In today’s edition, we feature startups, doing wonders and removing carbon from the air or turning methane from manure into eco-friendly plastic – provided they find investors to help them. And investors have another chance to act: Funding the clean energy revolution with “green bonds”. 

Quote of the day

“There’s no problem of demand. There is now no shortage of capital chasing deals in this area—what we’re missing is deal flow. I’ve got every investment bank and lots of commercial investors who’ve now raised funds [for green bonds], and they just can’t find places to put their money. So that’s what we’ve got to address this year.” 

Sean Kidney, chief executive of the nonprofit Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI), which wrote the report and is helping create the market in bond financing for green and climate-related projects, in the InsideClimate News’ story More ‘Green Bonds’ Needed to Fund the Clean Energy Revolution  

Lead stories

Startups have figured out how to remove carbon from the air. Will anyone pay them to do it? 
By Marc Gunther – The Guardian  
In Squamish, British Columbia, a Canadian town halfway between Vancouver and Whistler where the ocean meets the mountains, a startup led by Harvard physicist David Keith – and funded in part by Bill Gates – is building an industrial plant to capture carbon dioxide from the air.
***LB: Also in this story “Three startups, Carbon Engineering, Global Thermostat and Climeworks, are making strides with technology that can directly remove carbon dioxide from the air. What they need now is a viable business model”

Start-up turns methane from manure into eco-friendly plastic
By Andrew Khouri – Los Angeles Times  
What if you could pluck pollution out of the air — like the methane gas emitted from cow manure — and create plastics?

More ‘Green Bonds’ Needed to Fund the Clean Energy Revolution 
By Elizabeth Douglass – InsideClimate News 
A critical piece of the funding needed to transition to a low-carbon world—bond financing for climate-saving projects—grew by 20 percent to nearly $600 billion compared to last year, but it’s still short of what’s needed, according to a new report. 

Study: Warming Leads to Longer Flights, More Emissions  
By Bobby Magill – Climate Central   
Climate change is causing wind patterns to change over the Pacific Ocean, leading to longer commercial airline flight times and causing airplanes to burn more fuel and emit more greenhouse gases. 

Global warming may fuel terrorism – report 
News 24
Global warming-induced food and water shortages may cause mass migration, competition for resources and state failure, providing fertile ground for conflict and terrorism, analysts warned on Monday. 

Walker Gives GOP Presidential Field a New Anti-Climate Leader 
By Katherine Bagley – InsideClimate News 
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker joined the crowded field of Republican contenders vying for the White House in 2016 on Monday, and immediately stands out for having one of the poorest records on environmental and climate issues, according to green groups and political experts. 

Church of England governing body approves divestment policy 
By Andrew Brown – The Guardian  
The Church of England’s governing body has thrown its weight behind efforts to slow climate change by backing the move earlier this year to divest its resources from from companies involved in extracting two of the most polluting fossil fuels.
***LB: Also in this story “A series of votes at the General Synod meeting in York on Monday were about more than just rubber stamping that decision. The debate took in potential future divestments, Arctic drilling, energy efficiency of church buildings and even the CO2 emissions connected with the internet.”  


EMA Annual Meeting
October 28-30, 2015
Omni Parker House Hotel
Boston, MA 

2015 Rising Seas Summit 
Association of Climate Change Officers 
November 12-13, 2015, Cambridge, MA


Shades of green: Balancing Indonesia’s conservation and development 
By Mark Foss – Forest News 
It’s the familiar story of Indonesian environmental issues: the battle between economic development reliant on natural resource extraction and fears about sustainable use of those resources.   

Natural gas/coal    

Groups Call On Congress To Bar New Permits For Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining 
By Kate Sheppard  – 
Several environmental groups are petitioning Congress to take up legislation that would ban any further mountaintop removal coal mining until the federal government completes a thorough health evaluation.  

The Latest Sign That Coal Is Getting Killed 
By Tom Randall – Bloomberg News
Coal is having a hard time lately. U.S. power plants are switching to natural gas, environmental restrictions are kicking in, and the industry is being derided as the world’s No. 1 climate criminal. 
***LB: Also in this story “Prices have crashed, sure, but for a real sense of coal’s diminishing prospects, check out what’s happening in the bond market.”

Well Application Challenges Fracking Ban 
By Joseph De Avila – The Wall Street Journal  
An upstate New York energy company has filed an application to drill a natural-gas well using a waterless method that will test the state’s fracking ban. 

Shale Gas Supply Held Hostage by Oil to Drop by Most in a Year
By Christine Buurma and Naureen Malik – Bloomberg News 
After four years of record supply, America’s natural gas output is showing signs of weakness as producers retreat amid tumbling oil prices.

Have faith in the shale gale 
By Kathleen Hartnett White – The Hill 
Repeal of the export ban on crude oil grows in national urgency each day that goes by. The recent fall in oil prices again spawns bleak forecasts of bust for the shale boom, but consider a monumental change underway.


America’s Dirtiest Power Companies, Ranked 
By Tim McDonnell – Mother Jones 
Coal-fired power plants are the single biggest driver of global climate change in the United States. 

Surprising Countries Where Solar and Wind Are Booming
By Wendy Koch – National Geographic  
Across the globe, renewable energy is expanding faster than fossil fuels. It’s even taking off in countries that may surprise you.  

Battle over rooftop solar, clean-energy mandate brews in California  
By Sammy Roth – The (Palm Springs) Desert Sun 
State lawmakers are all but certain to raise California’s clean energy mandate to 50% later this year.


News Site Water Deeply Will Tackle The California Drought Crisis 
By Sarah Lawson – Fast Company  
California’s record-breaking drought crisis is now in its fourth year. And while it may seem from past coverage that the severe temperatures and water scarcity are tied to the current drought specifically, California and the western U.S. have actually been in and out of states of drought for centuries. 

Up to 1.3 mln in parched Ukraine face water crisis- UNICEF 
By Magdalena Mis – Thomson Reuters Foundation
Up to 1.3 million people in war-torn eastern Ukraine are facing acute water shortages and a serious water crisis due to damaged or destroyed infrastructure, the United Nations children’s agency UNICEF said on Tuesday.

Thames Water Chooses Allianz Group to Fund London Tunnel
By Louise Downing – Bloomberg News
Thames Water Utilities Ltd., the U.K.’s largest water company, selected a group of investors including Allianz Capital Partners GmbH as preferred bidder to fund its 4.2 billion-pound ($6.6 billion) super-sewer project.


Paddling Around the World for Climate Action 
By Becca Cudmore – Audubon 
As he paddled up to the Manhattan Kayak Company’s dock on a pretty Sunday afternoon this June, Steve Posselt appeared just as I’d expect a salty Australian adventurer: brushy beard, eyes the color of the ocean, and sun-drenched, speckled skin.

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