In today’s edition, fracking is on the defensive: A March poll from Gallup found that just 36 percent of Americans support fracking, down from 40 percent a year earlier (in the Natural gas / coal section). Also, in the Clean tech section, let’s debunk the myth:  Electric cars are not necessarily clean. Finally, in the Water section, drought-hit South Africa partners with Iran to build desalination plants.   

Quote of the day

“The more folks learn about this, the more they realize what a detrimental effect fracking is having on our society and our planet.”

Seth Gladstone, spokesman for Food and Water Watch, which opposes all fracking, in the Hill’s story Fracking on the defensive (in the Natural gas / coal section) 

Lead stories 

Bringing Energy Upgrades  To the Nation’s Inner Cities 
By Diane Toomey – environment 360 
America’s inner cities are filled with aging buildings that are notoriously energy-inefficient. It’s a problem that Donnel Baird sees as an opportunity.

Climate change will starve poor 
By Tanya Farber – Time Live  
More than half a million people worldwide will die by 2050 because of the devastation of food-crop production by climate change. 
***LB: Also in this story “A model developed at Oxford University and published in The Lancet projects that, by 2050, climate change will lead to a 3% per person reduction in global food availability, a 4% reduction in the consumption of fruit and vegetables, and a 1% reduction in the consumption of red meat.”


Global Carbon Market Fair and Conference 
May 25-27, 2016 

Cleantech Innovate Scotland 
June 9, 2016  


Air pollution in India is so bad that it kills half a million people every year 
By Chelsea Harvey – The Washington Post
A new paper has added to the growing body of research indicating that India’s air pollution has become a matter of life and death. 
***LB: Also in this story “The study, published this week in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, suggests that outdoor air pollution in the country is contributing to more than half a million premature deaths each year at the cost of hundreds of billions of dollars. “

Natural gas / coal 

This mystery was solved: Scientists say chemicals from fracking wastewater can taint fresh water nearby 
By Darryl Fears – The Washington Post 
The boom in unconventional drilling for natural gas known as fracking hit so fast that scientists have had to scramble to determine whether it’s safe for humans and the environment.

Clinton strikes deep distrust in coal country 
By Courtney Weaver – Financial Times  
Hillary Clinton has been forced to shift focus back to the Democratic primary after a bruising loss in West Virginia where the likely Democratic nominee lost the state to rival Bernie Sanders by a 15-point margin.

Sino-Russian gas deal: smoke without fire 
By Neil Buckley – Financial Times  
Russia’s political and economic “pivot to Asia” has long appeared to deliver less than it promised. But then, late last month, two Chinese banks came through with eye-catching loans worth $12bn to develop the Yamal liquefied natural gas venture in the Arctic — one of the largest project financing deals in Russian corporate history.

Billionaire coal executive wins Dem nod for W.Va. governor 
By Devin Henry – The Hill 
Businessman Jim Justice, a coal executive and the richest man in West Virginia, won the Democratic primary for governor there on Tuesday night.

Fracking on the defensive 
By Timothy Cama – The Hill 
The once-booming hydraulic fracturing industry is suddenly on the defensive. 
***LB: Also in this story “In recent months, the industry has suffered a $4.2 million jury award over alleged groundwater contamination from fracking, seen the two Democrats running for president argue over who would be tougher against the drilling practice and been embroiled in a public fight over the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) comprehensive analysis of fracking’s impact on groundwater.” 

Japan warned of flaw in coal-fired power plants project 
By Leo Lewis – Financial Times  
Japan’s plans for a massive expansion of coal-fired electricity generation are based on flawed projections and risk saddling the country with more than $60bn of “stranded” assets, a new report has warned.


The United States’ newest nuclear power plant has taken 43 years to build 
By Christopher Groskopf – Quartz
This summer, if all goes according to plan, the second reactor at Watts Bar Nuclear Power Plant will begin supplying power to the US electrical grid.

Clean tech

Electric Cars Are Not Necessarily Clean  
By David Biello – Scientific American  
Tesla Motors has received more than 325,000 preorders for its hot new Model 3 electric car even though it will not be available for at least another year.


Drought-hit South Africa partners with Iran to build desalination plants 
South Africa has partnered with Iran to develop desalination plants along all coastal communities to boost water supplies, the water minister said on Wednesday, as the worst drought in living memory dries dams.

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