In today’s edition, James Hansen, the former Nasa scientist who is considered the father of modern climate change awareness, says that what we are threatening to do to young people is irreversible. Also, learn how EU carbon prices could evolve – a bump, followed by a summer slump, analysts say. Finally, as the driving season is almost upon us, learn how low gas prices could create a detour on the road to greater fuel economy.  

Quote of the day

“What we are threatening to do to young people is irreversible, it’s irreparable harm. This is something they didn’t cause but will be out of their control. Among the top experts, there’s agreement that this is very urgent, we can’t continue on this path hoping that emissions will go down, we have to take actions.”

James Hansen, the former Nasa scientist who is considered the father of modern climate change awareness, in the Guardian’s story Climate guru James Hansen warns of much worse than expected sea level rise 

Lead stories

Climate guru James Hansen warns of much worse than expected sea level rise 
By Oliver Milman – The Guardian  
The current rate of global warming could raise sea levels by “several meters” over the coming century, rendering most of the world’s coastal cities uninhabitable and helping unleash devastating storms, according to a paper published by James Hansen, the former Nasa scientist who is considered the father of modern climate change awareness.

Donald Trump’s unsettling nonsense on weather and climate 
By Jason Samenow – The Washington Post 
On scientific issues of direct relevance to public policy, one would hope a leading contender for the office of president would demonstrate a solid foundation of knowledge based on evidence and the current state of expert understanding. 

EU carbon prices to see data bump followed by summer slump -analysts 
Carbon Pulse  
EU Allowances will see a short-lived bump following the release of data next week showing higher-than-expected 2015 emissions, a team of New York-based analysts said, but prices are then expected to fall to new lows this summer.

Climate change means French wines face identity crisis 
The Local
Climate change has pushed French wines into unchartered territory, and could force producers to relocate, or abandon the
grapes that helped to make their vineyards famous, scientists said Monday. 

(Australia’s) Coalition announces $1bn clean energy fund to invest in emerging technologies 
By Lenore Taylor – The Guardian  
The Turnbull government is setting up a new $1bn clean energy fund alongside the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to lend to, or take an equity stake, in emerging technologies.


Northeast RECs Regional Thought Leader Round Table 
March 23, 2016 
Environmental Markets Association 
Office of Dentons, 1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York

Navigating the American Carbon World (NACW) 2016 
Climate Action Reserve 
May 4-6, 2016 
San Diego, California

Global Carbon Market Fair and Conference 
May 25-27, 2016 

Cleantech Innovate Scotland 
June 9, 2016 


Low Gas Prices Create a Detour on the Road to Greater Fuel Economy 
By Bill Vlasic – The New York Times  
Since agreeing to tough new federal fuel economy standards five years ago, automakers have been methodically improving the gas mileage of their vehicles and reducing emissions harmful to the environment.

Natural gas / coal 

GOP lawmakers hit EPA on coal, mine waste spill 
By Timothy Cama – The Hill
Republican lawmakers used a Tuesday hearing on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) budget to slam the agency’s chief over some home-state priorities. 

Feds defend fracking rule against judicial hold 
By Timothy Cama – The Hill  
The Obama administration is fighting in federal court to defend its hydraulic fracturing (fracking) rule, saying a lower court committed a “legal error” when it put the regulation on hold. 

Report Ties Coal Plants to Water Shortage in Northern China 
By Edward Wong – The New York Times
China’s consumption of coal, a major contributor to climate change and the country’s horrific air pollution, is worsening a severe water shortage in the northern part of the country, Greenpeace said in a report released Tuesday.


Wind power: (Australian) funding body spends $3.3m on research into turbines’ health impact 
By Paul Karp – The Guardian  
An Australian research council has given two grants worth $3.3m to research the impact of wind turbines on human health despite concluding last year there was no evidence turbine noise was harmful.

Giant Solar Farm Seeks Backers to Deliver 24-Hour Power in Chile
By Vanessa Dezem and Javiera Quiroga – Bloomberg News  
Valhalla Energia is seeking partners to build a 600-megawatt solar project in Chile that will incorporate hydropower to deliver energy 24 hours a day. 

Tidal power co Atlantis hands back two seabed leases in Wales, Scotland 
See News
Singapore-based tidal power group Atlantis Resources Ltd (LON:ARL) said today it has returned to the Crown Estate two agreements for lease concerning areas of the seabed in Wales and Scotland.

Clean tech

Hydrogen car smashes world records in six-day demonstration around M25 
By Madeleine Cuff – BusinessGreen 
A new world record has been set for the longest-ever continuous journey in a hydrogen car, after the London Hydrogen Network Expansion project (LHNE) spent six days driving more than 6,000 miles around the M25 in a Hyundai ix35 fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV).


Anger and skepticism surge over water testing in Philadelphia after Flint crisis 
By Jessica Glenza – The Guardian  
Aftershocks of the institutional failure that left high lead levels in a Michigan city’s water supply were felt 600 miles south-east in Philadelphia on Monday, as city council members questioned whether the water department does enough to protect the public. 

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