In today’s edition, Canadian businesses in British Columbia want a higher carbon tax. Also, two California Democratic congressmen urged CalPERS to divest from ExxonMobil over its handling of the issue of climate change. Finally, a Malaysian advocacy group is urging poor countries to skip a signing ceremony for the landmark Paris climate agreement in New York next month. Why? Because the rich world’s pledges to contain emissions before 2020 as well as more details on how wealthy countries will keep their financial promises are still unclear. 

Quote of the day

“It does seem a paradox that a courier company or a freight company would be looking for greater carbon tax, but I just think it’s the right road to go on.”

Ken Johnston, president of Novex Delivery Systems based in Richmond, Canada, in the CBC News’ story Carbon tax should be higher, say 130 B.C. businesses in letter to Christy Clark 

Lead stories

This Stunning Chart Helped Uncover Climate Change in 1959 
By Eric Roston – Bloomberg News 
Spring is in the air, but what is it? The blossoms blossoming? The vernal equinox?  

Climate Catastrophe, Coming Even Sooner? 
By Elizabeth Kolbert – The New Yorker  
One of the first people to propose that climate change could result in rapid sea-level rise was an eccentric British geographer named John Mercer. 

Carbon tax should be higher, say 130 B.C. businesses in letter to Christy Clark 
By Lisa Johnson – CBC News 
More than 130 B.C. businesses have signed a letter to Premier Christy Clark asking her government to raise the carbon tax, including companies that — in their own words — “burn a lot of fuel.” 
***LB: Also in this story “The letter, delivered yesterday and initiated by environmental groups, says the carbon tax has been a success both economically and environmentally since it was introduced in 2008. The businesses want it raised by $10 per tonne per year starting in 2018.”

California lawmakers urge CalPERS to divest from Exxon 
By Valerie Volcovici – Reuters  
Two California Democratic congressmen on Wednesday urged the California Public Employees Retirement System, the largest U.S. public pension fund, to divest from oil giant ExxonMobil over its handling of the issue of climate change. 

NGO: Poor should take ‘wait and see’ approach to climate deal 
By Jean Chemnick – E&E
A Malaysian advocacy group is urging poor countries to skip a signing ceremony for the landmark Paris climate agreement in New York next month. 
***LB: Also in this story “The Third World Network is circulating a memo urging developing countries not to “rush” to sign onto the deal, but instead to hold out for many of the assurances from rich countries that some feel eluded them in last year’s negotiations. Among them: the rich world’s pledges to contain emissions before 2020 and more details on how wealthy countries will discharge the financial promises in or prior to Paris.” 

Trump, Cruz vow to undo Obama environmental work 
By Devin Henry – The Hill  
GOP presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are pledging to undo several Obama administration climate efforts and block future work on global warming if elected this fall.


Navigating the American Carbon World (NACW) 2016 
Climate Action Reserve 
May 4-6, 2016 
San Diego, California

Global Carbon Market Fair and Conference 
May 25-27, 2016 

Cleantech Innovate Scotland 
June 9, 2016 


Action on HFCs Heats Up
By Jennifer Huang – C2ES
We’re seeing new movement toward phasing down the fastest-growing group of greenhouse gases – hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs. 

When Companies Track Their Climate Emissions 
By Julia Rosen – Ensia  
Ten years ago, as part of a sustainability initiative, Walmart decided to take a look at its greenhouse gas emissions. 

U.S. FTC sues Volkswagen over diesel advertising claims 
By David Shepardson – Reuters  
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission on Tuesday sued Volkswagen Group of America, saying the U.S. arm of the German automaker falsely advertised more than a half million diesel vehicles as environmentally friendly when it knew they were emitting excess pollution. 

Natural gas / coal

The Invisible Catastrophe 
By Nathaniel Rich – The New York Times Magazine 
It just seems like a beautiful day in Southern California,” Bryan Caforio said.

EPA aims to cut methane leaks from natural gas companies 
By Michael Biesecker – Associated Press
The Obama administration on Wednesday announced a new partnership with 41 energy companies that have agreed to voluntarily reduce methane emissions from natural gas operations to help combat climate change. 

Ukraine to pay full price for Russian natural gas from April 1 
From April 1, Ukraine will have to pay contractual price for buying natural gas from Russia.


China wind energy groups cry foul over grid curbs 
By Christian Shepherd and Lucy Hornby – Financial Times 
China’s wind industry is considering legal action against government ministries in three Chinese provinces in an attempt to force the country to use more wind energy, as systemic problems hinder Beijing’s commitment to cut fossil fuel use.

Clean tech 

With Model 3, it’s make or break for Tesla  
By Charles Fleming – Los Angeles Times 
On Thursday night, at an invitation-only, Hollywood-style premiere on his SpaceX campus in Hawthorne, Elon Musk and his Tesla team will unveil their latest creation: the Model 3, Musk’s long-awaited electric car for the masses. 

Formula E and Roborace unveil first self-driving electric race car 
By Jocelyn Timperley – BusinessGreen
Newly launched motorsport championship Roborace has today released the first images of its all-electric, autonomous race car – revealing a futuristic departure from the cars you usually see hurtling round the world’s race tracks.


U.N. Official: We Are Acting Like Toddlers on Water Use 
By Achim Steiner  – Times 
Among the many happy challenges of raising children is the surprising effort it takes to keep a toddler hydrated.

Low Water Levels Mean Lights May Go Out in Caracas 
By Fabiola Zerpa – Bloomberg News  
Over the past three years, Venezuelans have seen shortages of food, water, toilet paper and medicine. In some areas of the country, electricity has been curtailed.
Now, the lights may go out in the nation’s capital.

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