In today’s edition, learn about the benefits and drawbacks of Tesla’s plan to acquire SolarCity, in the Power section. Also, while the German government agrees to ban fracking indefinitely, the Obama Fracking Rules Are Struck Down by Court (in the Natural gas / coal section).  

Quote of the day

“So you’ve three ambitious political leaders, and you’ve got global consensus that action is important for the world. Those taken together gives us a big opportunity to bring in a climate plan for the three countries that is ambitious, that’s rigorous, and can really lead the way for other countries to follow.” 

Erin Flanagan, Pembina Institute, in the CBC’s story Three amigos summit seen as rare chance for big moves on climate change

Lead stories

Our new alliance unites 600m city dwellers in fight against climate change 
By Michael Bloomberg and Maroš Šefčovič – The Guardian   
When it comes to confronting climate change, the world’s cities are proving that there’s strength in unity.

Obama Criticizes Republicans In Congress For Blocking Climate Action
By Steve Hanley – Gas2. 
Over the weekend, President Obama visited Yosemite National Park. He used the occasion to slam congressional Republicans for their intransigent stance on climate change. 

Three amigos summit seen as rare chance for big moves on climate change 
By Margo McDiarmid – CBC News  
The North American leaders should seize their rare moment of political agreement on climate when they meet next week in Ottawa, says a new report.

Election campaigns edge Australia towards climate consensus 
By Nicky Phillips – Nature  
The country’s lucrative coal industry is one of many things putting climate change on the Australian election agenda.


A carbon price set to carbon damage 
By Peter Weisberg – Greenbiz
What damage are we causing with each new emission of carbon pollution?

Natural gas / coal 

Obama Fracking Rules Are Struck Down by Court 
By Coral Davenport – The New York Times  
A federal judge on Tuesday night struck down an Obama administration regulation on the use of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, for oil and gas on public lands, a blow to President Obama’s muscular stand on the extraction of fossil fuels on government lands. 

German government agrees to ban fracking indefinitely 
Germany’s coalition government agreed to ban fracking for shale gas indefinitely on Tuesday, after years of fractious talks over the issue, but environmental groups said the ban did not go far enough and vowed to fight the deal.


Competition clouds prospects for solar power 
By Ed Crooks – Financial Times  
Solar power is a paradox. It is the world’s fastest-growing energy source, but it has been anything but a one-way ticket for investors.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Tesla’s Plan to Acquire SolarCity 
By Stephen Lacey – gtm 
On Tuesday, Tesla unveiled grand plans to acquire America’s biggest residential solar installer, SolarCity. Their vision: to create “the world’s only vertically integrated energy company offering end-to-end clean energy products.”


Will Water Sector Help or Hurt on Climate Change? 
By Tara Lohan – News Deeply 
The water sector use 19 percent of California’s electricity. If more clean energy is used, this presents a big opportunity for the state to move toward meeting its climate goals and for water utilities to realize new economic benefits.

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