In today’s edition, more on the potential fall out of the Brexit yes vote: EU out vote puts UK commitment to Paris climate agreement in doubt. Also, Democrats adopt climate change science investigation in their platform. Finally, Rt. 66 gets test run of solar road, in the Power section.  

Quote of the day 

“There is a risk that this could kick EU ratification of the Paris agreement into the long grass.”  

Jonathan Grant, director of sustainability at PwC, in the Guardian’s story EU out vote puts UK commitment to Paris climate agreement in doubt 

Lead stories

Climate Innovation: Imagine How We Can Beat Expectations Next 
By Bob Perciasepe – C2ES  
Back in 2005, the U.S. Energy Information Administration projected that, under current policies, U.S. energy-related carbon dioxide emissions would increase nearly 18 percent by 2015. They did not.

Democrats adopt climate change science investigation in platform 
By Devin Henry – The Hill
Members of the Democratic National Committee’s platform panel have formally endorsed federal investigations into climate research at fossil fuel companies, including a high-profile probe into Exxon Mobil Corp.

Wait drags on for energy talks 
By Devin Henry – The Hill
The Senate is the only show in town in the coming week, meaning the energy world’s eyes will be trained on the chamber, looking for signs of movement on an energy reform package. 

EU out vote puts UK commitment to Paris climate agreement in doubt 
By Fiona Harvey – The Guardian
The UK government won high praise six months ago for taking a leading role in the successful Paris climate change agreement, the first legally binding commitment on curbing carbon emissions by all 195 United Nations countries. 


China decarbonizes for greener growth 
The Chinese economy is decarbonizing fast as it has made building a clean, low carbon energy system a priority for the upcoming five years.

Natural gas / coal 

Trump Jr. calls BLM drilling regs ‘reasonable’ 
By Phil Taylor – E&E
The Bureau of Land Management has taken sensible steps to balance oil and gas leasing with conservation in the West, the son of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said yesterday. 

Coal terminal plan pits jobs against environmental concerns 
By Janie Har – Associated Press  
The promise of good, blue-collar jobs in a depressed area is running headlong into environmental sensitivities as officials in Northern California consider a plan to build a marine terminal that would serve as a gateway for Utah-mined coal heading to Asia.


Rt. 66 gets test run of solar road 
By Lisa Suhay – Christian Science Monitor 
America’s iconic Route 66 is about to become part of a new solar system. 

Clean tech 

Good News For Fans Of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars 
By Steve Hanley – Gas2
For those of you who are still rooting for hydrogen fuel cells to lead the world into an emissions free future, there’s good news.


Scientists just made it cheaper to produce hydrogen from water  
The Royal Institute of Technology
A hydrogen-fuel economy could finally become a reality with the recent discovery of a cheap, stable and efficient means of getting hydrogen from water. 

Much of California’s incredible new ‘windfall’ of underground water may be unusable 
By Sarah Kramer – Tech insider  
Now that California is officially in its fifth year of a severe drought, you might think that the recent discovery of an incredible amount of water deep underground would be cause for celebration.

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