In today’s edition, president Obama speaks of the far-reaching consequences of climate change in his commencement address at the United States Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut, while a report warns that corporate CO2 targets will fail to deliver on 2C target, and confidence in the carbon market is set to continue, according to the annual Point Carbon Market Survey from Thomson Reuters (in the Carbon section). 

Quote of the day

“Climate change will shape how every one of our services plan, operate, train, equip, and protect their infrastructure, today and for the long-term.”

President Barack Obama, in the Reuters’ story Obama: climate change poses risk to U.S. military, national security

Lead stories 

Obama: climate change poses risk to U.S. military, national security
Roberta Rampton – Reuters
By Rising seas, thawing permafrost and longer wildfires caused by warmer global temperatures threaten U.S. military bases and will change the way the U.S. armed services defend the country, President Barack Obama is set to say on Wednesday.

Here’s How Much Cheap Energy Really Costs 
Bloomberg Business 
“Energy subsidy,” as the phrase is tossed around Washington, typically refers to any financial help the government gives to producers of oil, wind, or other sectors of the energy industry.  

Corporate CO2 targets will fail to deliver on 2C target, report warns 
By Jessica Shankleman – BusinessGreen
Just a small number of the world’s heaviest emitting companies have set greenhouse gas reduction targets that will be ambitious enough to prevent global temperatures rising by more than 2C by the end of the century, new analysis has shown today. 
***LB: Also in this story “Companies that have set targets in line with the 2C target include NRG Energy, Sodexo, Hennes & Mauritz and BT Group.”

California Joins 12-State Climate Change Agreement Ahead Of 2015 UN Conference In Paris 
By Maria Gallucci – International Business Times  
California has joined a pact with 11 other states and countries to slash greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change. 

Merkel, Hollande Commit to Global Climate Protection  
By Kirsten Grieshaber – AP
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande confirmed their commitment to fighting global warming Tuesday, gathering with others in Berlin to prepare for this year’s U.N. Climate Change Conference.   


Northeast RECs Regional Thought Leader Round Table
May 19, 2015; 12 p.m. – 5 p.m. EST
Dentons: 1221 Avenue of the Americas, NY

EMA Annual Meeting
October 28-30, 2015
Omni Parker House Hotel
Boston, MA


Weak EU air pollution standards risk thousands of lives, says report
By Arthur Neslen – The Guardian 
Weak draft EU rules for coal plant emissions could result in 71,000 deaths and 52bn euros of health costs across Europe in the decade to come, according to new research published on Wednesday.  

Confidence in Carbon Market set to continue 
Commodities Now
The renewed confidence in the carbon market seen in 2014 is set to continue throughout 2015 according to the respondents of the annual Point Carbon Market Survey from Thomson Reuters.

Natural gas / coal

Weakened coal pollution rules will costs UK millions, green groups claim 
By Jessica Shankleman – BusinessGreen 
European Commission plans to water down pollution laws for coal power plants could cost the UK more than £500m each year in healthcare and sick days, new analysis by environmental groups has found. 

Texas governor signs law banning local fracking restrictions
By Devin Henry – The Hill  
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has signed a bill to block local ordinances against hydraulic fracturing. 
***LB: Also in this story “The new law comes in response to a resolution banning fracking in the Texas town of Denton, which voters passed last November.”  

Shale Set to Pummel Another Market as U.S. LNG Plants Arrive
By Anna Shiryaevskaya and Isis Almeida – Bloomberg News
The U.S. is about to change the global LNG market forever.


CME Group Announces Eight New European Power Contracts on CME Europe 
CME Group, the world’s leading and most diverse derivatives market place, announced today the launch of eight new European Power futures contracts on CME Europe. 
***LB: Also in this story “European Power futures are base load and peak load contracts covering the German, French, Spanish and Italian markets and are all cash settled against the leading power auctions for each market.” 

Eight Years in the Making: Power Without Borders in Europe
By Rachel Morison and Weixin Zha – Bloomberg News
After almost two years of delays, Germany, France and their neighbors in central-western Europe will connect their electricity markets on Wednesday under a system that lets prices dictate where power flows between countries.

Paris Summit will drive renewables growth, utilities say 
By Will Nichols – BusinessGreen
A climate deal in Paris this year will increase emphasis on renewables and clean tech over the next five years, although utilities fear this could spur a ‘death spiral’ in the industry, a new survey finds.  

Wind Power Is Poised to Spread to All States 
By Diane Cardwell – The New York Times 
All 50 states could become wind energy producers, according to an Energy Department report released Tuesday, once the next generation of larger, taller turbines in development hits the market. 

Despite political rhetoric, 41 states exploring Clean Power Plan options 
By Emily Holden – E&E  
At least 41 states are in talks with neighbors about how they might cut power-sector carbon emissions under U.S. EPA’s Clean Power Plan, despite appeals from Republicans in Congress for state officials to refuse to comply, according to regional coordinators.

China’s Hanergy shares plunge nearly 50 pct, trade halted 
China’s Hanergy Thin Film Power Group said its shares were suspended for trading on Wednesday after its stock fell nearly 50 percent. 


Senate GOP takes aim at EPA water rule
By Devin Henry – The Hill 
States Want a Say in Regulating Waterways: Senate Republicans and state regulators at a hearing Tuesday argued that states, not the Environmental Protection Agency, should be charged with protecting waterways.


Mountains hold climate change surprise, scientists find 
By Pete Spotts – The Christian Science Monitor
Global warming is expected to leave many plants and animals living on the world’s mountains with nowhere to go but up – increasing their risk of extinction as they chase climatological comfort zones through landscapes that relentlessly shrink as they approach a summit. 

‘Chocolate soup’ helps Nestle factory achieve zero waste goal 
By Jessica Shankleman – BusinessGreen 
Nestle’s factory in Newcastle upon Tyne, which produces Rolo, Toffee Crisp and Caramac chocolate bars, has hit its goal of sending zero waste to landfill, one year after installing a renewable energy system.

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