Conflicting news in today’s edition: on the one hand, pledges to cut emissions, ahead of the COP21, will still not be enough to bring about the reductions scientists say are necessary, and on the other, halting global warming without denting economic growth can be done more easily than many companies and governments realize, a report from 28 chief executives, economists and political figures shows. 

Quote of the day

“We can achieve global prosperity and secure a safe climate.”

Felipe Calderón, former president of Mexico and chairman of an international panel that commissioned the study. featured in the Financial Times’ story Clean global economic growth now ‘within reach’ 

Lead stories 

Major polluter pledges not enough to meet emissions targets, says report 
By Fiona Harvey – The Guardian
A landmark climate change conference in Paris this December has triggered commitments on carbon emissions curbs from most of the world’s major polluters – but those pledges will still not be enough to bring about the reductions scientists say are necessary. 

Clean global economic growth now ‘within reach’ 
By Pilita Clark – Financial Times
Halting global warming without denting economic growth can be done more easily than many companies and governments realise, a report from 28 chief executives, economists and political figures shows.  

China’s Big Plans For Forests And Climate Change 
By Allie Goldstein – Ecosystem Marketplace 
China will increase its forest stock by 4.5 billion cubic meters by 2030 if the country meets its proposed climate plan, released this week to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Going green can be tough, consumers find 
By Andrew Maykuth – 
Like many Americans, Tina Brunetti worries about climate change and wanted to spend her household’s energy budget on a power supplier more mindful of the environment.

GOP climate activist gives $500K to senator’s campaign 
By Timothy Cama – The Hill
A donor trying to push Republicans toward climate policies has given his first major donation of the 2016 election cycle to Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.). 
***LB: Also in this story “The $500,000 donation to Ayotte’s super-PAC is the first major gift this cycle from North Carolina entrepreneur Jay Faison, who hopes to spend $175 million, in part through his ClearPath Foundation, to convince Republicans that climate change is real and there are conservative policies to confront it.” 

Electric ‘robocabs’ would reduce US greenhouse emissions by 94% – study 
By Philip Oldfield – The Guardian  
Self-driving electric taxis could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from conventional car travel in the US by 94% in 2030, according to a study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. 


EMA Annual Meeting
October 28-30, 2015
Omni Parker House Hotel
Boston, MA 


Australia electric emissions rise after carbon tax ends 
By Devin Henry – The Hill 
Australia’s electric utilities increased their carbon emissions after the country ended its carbon tax last year. 

Rice Cultivation in California Cap-and-Trade 
Climate Action Reserve 
The California Air Resources Board (ARB) recently adopted the Compliance Offset Protocol Rice Cultivation Projects, which provides standardized methodologies for quantifying reductions in methane emissions from flooded rice fields.

Natural gas/coal 

‘Perfect storm’ threatens $280bn of gas projects, study finds 
By Will Nichols  
Over $280bn of possible liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects are likely to be left ‘uneconomic’ if the world acts to limit dangerous global warming, researchers will say today. 

Mongolia to Sell Stake in Biggest Coal Mine to Revive Growth
By Lyubov Pronina – Bloomberg News 
Mongolia is planning to sell stakes in 10 state-owned enterprises over this year and next as well as its biggest coal mine as the nation seeks to revive growth and boost foreign investment in one of the world’s tiniest stock exchanges.


TerraForm Buying 930 Megawatts of Invenergy Wind Farms
By Chris Martin – Bloomberg News
TerraForm Power Inc., a company formed by SunEdison Inc. to own and operate power plants, agreed to buy 930 megawatts of wind-power capacity from Invenergy Wind LLC for $2 billion.

A blow to wind energy 
By Paul Brown – The Guardian  
It is said that the UK has the greatest wind energy potential in Europe. Our weather could give us more sites producing more energy per wind turbine at less cost than any other country in Europe.  

Millions paying too much for energy, says (UK’s) regulator
By Elizabeth Rigby – Financial Times 
Britain’s competition authority has concluded that “millions of consumers are paying more for their energy than they need to” and will on Tuesday outline a series of measures to encourage customers to switch between suppliers. 

Clean tech

Rich Russians Are Begging Elon Musk to Sell Them Teslas
By Andrey Lemeshko and Yuliya Fedorinova – Bloomberg News
The love wealthy Muscovites have for Elon Musk is costing them dearly. 
***LB: Also in this story “Almost 100,000 Russians follow Musk’s unofficial social media page, yet the Tesla founder seems to be promoting his dream car everywhere but here, forcing enthusiasts like Andrey Vratskiy to go to great lengths — and expense — to own one.”

Tandem Solar Cell May Boost Electricity from Sunlight 
By Umair Irfan – ClimateWire  
Scientists have teamed up two materials to soak up more sunlight in a new solar cell.


GOP senator pushes EPA to justify water rule 
By Devin Henry – The Hill 
Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) is asking Obama administration officials for further scientific justification for their rule establishing regulatory power over waterways.

Court upholds EPA’s Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan 
By Timothy Cama and Devin Henry – The Hill  
EPA Wins In Chesapeake Bay Case: The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) massive pollution control plan for the Chesapeake Bay is legal, a federal court ruled Monday. 

Lake Turkana Threatened By Hydropower and Farm Development 
Circle of Blue
Lake Turkana, one of the largest desert lakes in the world, is located in Africa’s Rift Valley in northern Kenya. 

Aguas Andinas Chief: We Can Do More With Less for Santiago Water
By Javiera Quiroga – Bloomberg News
Aguas Andinas SA, the second-largest publicly traded water company in Latin America, says it can guarantee water supplies to Santiago for at least another year with less reserves than previously estimated amid the lowest rainfall since at least 1966.


How One Small Change Could Reduce Your Food Waste 
By Danny Lindholm and Anna Egelhoff (Design) – ensia
We often don’t give much attention to the food we consume. Grabbing a bite on the go or chowing down a meal are automatic actions based largely on appealing flavors and rumbles in our stomachs. 

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