In today’s edition, President Obama announces ‘the biggest most important step’ the US has ever taken to combat climate change – the new clean power plan.  If it might not save the world, at least it may save climate talks. And finally, Greenpeace says that Beijing should deliver ‘green legacy’ with the 2022 Winter Olympics it just won. (in the Carbon section).

Quote of the day

“We are confident other nations will follow and the world will reach a climate agreement in Paris later this year.”

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, in the National Journal’s story Winners and Losers In President Obama’s Global Warming Rule  

Lead stories 

Green action to the fore as UN agrees post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals 
By James Phillips – BusinessGreen
The United Nations has finalised the 17 new environmental, social and economic goals to be adopted at this year’s Sustainable Development Summit, as it moves to agree a replacement for the influential Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  

EPA’s New Emissions Rule to Alter Energy Landscape 
By Rebecca Smith – The Wall Street Journal
The Environmental Protection Agency’s new rules on carbon emissions from power plants will alter the way Americans make and consume electricity, accelerating a dramatic shift to cleaner fuels, renewable energy and consumer choice. 

Six items to look for in the EPA power plant rule 
By Zack Colman –  Washington Examiner 
The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to finalize the signature climate change policy of President Obama’s administration next week, and sources familiar with the plan said it’s undergone changes from a draft version released last summer. 

Do Americans have enough zeal for Obama climate change plan?  
By Mark Sappenfield – The Christian Science Monitor (+video) 
With its new regulations to cut carbon emissions, the Obama administration is proposing nothing less than a first step toward recasting the energy industry in the United States. 

Obama unveils US clean power plan 
The Guardian  (Video)
Barack Obama announces on Monday ‘the biggest most important step’ the US has ever taken to combat climate change – the new clean power plan. Outlining the scientific evidence for global warming, including the negative effects on people’s health, the US president says the problem is no longer for another generation. 

Climate change: Obama orders steeper cuts from power plants 
By Josh Lederman – AP 
Aiming to jolt the rest of the world to action, President Barack Obama moved ahead Sunday with even tougher greenhouse gas cuts on American power plants, setting up a certain confrontation in the courts with energy producers and Republican-led states.  

Winners and Losers In President Obama’s Global Warming Rule  
By Clare Foran and Jason Plautz – National Journal  
The first limits on carbon pollution from the nation’s fleet of power plants—the centerpiece of President Obama’s climate-and-environmental agenda—has the potential to transform the American energy landscape, favoring renewables such as solar and striking another blow against coal. 

Obama Policy Could Force Robust Climate Discussion From 2016 Candidates 
By Coral Davenport – The New York Times
The issue of climate change played almost no role in the 2012 presidential campaign. President Obama barely mentioned the topic, nor did the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney. It was not raised in a single presidential debate.

Obama’s Power Plan Won’t Save the World, May Save Climate Talks
By Alex Nussbaum – Bloomberg News
On Monday, the Obama administration will release a plan to curb greenhouse-gas emissions from U.S. power plants by almost a third over the next 15 years.

Ted Cruz expresses ‘full out denial’ of global warming during forum 
By Ben Jacobs – The Guardian
Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has stated that he doesn’t believe in the science behind global warming.


EMA Annual Meeting
October 28-30, 2015
Omni Parker House Hotel
Boston, MA 

2015 Rising Seas Summit 
Association of Climate Change Officers 
November 12-13, 2015, Cambridge, MA   


Statistics says the long-term global warming trend continues 
By John Abraham – The Guardian
A new study has just been prepared for an upcoming climate meeting of the US Climate Variability and Predictability Program. 

Greenpeace: Beijing should deliver ‘green legacy’ with 2022 Winter Olympics 
By James Phillips – BusinessGreen 
Greenpeace is calling on Beijing to showcase “the most advanced environmental vision, determination and technologies” ever delivered at an international event, after being awarded the 2022 Winter Olympics by the International Olympics Committee (IOC) last week.

Renewable energy sector runs the risk of overpowering market 
By Pilita Clark – Financial Times
Another day, another billion-dollar renewable energy deal. That has been the story of the past few weeks as a raft of companies have made eye-catching solar and wind-power investments. 
***LB: Also in this story “US private equity group, KKR, swooped on Spanish solar developer Gestamp. Germany’s Siemens won a huge wind-turbine order from Denmark’s Dong utility. SunEdison, the US renewables juggernaut, agreed to buy the Vivint solar-installation group. A lot more transactions of this nature can be expected as what was once called “alternative energy” keeps growing.”

Natural gas/coal

Why Coal Companies Are Collapsing in Such Spectacular Fashion 
By Stephen Lacey – green tech media
Pretty much everything bad that could happen to the coal industry is happening. 

See Which States Use Coal the Most as New Climate Rules Loom 
By Christina Nunez – National Geographic
It’s been called “devastating” and “excessive,” driving at least one opponent to call government officials “a bunch of punks.”

Farmers drove biogas surge in 2014 
By Madeleine Cuff – BusinessGreen 
Farmers’ enthusiasm for anaerobic digestion (AD) technologies has given the biogas sector a healthy boost, driving a 40 per cent surge in electricity generation from biomass over the past 12 months.


Empathy,’ not incentives or environmentalism, sells solar power in India 
By Malavika Vyawahare – E&E
The market for off-the-grid solar products in India is heating up, with no incentive but profits. 
***LB: Also in this story “Almost 80 million households in rural areas have little or no access to power, but efforts by small and medium-sized companies to reach them might pay off in the coming years.” 

Crude export ban emerges as bargaining chip for wind, solar 
By Hannah Northey, Geof Koss and Corbin Hiar – E&E
Senators skeptical of lifting the 40-year-old ban on crude exports signaled a willingness yesterday to negotiate if they’re offered language to extend tax incentives for wind and solar generators.

Clean tech

California Has a Plan to End the Auto Industry as We Know It
By John Lippert – Bloomberg News
Sergio Marchionne had a funny thing to say about the $32,500 battery-powered Fiat 500e that his company markets in California as “eco-chic.” “I hope you don’t buy it,” he told his audience at a think tank in Washington in May 2014.
***LB: Also in this story “He said he loses $14,000 on every 500e he sells and only produces the cars because state rules re­quire it. Marchionne, who took over the bailed-out Chrysler in 2009 to form Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, warned that if all he could sell were electric vehicles, he would be right back looking for another govern­ment rescue.”


Here’s How Much Water Golf Courses, Ski Resorts, and Pools Are Using in California 
By Julia Lurie – Mother Jones  
California residents have gotten used to gentle coaxing to save water: ads urging residents to “Make It a Quickie” when showering and restaurants withholding water unless it’s ordered, for example.

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