In today’s edition, you can keep track of which country has pledged what for the UN climate pact and also learn about a private initiative: Facebook is building a big wind-powered data center in Texas. Finally, the market is always right: Almost $600bn worth of climate-related bonds have been issued in the past decade. 

Quote of the day

“Ecuador — together with other countries bordering the Amazon — has an opportunity to become a teacher of integral ecology.”

Pope Francis, in the New York Times’ story Pope Francis, in Ecuador, Calls for More Protection of Rain Forest and Its People 

Lead stories  

Gap Narrowing for Averting Climate Disaster: UN 
D. News
Climate scientists gathered Tuesday in Paris, five months before the deadline for a historic carbon-curbing pact, to show that a radical shift to sustainable energy can still limit disastrous planet warming. 

Paris tracker: Who has pledged what for 2015 UN climate pact? 
RTCC (Responding To Climate Change)
Major economies are expected to submit their contribution to a global climate deal by 1 October 2015 – keep track here.  

NZ commits to post-2020 emissions reduction target 
NZ Herald 
New Zealand has committed to a higher emissions reduction target for the post-2020 period ahead of crucial climate talks in December.

Green bond surge spurs climate bond universe towards $600bn 
By Will Nichols – BusinessGreen 
Almost $600bn worth of climate-related bonds have been issued in the past decade, with labelled green bonds making up over 10 per cent of the market.

China poised for a boom in green bonds 
By Megan Darby – RTCC (Responding To Climate Change)  
China is on the brink of a major green bonds push to finance clean energy and low carbon buildings. 
***LB: Also in this story “By the end of 2015, the country is expected to issue US$4-5 billion worth of the kind of stable, predictable debt institutional investors like.” 

Facebook is building a big wind-powered data center in Texas 
By Katie Fehrenbacher – Fortune
Facebook announced on Tuesday that it’s building a large $1 billion data center in Ft. Worth, Texas. The facility, which is already under construction, will be Facebook’s fifth data center, and will be built on land purchased from a real estate company run by the eldest son of former Presidential candidate Ross Perot. 

Will Hillary Clinton swear off fossil-fuel money? Bernie Sanders already has 
By John Light – grist 
The Nation magazine and 350 Action are challenging presidential candidates to “neither solicit nor accept campaign contributions” from fossil fuel companies — and that’s putting the heat on Hillary Clinton in particular. 

Officials lash out at House EPA funding bill 
By Timothy Cama and Devin Henry – The Hill 
“Significant Impact” On EPA: Top Obama administration officials lashed out Tuesday at the House Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) funding bill set for a vote this week.  

Supreme Court defeat won’t hinder climate push, says EPA chief 
By Timothy Cama – The Hill 
The head of the Environmental Protection Agency remains confident on the legality of the Obama administration’s environmental agenda despite a Supreme Court ruling against a major EPA regulation.

Pope Francis, in Ecuador, Calls for More Protection of Rain Forest and Its People 
By Jim Yardley – The New York Times  
Pope Francis on Tuesday called for increased protection of the Amazon rain forest and the indigenous people who live there, declaring that Ecuador must resist exploiting natural riches for “short-term benefits,” an implicit rebuke of the policies of President Rafael Correa. 

Billions of dollars of Pacific infrastructure at risk from climate 
By Anna Salleh – ABC 
It would cost billions to replace buildings like houses, schools, airports and power stations, which are currently at risk in the South Pacific from rising seas and other climate-change related events, say researchers.


EMA Annual Meeting
October 28-30, 2015
Omni Parker House Hotel
Boston, MA 

2015 Rising Seas Summit 
Association of Climate Change Officers 
November 12-13, 2015, Cambridge, MA


EU politicians set to back carbon market 2019 reform start 
By Barbara Lewis and Susanna Twidale – Reuters   
The European Parliament on Wednesday is expected to back a 2019 start to reform of the world’s largest emissions market in a step toward deeper change and higher carbon prices.

Lamborghini puts foot down on carbon neutral operations 
By James Phillips – BusinessGreen 
Luxury car manufacturer Lamborghini has this week announced it has received carbon neutral accreditation for its factory and headquarters after implementing new technology to drive down its carbon footprint.  

Michigan considering 15-cent gas tax hike 
By Keith Laing -The Hill 
Michigan is considering increasing the amount of money drivers in their state will have to pay at the pump to help pay for transportation projects as federal road funding dries up, The Associated Press reports.

Natural gas/coal

China To Allow Coal Conversion Plants Only Where Water Is Sufficient 
Circle of Blue  
China said it will not permit coal-to-gas conversion plants in areas with insufficient water supplies. 

(Australia’s) Greg Hunt approves $1.2bn Shenhua coalmine on Liverpool Plains 
By Oliver Milman – The Guardian  
A contentious $1.2bn mining project on the New South Wales Liverpool Plains region has been approved by the federal environment minister, Greg Hunt, despite it being opposed by his cabinet colleague Barnaby Joyce as “anathema”.

Refracking Is the New Fracking
By Dan Murtaugh, Lynn Doan and Bradley Olson – Bloomberg News
The technique itself is nothing new. Oil crews across the world have been schooled on its simple principles for generations: Identify aging, low-output wells and hit them with a blast of sand and water to bolster the flow of crude.


CFTC stays ICE’s plan to raise position limits in power contracts 
By Gregory Meyer – Financial Times
The US futures regulator has pushed back against an effort by Intercontinental Exchange to give speculators more leeway in electricity markets, a rare move in an area where exchange decisions generally go unchallenged.

Many Americans still lack access to solar energy. Here’s how Obama plans to change that
By Chris Mooney  – Washington Post
The White House Tuesday announced an array of new measures to extend access to the most rapidly growing source of U.S. energy — solar — to a much broader group of Americans, including low-income communities and individuals who rent, rather than owning their own homes. 

Sanders seeks to boost poor’s access to solar power 
By Jordain Carney – The Hill  
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) wants to make it easier for low-income families to use solar energy to power their homes, saying it could help decrease their monthly bills. 

German Green Power Forces Neighbors to Bolster Blackout Defenses 
By Weixin Zha and Marek Strzelecki – Bloomberg News 
Germany’s drive to harness wind and solar power is producing so much electricity that it’s spilling over into neighbors’ grids and increasing the threat of blackouts.

Budget 2015: Osborne to review green energy subsidies 
By Elizabeth Rigby and Jim Pickard  
George Osborne will on Wednesday announce a review of green energy taxes and subsidies in an effort to reassure consumers that the government is trying to tackle high energy bills after Britain’s competition watchdog concluded that millions of people are paying over the odds for their energy.

Clean tech

(UK’s) Electric car sales soar 350 per cent over 2015 
By James Phillips – BusinessGreen 
The electric car industry is booming as sales in the last half-year jump by 350 per cent compared to the same period last year, according to industry figures. 
***LB: Also in this story “Sales of plug-in electric cars are already close to overtaking last year as the best year on record, with just 300 fewer cars sold from January to the end of June than the 14,500 registered over the entire of 2014, data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) shows.”


Winds of climate change blast farmers’ hopes of sustaining a livelihood in Burkina Faso 
By Laetitia van Eeckhout – The Guardian  
One afternoon towards the end of May a violent wind howled through Bogandé, the main town in Gnagna province, in eastern Burkina Faso. Raising a storm of dust and sand, it plunged the streets into semi-darkness, driving roaming goats crazy.


Edelman loses executives and clients over climate change stance 
By Marc Gunther – The Guardian
Edelman, which calls itself the world’s largest public relations firm, has lost four executives who lead its corporate-responsibility practice – at least in part because of the company’s unwillingness to take a strong stand on climate change. 

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