In today’s edition, learn about climate change’s side effects on women. Their safety is at stake, women’s organizations say. Another probable casualty, democracy in Africa. Finally, Exxon investors seek assurance as climate shifts: At the company’s planned annual meeting on Wednesday in Dallas, shareholders will vote on a resolution to prod Exxon Mobil to disclose the risks of climate change to its business.

Quote of the day

“From security issues such as rape, beating and molestation to health issues such as miscarriages and hemorrhage or early deaths of mothers, women organizations are beginning to look more at the root cause and finding climate change as the root cause, or a cause worsening the situation.” 

Juliana Valez of the Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO), a global network of over 100 women’s organizations working on climate change and women’s issues, in the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s story From rape to disasters, climate change a threat to women: funders 

Lead stories 

Do regional climate models add value compared to global models? 
Real Climate 
Global climate models (GCM) are designed to simulate earth’s climate over the entire planet, but they have a limitation when it comes to describing local details due to heavy computational demands. 

From rape to disasters, climate change a threat to women: funders 
By Stella Paul – Thomson Reuters Foundation
Carla Lopez remembers the first time she heard a suggestion that climate change was a factor leading to the rape of young girls.

Africa: Why Democracy Is Unlikely to Survive Climate Change 
By Charles Onyango-Obbo – Allafrica 
So we just heard that the Earth experienced the hottest April in 137 years of record keeping, and it was the 12th consecutive month to set a new record. 

Exxon Investors Seek Assurance as Climate Shifts, Along With Attitudes 
By Clifford Krauss and John Schwartz – The New York Times  
Exxon Mobil has been under pressure for over a year to explain its handling of climate change issues in the past. Now the company faces new pressure to explain its future, particularly how it will change in response to a warming world. 
***LB: Also in this story “At the company’s planned annual meeting on Wednesday in Dallas, shareholders will vote on a resolution to prod Exxon Mobil to disclose the risks of climate change to its business.”


Global Carbon Market Fair and Conference 
May 25-27, 2016 

Cleantech Innovate Scotland 
June 9, 2016  


Trump’s energy adviser supports a carbon tax, wait no he doesn’t
By David Roberts – Vox  
The Trump Show dominating US politics at the moment is too big, brash, and overwhelming to properly follow.

Natural gas / coal  

Russia’s Gazprom left wounded by gas price plunge 
By Jack Farchy – Financial Times  
Novy Urengoy is the town that gas built. Just 35 kilometres from the Arctic Circle, there was little more than ice and gas here when Soviet geologists first arrived 50 years ago. Workers still refer to the rest of Russia as “earth”, as if they were on a mission in space. 

Israel’s Government Approves Leviathan Natural Gas Deal 
Israel has approved a deal it hopes will fast-track development of the huge Leviathan offshore natural gas field and end years of regulatory uncertainty that has stifled the country’s nascent oil and gas industry. 

If Hedge Fund Great David Einhorn Is Right About Natural Gas, You Should Own This Stock 
The Motley Fool 
The best cure for a low commodity price is a low commodity price. At least that’s how the old saying goes. Natural gas prices have been sick for a very long time, and many investors are beginning to wonder if there will ever be a cure. 

Investors in World’s Top Coal Shipper Pass Climate-Change Motion 
By Agnieszka De Sousa – Bloomberg News  
Glencore Plc investors agreed that the largest exporter of coal burned for power should provide more information on risks to its business from growing levels of government legislation to tackle climate change. 

Poland Toughens Wind-Farm Rules in Push to Save Coal Industry  
By Maciej Martewicz and Konrad Krasuski – Bloomberg News 
Poland’s parliament approved a bill that introduces extra requirements for building wind parks as the country aims to curb the booming industry in a bid to help prop up its loss-making coal industry. 


European utilities slash asset valuations 
By Kiran Stacey – Financial Times 
European utilities wrote off a record amount of value from their assets last year, new figures show, bringing the total cost of impairments to more than 100bn  euros in the past six years.

World’s largest solar power plant sets fire to itself due to ‘mirror misalignment’ 
By Rachael Revesz – The Independent  
An energy-generating tower at the world’s largest solar power plant was shut down after a combination of mirrors and sunlight started a fire.

UK, Canada compete for tidal power leadership 
By Paul Brown – Climate Change News 
They are among a group of coastal states − including China, South Korea, the US and Australia − that are hoping to harness the enormous power of their local twice-daily tides to tap a new and reliable supply of electricity.

Clean tech

Four hundred miles with Tesla’s autopilot forced me to trust the machine 
By Lee Hutchinson – Ars Technica
A few weeks ago, I finally tried Tesla Motors’ “autopilot” feature. A Tesla rep and I tooled around Houston’s I-45 in a Model X crossover SUV for 15 minutes, just long enough to test the vehicle’s adaptive cruise/automatic lane-keeping wizardry.


Tropical forest plant could save water from metal pollution 
By De Gruyter – Science Daily
A biomass recovered from common plant could help purify water from contamination of copper and zinc. A new article reports on the possible use of biosorbents derived from Jatropha curcas waste, to remove heavy metal ions from water.

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