In today’s edition, a long piece explaining Exxon’s soul searching – and wavering – on climate. And also, as predicted, more than two dozen states and a slew of interest groups and companies sued over the Clean Power Plan on Friday after it was published in the Federal Register. Finally, climate deniers find a man who can redeem them! Meet the Republican magnate who’s funding a push for climate action, Andy Sabin.

Quote of the day

“This isn’t like making low-fat yogurt.”

Brian Flannery, Exxon’s longtime in-house climate expert, in the Los Angeles Times’ story How Exxon went from leader to skeptic on climate change research

Lead stories

How Exxon went from leader to skeptic on climate change research  
By Katie Jennings, Dino Grandoni and Susanne Rust – Los Angeles Times 
Throughout much of the 1980s, Exxon earned a public reputation as a pioneer in climate change research.  

Wave of litigation hits Obama climate rule 
By Devin Henry – The Hill  
The publication of the EPA’s carbon rule for power plants has prompted a flurry of legal and legislative action, ushering in a lengthy battle over the future of the Obama administration’s key climate change initiative. 
***LB: Also in this story “More than two dozen states and a slew of interest groups and companies sued over the Clean Power Plan on Friday after it was published in the Federal Register.”

Meet the Republican magnate who’s funding a push for climate action 
By Amanda Little – Grist 
Don’t call Andy Sabin the Tom Steyer of the GOP. Yes, he’s a Republican business magnate who has spent millions of his own dollars to advance the fight against climate change in American politics. 

Outline of UN climate deal reached after fractious talks 
A 20-page document put forward by developed countries on Monday had morphed into 55-pages at the close of negotiations on Friday night, after developing countries insisted their demands were cut and should be reinserted. 

UN calls for ministers as climate talks head for Paris 
By Ed King – Climate Home  
After a rotten start, five days of talks between nearly 200 countries in Bonn this week concluded on Friday with the publication of a new draft text for a deal, to be finalised at a Paris summit this December.

Turnbull government selling Australia short on climate change – Bill Shorten 
By Shalailah Medhora – The Guardian
Labor has welcomed the announcement that Malcolm Turnbull will attend climate change talks in Paris this year but says the government is selling Australia short by taking global warming “sceptic” policies to the key meeting. 


19th Annual Environmental Markets Association Meeting 
October 28-30, 2015 

EMA Annual Meeting
October 28-30, 2015
Omni Parker House Hotel
Boston, MA  

2015 Rising Seas Summit 
Association of Climate Change Officers 
November 12-13, 2015, Cambridge, MA    

Call For Nominations: Environmental Markets Association 
The Environmental Markets Association is calling for nominations for two (2) openings on the Board of Directors for 2015/2016. 
If you are interested in running or would like to nominate someone, please call the EMA Headquarters at 202-591-2465
or email 


Air pollution stunting children’s lungs, study finds 
By Laura Donnelly – The Telegraph 
High levels of air pollution are stunting the growth of children’s lungs, a major study has found. 

Singapore urges ASEAN to act on lethal haze 
Singapore today urged fellow ASEAN members to take “firm and decisive action” against the lethal haze still spreading across the region ahead of a group summit in Malaysia next month.

Test emissions where cars pollute – on the road 
By Peter M. McClintock – The Straits Times  
Volkswagen has shown how easy and tempting it can be for car manufacturers to rig the pollution controls on vehicles to cheat the system.  

Natural Gas / coal

It’s true women don’t like fracking. I want to change that 
By Averil Macdonald – The Guardian  
I was criticised for my comments saying women react differently to men because of their understanding of science.


Unique microgrid project to power Minnesota winery
By Frank Jossi – Midwest Energy News 
Patrons of a Minnesota winery will be sipping reislings and reds next fall under lights powered by a microgrid if all goes according to a plan developed by the University of St. Thomas.  

States Begin to Comply with Clean Power Plan, Even While Planning to Sue 
By Naveena Sadasivam – InsideClimate News 
While opponents wait for the Obama administration’s carbon regulations to become official before suing to block them, state environmental agencies have been busy studying compliance options.

Masdar Free Zone attracts 300 clean tech companies  
Khaleej Times   
Abu Dhabi’s Masdar Free Zone has attracted over 300 clean tech businesses, who are using it as their base to reach out customers within the UAE and in the region.
***LB: Also in this story “The zone offers 100% ownership and total tax exemption.”


Test your water conservation skills – quiz 
By Travis Irvine – The Guardian  
Do you know how to effectively cut down on your water usage? Take our quiz below to find out. 

California Faces a Future of Droughts Alternating with Floods 
By Phil McKenna – InsideClimate News  
A warming climate coupled with more intense El Niño and La Niña events could cause twice as many droughts and three times as many floods in California by 2080, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Nature Communications.

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