susceptible to forest fires in future, if naturally occurring northeastern Alberta wetlands are not reclaimed.

Paying Too Much for Carbon Offsets?

The Tyee
The government will look at how much public bodies pay for carbon offsets compared to what they actually cost as part of its review of the Pacific Carbon Trust, Environment Minister Terry Lake said in a recent interview.


High gas prices hasten UK energy crunch

Britain is heading towards an energy supply crunch sooner than expected as many of the country’s coal-fired power stations face early closure under European Union environmental regulations.

Wales puts marine and nuclear at heart of green energy master plan

Business Green
The Welsh government will today publish a new energy strategy outlining how the country aims to establish itself as a leading low carbon technology hub, creating tens of thousands of new jobs in the process.


TCI in legal threat against Coal India

The Children’s Investment Fund, the UK-based hedge fund, has threatened legal action against Coal India, the state-backed energy company, in a rare sign of shareholder activism in India that could further hamper the government’s faltering divestment programme.

Tech Focus: Australia’s new export – carbon controls
New Economy
Australian companies get a lot of kudos for developing technologies in the clean energy, but what is rarely recognised is its expertise in carbon trading and carbon management – courtesy of nearly a decade of state-based schemes and the laboured build-up to the setting of a national carbon price.


Mozambique poised for coal boom

All along the short drive from Tete’s tiny airport to the mushrooming town centre lie numerous examples of the rapid development taking place in one of Mozambique’s remote corners.

Latin America

Coke and Heineken drink to Latin America’s largest wind farm
Business Green
Vestas has won a deal to supply 132 turbines to what is set to become the biggest wind power project in Latin America, supplying electricity to Coca-Cola and Heineken bottling plants.

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