In today’s edition, things we know but that are still good to drive home again. For example, climate change is corroding our values, says Naomi Klein, while  heat waves and droughts could spark ‘climate exodus’ in Africa and the Middle East. Same thing with a Donald Trump’s election. It would derail Paris climate deal, warns its architect. 

Quote of the day

“It is not about things getting hotter and wetter but things getting meaner and uglier, unless we change the corrosive values that are pitting people against each other. Fossil fuels, which are the principal driver of climate change, require the sacrifice of whole regions and people. Resource extraction is a form of violence because it does so much damage and kills cultures.” 

Author and political activist Naomi Klein, in the Guardian’s story Climate change is corroding our values, says Naomi Klein 

Lead story

Climate change is corroding our values, says Naomi Klein 
By John Vidal – The Guardian
Climate change is spawning injustice, racism, intolerance and wars, according to author and political activist Naomi Klein.

Climate Hustle wants you to believe you just can’t trust climate science 
By Scott K. Johnson – Ars Technica  
Duane Gish, a prominent critic of evolution, was such a prolific debater that, like Dr. Henry Heimlich, he had a maneuver named after him. 
***LB Also in this story “Climate Hustle is the product of Marc Morano and the conservative Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT). Morano, who has worked for Rush Limbaugh and Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), now runs a climate “skeptic” blog supported by CFACT and makes regular appearances on cable news shows.” 

How to talk about climate change so people will act  
What can you do about climate change? The better question might be: What can we? University of California San Diego researchers show in a new study that framing the issue collectively is significantly more effective than emphasis on personal responsibility. 

Did climate change contribute to the Fort McMurray fire?
By Zane Schwartz – McCleans
Leading Alberta scientists say climate change likely contributed to the Fort McMurray wildfire.

Donald Trump’s election would derail Paris climate deal, warns its architect 
By Fiona Harvey – The Guardian
The election of Donald Trump would derail the landmark agreement on climate change reached in Paris last December, the architect of the accord has warned.

Hellish Heat Could Spark ‘Climate Exodus’ In Africa And Middle East 
By Chris D’Angelo – HuffPost Hawaii 
Scorching temperatures brought on by climate change could leave large swaths of the Middle East and North Africa uninhabitable by the middle of this century, a new study predicts.


Navigating the American Carbon World (NACW) 2016 
Climate Action Reserve 
May 4-6, 2016 
San Diego, California   

Global Carbon Market Fair and Conference 
May 25-27, 2016 

Cleantech Innovate Scotland 
June 9, 2016  


Two-thirds of Australia’s emissions fund spent for just 7% of 2030 target 
By Michael Slezak – The Guardian 
The government has now spent two-thirds of its emissions reduction fund but has only achieved 7% of the emissions cuts it would need to reach its 2030 target, according to analysts. 

Benefits of cycling and walking ‘outweigh air pollution risk’ in cities 
By Sarah Boseley – The Guardian  
The health benefits of cycling and walking outweigh the harm from inhaling air loaded with traffic fumes in all but the world’s most polluted cities, according to a study.

Natural gas / coal 

Greens sue EPA over fracking waste 
By Timothy Cama – The Hill 
Environmental groups are suing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to try to compel better regulation of waste fluids from hydraulic fracturing. 

Anti-coal campaign reaches milestone 
By Timothy Cama – The Hill 
An effort to shut down coal-fired power plants reached a major milestone Tuesday, with 100,000 megawatts of coal electricity capacity having announced shutdown plans since 2010. 
***LB: Also in this story “The Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign, which launched in 2010 with the goal of reducing coal-fired power, celebrated the announcement as a big victory. The campaign crossed the 100,000 megawatt mark after electric utility Dynegy Inc. said it would close three coal-fired units at two power plants in Illinois.”


(Australia’s) Greens’ want 1.2m households to install renewable energy storage 
By Gareth Hutchens – The Guardian  
The Greens want millions of households to install renewable energy storage units, saying battery storage could “revolutionise” Australia’s energy system. 

Behind the bright lights of Vegas: how the 24-hour party city is greening up its act 
By Dan Hernandez – The Guardian 
Taking shade under a Mesquite tree shouldn’t seem exotic in the Mojave Desert. Nor should catching the aroma of sage flowers, or brushing past spiky yucca and tongue-limbed agave plants. 

Solar power is contagious. These maps show how it spreads. 
By Brad Plumer – Vox  
Rooftop solar is expanding rapidly in the United States — by some estimates, a new system goes up every four minutes.

Clean tech

Tesla Powerwalls for Home Energy Storage Hit U.S. Market  
By Dana Hull – Bloomberg News  
To Steve Yates, the best thing about his new Tesla Powerwall is that he doesn’t have to worry anymore about the lights going out during a storm. Or maybe it’s how cool an addition it is to the entryway of his house in Monkton, Vermont.


Obama: Flint crisis caused by ‘a culture of neglect’ in government 
By Devin Henry – The Hill  
President Obama rallied residents of Flint, Mich., on Wednesday, blaming its water crisis on a broader “culture of neglect” within government and telling citizens of the beleaguered city it “will come back” stronger.

White House knocks Trump over Flint crisis 
By Jordan Fabian – The Hill  
President Obama’s top spokesman took a swipe Wednesday at Donald Trump over the presumptive Republican nominee’s call to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency. 
***LB: Also in this story ““We need an EPA that is properly funded and operating effectively,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters on Air Force One en route to the city. “Eliminating that agency, as many Republicans advocate, is not going to contribute to that goal.””

Nestle water permit debate heats up, 280K sign petition 
By Ian James – The Desert Sun 
The U.S. Forest Service’s proposal to grant Nestle a new permit to continue piping water out of a national forest for bottling has drawn a flood of written comments from the public, including a petition with more than 280,000 names demanding the agency “turn off the spigot.”

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