In today’s edition, carbon markets or a carbon tax are featured, with info on the future national carbon market in China: guidelines for companies to measure and report their greenhouse gas emissions. Also, details on targeted sectors: aviation will be first. Also, according to tests conducted by advisory firm Prometheum Carbon, another country, South Africa, is ready for a carbon tax. 

Quote of the day

“And then there’s an aspect that we don’t talk about much: the impact on security. If you have climate degradation, global security as a whole is degraded, there is immigration, and the fact that we fight over resources, be it oil or water.”

Laurent Fabius, France’s Foreign minister, in the Reuters’ story France says climate talks crucial for world security

Lead stories 

China sets CO2 reporting standards ahead of national market launch 
China issued new guidelines on Monday to help standardise the way big industrial firms measure and report their greenhouse gas emissions, in a step towards the launch of a national carbon market scheduled for the middle of next year.

China to target aviation next year in national carbon trading scheme 
Carbon Brief  
China is reportedly planning to target energy and aviation emissions among six industrial sectors when it launches its carbon trading scheme early next year.  
***LB: Also in this story “The inclusion of aviation in the scheme is significant as the EU faced fierce opposition from China and the US when it attempted to include international flights in own Emissions Trading System.”

Tests Show South Africa Is Ready For Carbon Tax
By Lorys Charalambous –
Climate-change advisory firm Prometheum Carbon has completed a program to demonstrate the readiness of the existing South African market infrastructure for the carbon offset trading that will form part of the carbon tax system being introduced from 2016. 
***LB: Also in this story “A demonstration of market readiness was the culmination of a three-year research project executed by Promethium Carbon in close cooperation with the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), as the trading platform; JSE’s Silocerts, as commodities registry; and Done Technologies, the technology provider to the registry.”

France says climate talks crucial for world security
By Tom Miles – Reuters  
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius launched a round of global climate talks in Geneva on Sunday and warned that world security, as well as the environment, depended on their success.

UN climate talks get into gear in Geneva
The United Nations’ Geneva climate talks resume on Sunday in a bid to finalize a draft text for an intercountry pact aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

‘India can achieve highest emission reduction in Asia’
By Sahana Ghosh – IANS
India can achieve the highest reduction in emission levels in Asia by 2050 by adopting agricultural practices that prevent the release of methane and nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere, a Japanese expert has said.

Angela Merkel: The green realist who could make or break a climate deal 
By Megan Darby – RTCC (Responding to Climate Change)
On 23 September 2014, world leaders converged on New York to pledge their support for a new climate deal, at a UN summit hosted by Ban Ki-moon. 
***LB: Also in this story “While many heads of state were ramping up the rhetoric on a low carbon transition, Angela Merkel was going the other way. The German chancellor, arguably the most powerful person in Europe, was addressing chiefs of energy-hungry sectors from carmakers to chemical giants at German Industry Day.”

Vast majority opposes gas tax hike, poll shows 
By Keith Laing – The Hill
Nearly 70 percent of U.S. residents are opposed to the idea of raising the federal gas tax to pay for new transportation projects, according to a poll released Friday by a group that is working to stop such an increase.


2015 Climate Leadership Conference
ACCO, EPA, The Climate Registry, C2ES
February 23-25, 2015
Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City (Arlington, VA)

Navigating the American Carbon World (NACW) 2015
North America’s premier conference on climate policy and carbon markets
Presented by the Climate Action Reserve
April 28-30, 2015
Los Angeles, California


Australia’s political leadership battle may revive carbon debate
By Lincoln Feast – Reuters
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s tenuous grip on power has again put climate-change policy at the centre of the nation’s political leadership struggle, raising concerns among miners and hopes for renewable energy advocates. 

Australia sees USD-13bn drop in wind investments on RET review – report 
By Veselina Petrova – SeeNews 
Australia is facing a AUD-17-billion (USD 13.2bn/EUR 11.7bn) slowdown in wind farm investment due to the political uncertainty surrounding the Renewable Energy Target (RET), Reuters said Sunday.

Natural gas/coal

Church of England may sell £3m stake in mining firm over fears for gorilla haven
By Jamie Doward – The Observer
The Church of England is considering withdrawing its investment in a controversial British mining firm whose operations in a war-torn region of Africa have alarmed both human rights groups and environmentalists.


Gov. Scott Walker seeks to fund study on ‘health impacts’ of wind power
Daily Kos
What are the odds that the state governor who gained instant fame from his obsequious smarm in a phone call to what he thought was a Koch brother would come out with a demand that we study the terrible health dangers posed by—wait for it, savor it a moment—wind power.

Clean tech

Clean tech loses power in energy portfolios 
By Arleen Jacobius – Pensions & Investments  
Once positioned to be a star of investors’ portfolios, clean technology has been reduced to bit-part status, morphing into an opportunistic investment in a broader energy infrastructure strategy. 
***LB: Also in this story “The $296.5 billion California Public Employees’ Retirement System, $188.8 billion California State Teachers’ Retirement System and $178.3 billion New York State Common Retirement Fund are among the U.S. pension funds that have clean- or green-technology portfolios stretching across asset classes including venture capital, private equity, public equity and fixed income.”


New guidance aims to keep products of pirate fishing out of UK supply chain
By Rebecca Smithers – The Guardian
Illegal “pirate” fishing damages the environment and human rights, and leads to economic losses of as much as $23.5bn (£15.3 bn) a year, according to fresh guidance which aims to help British businesses keep illegal fish products out of the supply chain and stamp the practice out.

The Water Stewards At The Bottom Of The Pyramid 
Water Log
Okay, so 2015 may have started on a low note, as the global impacts of water crises hit number one on the World Economic Forum’s list of global risks in 2015.


Global Warming May Spawn More Southeast US Tornadoes
By Becky Oskin – Live Science
The same loopy weather patterns directing California’s ongoing drought and last year’s deep freeze across the East Coast may also change how often tornadoes strike the southeastern United States, a new modeling study finds.

Withering clouds: Climate change damaging biodiverse Costa Rica forest
By Ryan Schuessler – Al Jazeera America
The cloud forests of Monteverde are known around the world for their biodiversity. But locals and scientists are warning the delicate ecosystem is increasingly without the clouds. 

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