In today’s edition, in a major step on the road to Paris, rich countries agree to slash export subsidies for coal plants. Also, President Barack Obama challenged governments and businesses in Asia-Pacific nations to keep up efforts to cut emissions. Fighting climate change offers growth opportunities, he told businesses. Finally, an analysis of 10 countries’ climate pledges: you will find the good, the bad and the bewildering.    

Quote of the day

“An ambitious agreement in Paris will prompt investors to invest in clean energy technologies because they will understand that the world is committed.” 

President Barack Obama, in the Bloomberg News’ story Obama Tells CEOs Climate Change Offers Growth Opportunities 

Lead stories 

The Good, the Bad, the Bewildering: 10 Countries’ Climate Pledges  
By Craig Welch – National Geographic  
When China and the United States agreed a year ago to scale back greenhouse gas emissions, they set the stage for this month’s international climate talks in Paris.

Obama Tells CEOs Climate Change Offers Growth Opportunities 
By Angela Greiling Keane and  Toluse Olorunnipa – Bloomberg News 
Speaking in a city where air pollution is often visible and palpable, U.S. President Barack Obama challenged governments and businesses in Asia-Pacific nations to keep up efforts to cut emissions that cause climate change. 

GOP doubtful about Paris climate talks 
By Timothy Cama – The Hill
Republicans used two congressional hearings Wednesday to sow doubts about the Obama administration’s ability to get an acceptable global climate pact in Paris this year.

In a major step on the road to Paris, rich countries agree to slash export subsidies for coal plants 
By Juliet Eilperin  – Washington Post 
After a concerted push from the United States, members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development agreed Tuesday to slash subsidies aimed at exporting technology for coal-fired power plants.


Call For Nominations: Environmental Markets Association 
The Environmental Markets Association is calling for nominations for two (2) openings on the Board of Directors for 2015/2016. 
If you are interested in running or would like to nominate someone, please call the EMA Headquarters at 202-591-2465
or email 


Resolutions to block carbon rules pass Senate  
By Eric Wolff – Politico
The Senate passed a pair of resolutions yesterday disapproving of the EPA’s carbon rules yesterday, putting the onus on the House to advance the resolutions to the president’s desk — where it will promptly be vetoed. 

China’s Early Pivot Away From Carbon 
By Keith Schneider – Circle of Blue 
To some extent, the contemporary industrial age is a global narrative of substance addiction and recovery.

Natural gas / coal 

Gas, costly nuclear? 
By Nils Pratley – The Guardian  
Amber Rudd’s “new model” for the UK’s energy market looks very like the old model.

Modi plans to sell Coal India stake 
By David Keohane – Financial Times
Prime minister Narendra Modi’s government has approved a further 10 per cent sale of Coal India, the mammoth state-controlled mining company, as the government battles to live up to its privatisation promises and burnish its tarnished reform credentials.


El Nino Is Causing California Power Prices to Spike 
By Mark Chediak and  Naureen Malik – Bloomberg News  
California has yet to see the full force of El Nino, and it’s already tripping up the state’s power-demand forecasters.

Scotland Rejects Two Wind Farm Proposals From Windkraft, SSE 
By Anna Hirtenstein – Bloomberg News  
Scotland’s regional government rejected proposals to build two wind farms, saying they would have a damaging impact on the landscape.

Clean tech

Tesla in Talks With Germany Over Possible Battery Factory 
By Christoph Rauwald – Bloomberg News  
Tesla Motors Inc. is in discussions with the German government over the prospect of building a battery factory in the country, Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel said Tuesday.


Colorado to Approve First State Water Plan   
By Brett Walton – Circle of Blue
On November 19, the Colorado Water Conservation Board will approve the state’s first water plan.  
***LB: Also in this story “Ten years in development, the plan represents a dry western state’s bid to shift the political alliances, water use principles, and infrastructure investment strategies to meet the water supply challenges of this century, according to its architects.”

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