The much-awaited encyclical document expressing Pope Francis’ thoughts on climate change has been leaked. It calls for changes in lifestyles and energy consumption. Also, China and the European Union swear they will do everything to get a deal at the COP21 in Paris. Finally, President Obama commits $4bn to form a clean-energy investment clearinghouse. 

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“The attitudes that stand in the way of a solution, even among believers, range from negation of the problem, to indifference, to convenient resignation or blind faith in technical solutions.”

Pope Francis, in the Guardian’s story Pope Francis warns of destruction of Earth’s ecosystem in leaked encyclical

Lead stories

Pope Francis warns of destruction of Earth’s ecosystem in leaked encyclical
By Stephanie Kirchgaessner and John Hooper – The Guardian
Pope Francis will this week call for changes in lifestyles and energy consumption to avert the “unprecedented destruction of the ecosystem” before the end of this century, according to a leaked draft of a papal encyclical.

God’s Work: Meet the Woman Turning Evangelicals Into Environmentalists 
By Coco McPherson – Rolling Stone 
Among the victims of the organized campaign to discredit climate science and obstruct action are many of the country’s 80 million evangelical Christians, who are bombarded with messages that climate change is a hoax and environmental regulation a cover for Big Government’s agenda to convert the nation to a police state.

Report: Environmentalism moving the needle on emissions 
By Andy Balaskovitz – Midwest Energy News 
Despite claims that the environmental movement has been ineffective in driving global or national policies to mitigate the effects of climate change, researchers at Michigan State University say it has the ability to counteract annual growth in greenhouse gas emissions.  
***LB: Also in this story “A new study shows that a higher degree of environmentalism in politics can mediate the impacts of the two main drivers of anthropogenic climate change: population growth and affluence.”  

China, EU in pledge to get Paris climate deal 
News 24
China, the world’s biggest polluter, will sign a joint pledge with the European Union this month to seek a UN agreement to tackle climate change as one of “the greatest threats facing humanity,” according to a draft statement seen by Reuters. 

Obama commits $4bn to form clean-energy investment clearinghouse 
By Brandon Keim – The Guardian  
With $4bn and a new government office, the White House has unveiled its latest clean energy initiative and cast a subtle new role for the federal government: not only is it a funder of new research, of the latest solar converter or biofuel source, but it is also a market builder. 

Australian government urged to adopt a zero carbon emissions target by 2050 
By Shalailah Medhora – The Guardian  
More than 50 environmental, charitable and farmers organisations have written an open letter to the government urging it to adopt a zero carbon emissions target by 2050.


Climate Strategies Forum 
Washington Marriott Hotel at Metro Center 
Washington, DC 
June 24-26, 2015

EMA Annual Meeting
October 28-30, 2015
Omni Parker House Hotel
Boston, MA 


China ‘deserves more credit’ for renewable energy effort 
By Roger Harrabin – BBC News 
China should be given more credit for its investment in clean electricity, the head of the International Energy Agency says.

Dozens of US companies are betting over $1 billion on a nuclear power revolution 
By Timothy Gardner – Reuters
The Pentagon’s top arms provider and firms partly funded by Silicon Valley billionaires Bill Gates and Paul Allen are among dozens of companies collectively betting more than $1.3 billion that a new wave of nuclear power can be a force to fight climate change.

Germany, home of the ‘energy revolution,’ is flubbing energy efficiency 
By Eric Marx – E&E 
Few economists are as well-informed about energy efficiency policies as Peter Hennicke of Germany. It is distressing, then, to hear him speak of “dangerous errors” made by German politicians who, he said, still mostly view energy savings as a suspect, second-tier issue unworthy of a robust budget or bold market intervention. 

Natural gas/coal

The Texas town that banned fracking (and lost)
By Aleem Maqboo – BBC News 
When a Texas town voted to ban fracking inside city limits, it was a shock to the oil-friendly state. But the response from the Texas legislature and energy firm has residents questioning what power they have left.  

Honda to stop making natural gas car, to rely more on fuel cells 
By Bernie Woodall – Reuters 
Honda Motor Co will introduce a new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in 2016 and stop production of its natural gas Civic, the U.S. sales head of its American Honda auto division said on Monday.

Roman Abramovich among ‘dirty dozen’ people with biggest stakes in coal 
By Damian Carrington and Caelainn Barr – The Guardian  
The Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich is among a super-rich list of 12 investors whose combined coal holdings are equivalent to the entire annual emissions of China, the world’s biggest polluter, a Guardian analysis has found. 


Developer agrees to pay $284 million to help clean Lake Champlain 
By Jack Newsham – The Boston Globe 
A project that would bring Canadian hydropower to New England by submerging a cable under Lake Champlain cleared a major hurdle when the developer struck a deal with an influential environmental advocacy group.

Clean tech 

Doosan unveils new range of greener electric trucks 
By James Phillips – BusinessGreen 
Doosan Industrial Vehicle has launched a new range of electric forklifts, featuring a range of improvements designed to enhance the energy efficiency of the popular vehicles.

Electric car sales ready to move out of the slow lane 
By Andy Sharman – Financial Times
Fear of running out of battery has not held back the smartphone market. But it has crippled electric cars.


Texas communities embrace ‘toilet-to-tap’ water: Will California follow suit? 
By Bryan Kay – The Christian Science Monitor 
Lessons learned in – until recently – drought parched Texas could help inspire a so-called toilet-to-tap water revolution in drought-ridden California. 

The Colorado River is not a water buffet. So why the ‘first come, first serve’ policy?  
By Doug Kenney – The Guardian
As water shortages grip California and the seven state Colorado River basin, many users feel no pain, while some face a complete curtailment. 


Study: The greener a state’s legislator, the cleaner the air 
By Seth Borenstein – AP
States where the congressional delegation votes greener tend to have air that’s cleaner, spewing less heat-trapping gas, a new study finds. 

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