In today’s edition, a new, ground-breaking development: For first time, a court in the Netherlands ruled that the government must take action to cut its greenhouse gas emissions to combat global warming. Also, a new report debunks the myth of natural gas: In fact, the leaks cancel the much-touted climate benefits. Finally, the Asian Development Bank said in a report that climate change has been making the poor in the Asia-Pacific region even poorer and is setting back efforts to haul them out of poverty.

Quote of the day

“With 3% leakage, we’re being sold climate benefits when what we are really getting is marginally less climate damage.”

Hugh MacMillan, a senior researcher at nonprofit Food and Water Watch, in the Guardian’s story  New report estimates enough natural gas is leaking to negate climate benefits (in the Natural gas /coal section)

Lead stories 

For first time, a court orders a government to act on global warming 
By Andrew Freedman – Mashable
In a landmark victory for climate activists, a court in the Netherlands ruled Wednesday that the government must take action to cut its greenhouse gas emissions to combat global warming.  

Warm crimes: The bid to put ‘toxic’ carbon in the dock 
By Peter Hannam – The Sydney Morning Herald
Will island nations be able to sue for damages if their lands become inundated by rising sea levels caused by climate change, and if so, who should pay? 

ADB: Climate change offsets anti-poverty work 
By Oliver Teves –  Associated Press  
Climate change has been making the poor in the Asia-Pacific region even poorer and is also setting back efforts to haul them out of poverty, the Asian Development Bank said in a report Wednesday. 

Climate pressures threaten political stability – security experts 
By Laurie Goering – Thomson Reuters Foundation
Politically fragile countries face breakdown as a result of mounting climate change pressures, and even stable ones may find coming shocks too big to manage peacefully, security and development experts warned.

Climate changing costs for insurers  
By Ruth Liew – Sydney Morning Herald  
Careless town planning and increasingly frequent severe natural disasters will send the cost of insurance policies north in years to come, putting the spotlight on catastrophe mitigation as climate change intensifies.


Climate Strategies Forum 
Washington Marriott Hotel at Metro Center 
Washington, DC 
June 24-26, 2015

EMA Annual Meeting
October 28-30, 2015
Omni Parker House Hotel
Boston, MA 


Here’s one reason it’s so hard to know your energy footprint
By Chris Mooney – The Washington Post
Much research has shown that people are often pretty clueless when it comes to how much energy they use.

Natural gas/coal

New report estimates enough natural gas is leaking to negate climate benefits 
By Peter Moskowitz – The Guardian
Natural gas has been touted as an environmentally friendly substitute to coal and oil production, but a new report estimates enough gas is leaking to negate most of the climate benefits of process.  

Court delays federal fracking rule
By Ellen M. Gilmer – E&E 
The Obama administration’s long-awaited hydraulic fracturing rule will not take effect as scheduled today, thanks to a federal judge’s eleventh-hour decision to stay the rule until August.  

California coal divestment bill clears assembly panel 
BY Rory Carroll – Reuters 
A bill to require California’s state pension funds Calpers and CalSTRS to sell their investments in companies that generate at least half their revenue from coal mining passed an Assembly committee by a vote of 5-1 on Wednesday.

Four Corners coal plant owners settle with EPA 
By Tony Bennett  – APS
The owners of a coal-fired power plant on the Navajo Nation reached a settlement Wednesday with federal agencies over complaints they flouted rules for permits and violated the Clean Air Act, leading to further pollution control upgrades that will cost millions of dollars. 


House GOP bill targets Obama plan to limit carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants 
By Matthew Daly – Associated Press
 House Republicans moved forward Wednesday with a plan to block a key element of President Barack Obama’s strategy for fighting climate change, defying a White House veto threat. 

Ministers to hold autumn talks over funding for onshore wind farms in the UK 
By James Cusick – The Independent  
Ministers from Westminster and Holyrood will hold diplomatic talks this autumn to discussfunding for UK onshore wind farm projects.  

U.K. Wind Industry Told to Reduce Costs 
By Ed Ballard – The Wall Street Journal  
The U.K. environment minister on Wednesday told the country’s offshore wind industry to reduce its costs, saying that subsidies propping up its business won’t last.  

Kenya’s Lake Turkana Wind Power eyes Sept 2016 for first output 
By Edmund Blair – Reuters
Kenya’s Lake Turkana Wind Power project aims to start supplying some electricity as early as September 2016, once a transmission line is built linking the remote northern region to the national grid, a director of the project said on Wednesday. 

SoftBank to launch USD20 billion SBG Cleantech 
By Jonathan Gifford  – pv magazine (photovoltaic markets and technology)
Japanese telecommunications giant SoftBank is partnering with Bharti Enterprises and Foxconn to develop USD$20 billion in solar projects in India.


Water Plan Needed for Australia’s Outback, Researcher Says 
Circle of Blue
In Australia, researchers are calling for a water conservation plan in the Outback, where hydraulic fracturing will begin in the coming years.


Commentary: What cli-fi can do to save the planet 
By Thomas Waite – The Daily Climate  
Global warming is casting meteorological horrors across not only the planet, but in literature as well. 

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