In today’s edition, the Paris climate agreement needs coordinated carbon prices to be successful, an expert says. Also, in the Clean tech section, Nissan develops e-bio fuel cells for 2020. And in the Water section, learn how to solve fracking’s water problem: don’t use water.

Quote of the day

“Global primary energy consumption grew by just 1.0 percent in 2015, similar to the rate of growth seen in 2014, but much slower than the average seen over the past decade. Much of this weakness was driven by China, where energy consumption grew at its slowest rate in almost 20 years. Even so, China remained the world’s largest growth market for energy for a fifteenth consecutive year.”

Bob Dudley, chief executive of BP, in the Environmental Leader’s story Globe Tries to Get its Arms Wrapped Around Energy Consumption and Carbon Emissions 

Lead stories 

Climate change: poll finds support for strong action at highest level since 2008 
By Michael Slezak – The Guardian  
Support for strong action on climate change is at its highest level since 2008, with much sought after uncommitted voters showing the strongest support, according to Galaxy polling commissioned by the Climate Institute. 

Globe Tries to Get its Arms Wrapped Around Energy Consumption and Carbon Emissions 
By Ken Silverstein – Environmental Leader  
Catch me if you can — a moniker that may well apply to global fossil fuel usage and global carbon emissions.  
***LB: Also in this story “While global coal consumption fell by 1.8 percent, that was offset by a rise in natural gas and oil usage, according to BP’s June statistical analysis.”

California’s signature climate policy is struggling through its awkward teen years 
By David Roberts – Vox  
California is known the world over for its aggressive efforts to tackle climate change, which include, among other things, a statewide cap-and-trade system.  

EU carbon price forecast inches up on reform plans 
By Megan Darby – Climate Change News  
The EU should leave the door open for faster emissions cuts from 2023, in line with a UN global stock take of ambition.

The Paris climate agreement needs coordinated carbon prices to be successful 
By Ottmar Edenhofer – The Conversation 
The Paris climate agreement was an important success for climate diplomacy as nation states showed a strong will to cooperate on climate action.


Cars buck downward trend of EU carbon emissions  
By Arthur Neslen – The Guardian
Road transport has bucked a downward trend in European greenhouse gas emissions, growing by 17% between 1990 and 2014, at the same time that emissions from other sectors fell by almost a quarter.

Natural gas / coal 

BHP Sticks With Coal in Hard Times 
By Rhiannon Hoyle – Wall Street Journal 
Amid the misery in a market strained by bankruptcies, mine closures and mass worker layoffs, coal still has at least one major supporter. 

Natural Gas Prices Rise on Expected Summer Demand 
By Timothy Puko – Wall Street Journal
Natural gas rose to a 10-month high Tuesday as warm weather forecasts kept stoking expectations for strong demand this summer. 


Wind turbine maker Goldwind looks beyond Xinjiang 
By Christian Shepherd and Lucy Hornby – Financial Times 
Dabancheng wind farm’s location in a natural wind tunnel in China’s Xinjiang province makes it one of the best situated in the world.

California utility to close Diablo Canyon nuclear power reactors by 2025 
By Steven Mufson – Washington Post  
The California utility that owns a pair of nuclear power reactors at Diablo Canyon said in an agreement with environmental groups that it will close the plants when their licenses expire in the middle of the next decade instead of applying for license renewals.

24M’s Batteries Could Better Harness Wind and Solar Power 
By Elizabeth Woyke – MIT Technology Review  
Lithium-ion batteries power everything from smartphones to electric vehicles. 

Clean tech 

Dana Joins Project INSPIRE Consortium to Develop Advanced Fuel-Cell Technology for Automobiles 
Dana Holding Corporation announced today it has joined a consortium of fuel-cell component developers, academic institutions, and automaker BMW Group for a three-year project to develop and validate next-generation automotive fuel-cell stack technology and materials.

Nissan develops e-bio fuel cells for 2020 
By Hans Greimel – Automotive News  
Nissan Motor Co. has developed a new kind of fuel cell technology it says is safer, cheaper and more user-friendly than existing systems from rivals with the aim of commercializing it around 2020.


One Way to Solve Fracking’s Water Problem: Don’t Use Water 
By Eric Roston – Bloomberg News  
The shale gas revolution brought the U.S. both energy-superpower status and a short list of headaches.

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