Pledges from dozens of nations to rein in carbon emissions aren’t enough so far to avoid catastrophic climate change, say four European research centers in today’s edition. Also, another study states that better health would be a key benefit of renewables. And finally, the top executives at the largest publicly held fossil fuel companies in the United States have made nearly $6 billion in the last five years — enough to double the U.S. commitment to addressing climate change abroad. 

Quote of the day

“It is clear that if the Paris meeting locks in present climate commitments for 2030, holding warming below 2 degrees Celsius could essentially become infeasible, and 1.5 degrees Celsius beyond reach.”

Bill Hare, chief executive officer of Potsdam, Germany-based Climate Analytics, in the Bloomberg News’ story International Efforts to Cut Carbon Pollution Won’t Be Enough 

Lead stories 

Obama plans to announce climate change strategy on last day in Alaska 
By Amanda Holpuch – The Guardian 
On the final day of his trip to Alaska, President Obama was set to announce a slate of initiatives to help remote Arctic communities beset by the effects of climate change. 

Obama: Shrinking Exit Glacier a powerful sign of warming climate 
By Roberta Rampton – Reuters  
President Barack Obama walked down a winding wooded path, past a small brown post marked “1926” and a glacial stream trickling over gravel that eons of ice have scraped off mountain peaks.

International Efforts to Cut Carbon Pollution Won’t Be Enough 
By Alex Nussbaum – Bloomberg News 
Pledges from dozens of nations to rein in carbon emissions aren’t enough so far to avoid catastrophic climate change, according to four European research centers.

Better Health a Key Benefit of Renewables, Study Says 
By Bobby Magill – Climate Central
Building wind and solar farms helps to reduce the human impact on climate change by displacing noxious emissions from coal-fired power plants.

Fossil Fuel Execs Made Twice As Much As U.S. Pledged To Help Fight Climate Change Overseas 
By Kate Sheppard – The Huffington Post  
The top executives at the largest publicly held fossil fuel companies in the United States have made nearly $6 billion in the last five years — enough to double the U.S. commitment to addressing climate change abroad. 

Indonesia pledges to cut carbon emissions 29% by 2030 
Indonesia will pledge to cut its greenhouse gas emissions 29% by 2030 the environment and forestry minister said on Wednesday, but gave few details on how this would be done. 

Fat cat pay at fossil fuel companies drives climate crisis – report 
By Suzanne Goldenberg – The Guardian 
Executive pay at fossil fuel companies rewards corporate behavior that deepens the climate crisis, and offers no incentive to shift towards renewable energy, a Washington thinktank said. 

Dutch government to launch appeal against landmark emissions ruling 
By James Phillips – BusinessGreen
The Dutch government intends to appeal a landmark legal ruling that ordered it to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions faster than it had originally planned.


EMA Annual Meeting
October 28-30, 2015
Omni Parker House Hotel
Boston, MA 

2015 Rising Seas Summit 
Association of Climate Change Officers 
November 12-13, 2015, Cambridge, MA 


Scientists reveal there are 3tn trees in the world in latest count 
By Adam Vaughan – The Guardian 
Scientists have already calculated how many fish there are in the sea (230,000 species), and how many species there are on the planet overall (8.7m). Now they have had a crack at counting all of the world’s trees.  

Tree loss slows, but covers area twice size of Portugal in 2014: study 
By Michael Taylor – Reuters
The rate at which trees were cut down slowed globally for a third year in a row in 2014, but tree loss still covered an area twice the size of Portugal, an environmental research group said.

Fly or drive? Parsing the evolving climate math 
By John Wihbey – Yale Climate Connections
The Environmental Protection Agency’s June 2015 first step toward regulating greenhouse gas emissions from airplanes comes amidst a drumbeat of analysis and criticism about air travel harm to the atmosphere.

Natural gas / coal 

Colorado Already Ahead of Announced Federal Rules to Limit Methane Leaks 
By Leigh Paterson  – Rocky Mountain PBS News 
The EPA says it is targeting oil and gas because that industry is responsible for around 30 percent of all methane emissions. It is bad for the environment but is also a waste.  

China power firms return to profit as coal miners lose out 
Soaring first-half profits for China’s thermal power producers on the back of state-set tariffs and a collapse in coal prices that left miners with huge losses have led to fresh calls for power sector reform. 

Ukraine gas hopes pinned on lower royalty rates 
By Neil Buckley – Financial Times
One big casualty of Ukraine’s tensions with Russia has been its ambitions for independence in natural gas — and its attempt to end reliance on the Russian imports that Moscow has used as a political lever. 

Dutch Court Says Gas Producer Must Compensate Homeowners in Quake Zone
A court in the Netherlands ruled on Wednesday that a natural gas company, a joint venture by Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon Mobil, must compensate homeowners for declines in the value of their properties because of earthquakes linked to production at the Groningen field.

Eggborough coal power plant may close next year  
By James Phillips – BusinessGreen 
The coal-fired Eggborough Power Station may be forced to close from the end of March next year, management has announced today, after a combination of market and regulatory conditions caused operators to conclude it has become financially unsustainable. 


Scott Walker’s Record on Wind and Solar Power Leaves Renewables Industry Fuming 
By Alex Nussbaum – Bloomberg News 
Scott Walker’s up-and-down campaign for the Republican presidential nod has produced at least one constant: As far as wind and solar developers are concerned, the Wisconsin governor may be the worst man for the job.

Wind-Power Producers Find Profits as Elusive as a Summer Breeze 
By Jim Polson and Mark Chediak – Bloomberg News 
Power producers who invested billions in turbines are finding that making money off the wind can be as unpredictable as the energy source itself. 
***LB: Also in this story “NextEra Energy Inc., NRG Yield Inc. and Duke Energy Corp. all said a lack of sufficiently windy days cut into second-quarter sales. And neither power generators nor forecasters seem to know exactly why.” 

Clean tech

Report: Tesla Letting Model X Buyers Customize Their Ride 
By Stephanie Mlot – PC 
Those who have reserved and are waiting for a Tesla Model X can pass the time with a new car customization dashboard.


Cities Are Finally Treating Water As A Resource, Not A Nuisance   
By Erica Gies – Ensia   
Memorial Day barbecues and parades were thwarted this year in Houston when a massive storm dumped more than 10 inches of rain in two days, creating a Waterworld of flooded freeways, cars, houses and businesses, leaving several people dead and hundreds in need of rescue. 

Global warming intensified the record floods in Texas and Oklahoma 
By John Abraham – The Guardian  
We know that as humans emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, it causes the Earth to warm. 

Climate change will alter ocean bacteria crucial to food chain – study 
By Emma Howard – The Guardian 
Climate change will have irreversible and unprecedented impacts on crucial ocean microorganisms that could trigger dramatic effects further up the food chain, according to scientists.

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