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”The key challenge for Australia is leveraging greater global ambition because we are very vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Just linking with the EU, while important, doesn’t deliver that.”

Erwin Jackson, deputy CEO at Australian-based The Climate Institute in The Age’s “Neighbours vital to carbon efforts”

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Can Green Bonds Fill the Global Funding Gap?
Ecosystem Marketplace
When Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) decided to wean itself off of Egyptian gas, it figured the best solution was to build up its solar capacity. To do that, however, it needed $500 million – and it needed it fast. So it did what cities, towns and countries often do to get money for roads, airports, and anything else with a hefty short-term price tag and healthy long-term payoff: it issued bonds, which is a fancy way of saying it borrowed the money.

Climate Change Envoy to Lead Influential Institute

The New York Times
The World Resources Institute, a respected and highly data-driven environmental research organization, has named a new president: Andrew D. Steer, a British-born economist and human development expert who has spent the bulk of his career at the World Bank.

Attempts to reduce carbon emissions face “perfect storm”

Energy & Environmental Management
Efforts to reduce carbon emissions in the UK and across Europe are facing a combination of factors strongly hindering investment in low carbon power generation and energy efficiency and promoting the burning of coal.

Neighbours vital to carbon efforts
The Age National Times
AUSTRALIA could get more out of its carbon pricing scheme by focusing its emissions trading efforts on neighbours such as Indonesia rather than Europe, according to a leading climate think tank.

African nations back India on emissions

The Times of India
A tectonic shift in the global climate negotiations got underway with the African group of countries siding with India in demanding that equity and ‘common but differentiated responsibilities’ be embedded in the talks for a future climate regime.

Design tips for a carbon market

Climate Spectator
China’s decision to launch a group of city and provincial-level carbon-trading trials is widely considered to be preparation for an absolute cap on emissions. The scheme, led by the National Development and Reform Commission, China’s top economic planner, will see pilots established in five cities and two provinces: the cities of Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing and Shenzhen and the provinces of Hubei and Guangdong.

U.S., Canadian offset developers launch DRC REDD project
Point Carbon
Two carbon credit firms have teamed up to implement what they say will be the first project to reduce deforestation and degradation (REDD) in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which may yield up to 3 million carbon credits per year.

It’s Dark Days for Coal and Power Sectors
The Wall Street Journal
To the uninitiated, “dark spreads” sound unpleasant—like ugly splotches found on mens’ shirts on a muggy day. And right now, they aren’t even fun for executives in the coal and power industries, especially as unseasonal warmth makes them sweat.

Clouds Hover Near Solar Firms

Wall Street Journal
The U.S. solar-energy industry enjoyed a banner year in 2011, with a record amount of generating capacity installed, but the outlook is clouded by uncertainty over federal support and a possible trade war with China over solar-power components.

Solyndra Is Blamed as Clean-Energy Loan Program Stalls
The New York Times
More than $16 billion in loans authorized five years ago by Congress to develop fuel-efficient vehicles has yet to be disbursed, with applicants for the money complaining that the Energy Department is crippling plans for greener cars and trucks at a time of rising gas prices.

US corporates fuel solar boom as installations more than double

Business Green
The US solar industry smashed the record for new installations last year, deploying 1,855MW of new solar PV capacity, more than doubling the previous annual record of 887MW recorded during 2010.

EU Will Back Down on Airline Carbon on ICAO Plan: SocGen
The European Union will probably back down on including aviation in its carbon market once the United NationsInternational Civil Aviation Organization proposes a global program, said Societe Generale SA. (GLE).

IEA Warns on Global Oil Supply

Wall Street Journal
The International Energy Agency warned Wednesday that oil markets are in for a bumpy ride after global oil supply fell by 200,000 barrels a day in February, despite Saudi Arabian production hitting a 30-year high.


Rising Sea Levels Seen as Threat to Coastal U.S.
The New York Times
About 3.7 million Americans live within a few feet of high tide and risk being hit by more frequent coastal flooding in coming decades because of the sea level rise caused by global warming, according to new research.

Weighing the Risk of Sea-Level Rise

The New York Times
The response to my article in the Wednesday paper on rising sea levels suggests a strong public hunger for more information about the risk. People have been e-mailing us with questions, so let me offer a few more details.

Chesapeake, Partners to Build Ohio Pipeline
Wall Street Journal
Chesapeake Energy Corp. said Tuesday that it and two partners plan to build a $900 million pipeline system in eastern Ohio to transport and process natural gas tapped from the Utica Shale.

Sierra Club Spurns $30 Million Gift as Fracking Turns Toxic
Environmental and health groups are calling for tougher U.S. regulation of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, turning on a one-time donor to their causes: Chesapeake Energy Corp. (CHK).

Renewables LinkedIn to growth surge
Business Green
You may know LinkedIn as an excellent way to network/waste time, but those lunch hours spent trawling the business social networking site looking for a new job or connecting with old school friends have also resulted in some fascinating data on the size and shape of the US economy.

California urges ramp up of offset projects

Point Carbon
California offset project developers should bring new ventures online now even though the state hasn’t yet completed work on key components of the system, an official said Tuesday.


Canadian Natural Says Horizon Start-up Activities Are Underway
Dow Jones Newswires
Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. (CNQ) said maintenance work at its Horizon oil-sands plant has been completed and that start-up activities have begun, with pipeline deliveries targeted for Thursday.

Alberta oil producers lose $18B a year to discount
Edmonton Journal
Oil producers in Alberta are giving up $18 billion a year by selling barrels of Canadian oil priced substantially lower than international crudes and the losses are poised to continue into 2014, warns CIBC World Markets.

Oilsands important to meet energy demands
The Vancouver Sun
In the future, demand for energy will increase and fossil fuels will continue to feed that demand, the Globe 2012 conference heard on Wednesday. And the Canadian oilsands can be an important part of or that future, but collaboration is needed to make sure that the oilsands energy is produced as cleanly as possible, Suncor Energy Inc.’s president and chief operating officer Steve Williams said.


E.ON Upbeat Despite Loss
Wall Street Journal
German utility E.ON AG said Wednesday that it expects profits to rise in coming years after reporting its first ever net loss in 2011. The loss was tied to muted energy demand, low power prices, Germany’s accelerated exit from nuclear power and loss-making gas-procurement contracts.

EON Profit Declines on Nuclear Plant Closures, Weak Demand

EON AG, Germany’s largest utility, said 2011 profit slumped 50 percent because of nuclear reactor closures and lower earnings from its power generation and wholesale gas business.

Enel Targets Renewables, Latin America to Counter Italian Slump
Enel SpA (ENEL), Italy’s largest utility, will steer investments into Latin America and renewable energy as recession damps electricity demand in its biggest market.
**repeats in Latin America

Spain’s Supreme Court Orders Government to Raise Power Prices

Spain’s Supreme Court ordered the government to raise the price of power for consumers to cover more of the costs of delivery.

George Osborne – the greenest chancellor yet?

Business Green blog
For many green businesses and NGOs, chancellor George Osborne is public enemy number one. He is the torcher of environmental protections, the salvation of carbon-intensive polluters, the arch-apologist for the high carbon growth path, and the single most significant barrier to the development of a low-carbon economy in the UK.


Carbon emissions hit a new record
The Age
GREENHOUSE gases have risen to their highest level since modern humans evolved, and Australian temperatures are now about a degree warmer than they were a century ago, a major review by the CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology has found.

‘Double’ carbon tax fear on power bills
The Age
Electricity companies could be planning to ”double dip” on the carbon price, potentially overcharging customers by $1.5 billion, according to a group of industrial companies.

Gazprom Trips in India as Shale Upends Asia Gas Markets
OAO Gazprom (GAZP), the world’s largest natural-gas exporter, is struggling to get a foothold in the Asian markets leading global economic growth.

Vietnam May Give Tax Preference to Businesses Conserving Energy
Vietnam’s finance ministry will ask Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung to give “some tax preference” to businesses that have energy conservation plans or use so- called green energy, Nguyen Van Phung, deputy director of tax policy at the finance ministry, said today at a conference in Hanoi.

Latin America

Brazil to Issue Regulations Supporting Solar Energy, Aneel Says

Brazil, which has a single utility- scale solar plant, will issue within two weeks a pair of regulations designed to promote the use of power generated from sunshine, the country’s electricity regulator Agencia Nacional de Energia Eletrica said.

Brazil mulls tearing up deforestation deals with western firms
Point Carbon
Brazil’s top judge may annul 30 deals that give investors legal title to carbon credits by avoiding deforestation in the Amazon, two government sources said – a ruling that could thwart investment in an emerging forest-based carbon market.

Enel Targets Renewables, Latin America to Counter Italian Slump
Enel SpA (ENEL), Italy’s largest utility, will steer investments into Latin America and renewable energy as recession damps electricity demand in its biggest market.
**repeats in Europe

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