In today’s edition, Obama’s new clean energy goal for north America is 50 percent by 2025. Also, though fears had been raised by green groups and industry that the EU referendum would cause the UK government to miss a deadline on Thursday for accepting carbon targets from its statutory climate advisers,  UK ministers are set to approve world-leading carbon emissions target. 

Quote of the day

“Shifting half of America’s electricity to clean energy sources is not only achievable — it’s essential.”

Rhea Suh, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council, in the NPR’s story Obama’s New Clean Energy Goal For North America: 50 Percent By 2025 

Lead stories 

UK ministers to approve world-leading carbon emissions target 
By Adam Vaughan – The Guardian 
Ministers will this week approve a world-leading carbon emissions reduction target for the early 2030s, the Guardian understands.
Big Oil: From black to green 
By Ed Crooks and Kiran Stacey – Financial Times  
In 2014 Joe Mocniak joined a growing number of his neighbours in the New York suburb of Massapequa and had solar panels fitted to the roof of his house. 

Obama’s New Clean Energy Goal For North America: 50 Percent By 2025 
By Scott Horsley – NPR news
President Obama and his counterparts from Canada and Mexico are preparing to unveil an ambitious new goal for generating carbon-free power when they meet this week in Ottawa.


Volkswagen reaches $14.7B settlement for emissions cheating  
By Timothy Cama – The Hill  
Volkswagen Group agreed Tuesday to spend up to $14.7 billion in civil penalties and consumer compensation to settle numerous lawsuits for cheating on diesel emissions tests.

Natural gas / coal

How Investors Can Position Their Portfolios As Natural Gas Surpasses Coal 
The Motley Fool
Last week, natural gas finally surpassed coal as the major power source for electricity for the United States.

Donald Trump Heads for Coal Industry Fundraiser in West Virginia 
By Will Drabold – Time 
When President Obama ran for reelection, Robert E. Murray, an Ohio coal company owner, said Obama’s policies were the “greatest enemy” coal country had ever faced.


Wind energy group gets in on 2016 fight 
By Devin Henry – The Hill   
Wind energy industry leaders have formed a new political group to promote the power source and back candidates ahead of this November’s elections. 
***LB: Also in this story “The American Wind Action (AWA) group, launched on Tuesday, will “focus on ensuring that the public understand the importance of wind to energy policy,” the group said in a statement, and “also help elect candidates who are strong advocates for wind, and work to defeat candidates who oppose wind energy with a leading-edge grassroots effort in the 2016 campaign.” 

This B.C. company converts sewage into heat and money 
By Charles Mandel – National Observer  
A British Columbia company has figured out how to get energy – and money – from raw sewage while reducing global warming. 

French government reassures on Hinkley Point project 
By Michael Stothard – Financial Times
The French government has attempted to calm fears that the UK’s vote to leave the EU will scupper plans to build Britain’s controversial Hinkley Point nuclear power station.

Clean tech

Tesla is talking with gas station chains about installing Superchargers 
By Fred Lambert – Electrek 
In a future where the world’s car fleet is rapidly transitioning to electric vehicles, gas stations will be forcefully downgraded to simple convenience stores and consequently, they will lose a significant revenue stream brought in by people stopping for gas but buying something at the convenience store.


Millions exposed to dangerous lead levels in US drinking water, report finds 
By Oliver Milman – The Guardian  
More than 18 million Americans are served drinking water by providers that have violated federal laws concerning lead in water, with only a tiny proportion of offenses resulting in any penalty, a new report has found.

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