In today’s edition, as strange as it might be, we focus on Syria, as national security advisor Susan Rice blames climate change for the conflict. Also, we feature a Financial Times’ story on Syria’s ‘mafia-style’ gas deals with jihadis. Finally, Chinese tycoons Liang Wengen and Nan Cunhui plan to pour $5 billion into India’s renewable power sector.

Quote of the day

“In the years prior to civil war breaking out in Syria, that country also experienced its worst drought on record. Farming families moved en masse into urban centers, increasing political unrest and further priming the country for conflict.” 

National Security Advisor Susan Rice, in the Breitbart’s story Susan Rice Blames Climate Change For Conflict In Syria  

Lead stories 

China Tycoons to Invest $5 Billion in Indian Renewable Power
By Vrishti Beniwal and Bibhudatta Pradhan – Bloomberg News 
Chinese tycoons Liang Wengen and Nan Cunhui plan to pour $5 billion into India’s renewable power sector as Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeks a major expansion of clean energy in one of the world’s biggest polluters. 

Susan Rice Blames Climate Change For Conflict In Syria  
By Charlie Spiering – Breitbart  
In her most dramatic speech to date about climate change, National Security Advisor Susan Rice suggests climate change was partially responsible for the conflict in Syria and represents a looming threat to the entire world.

Isis Inc: Syria’s ‘mafia-style’ gas deals with jihadis 
By Erika Solomon and Ahmed Mhidi – Financial Times  
After four years of war, Ahmed thought he had finally been given a break when he landed a job at Syria’s national gas company. Then he was assigned his new supervisors: the militant group, Isis.  
***LB: Also in this story “For $80 a month, the 25-year-old petroleum engineering graduate from Deir Ezzor spent a nightmarish year working at the Tuweinan gas plant — one of several that have in effect become joint ventures between President Bashar al-Assad’s government and the world’s most notorious jihadi group.”

‘Peer pressure’ to steer climate change 
Reuters (Audio)
Two months ahead of U.N. climate talks in Paris, governments rule out enforcing international agreements with sanctions.  

Climate change threatens future of Canada’s northern hunters 
By Chris Arsenault – Thomson Reuters Foundation
Indigenous hunter Jim Antoine has watched the decline of caribou herds with alarm, convinced that global warming is at least partially responsible for the crisis in Canada’s far north.

Expected Polish election winner urges EU climate deal renegotiation 
The likely winner of Poland’s Oct. 25 parliamentary election called on Tuesday for a renegotiation of a climate deal agreed last year by the European Union, saying the country needed more coal-based power stations.

VW to recall 8.5 million cars in Europe 
By Timothy Cama – The Hill  
Volkswagen Group is planning to recall 8.5 million diesel-powered million cars in Europe fitted with software to cheat on emissions tests.


19th Annual Environmental Markets Association Meeting 
October 28-30, 2015 

EMA Annual Meeting
October 28-30, 2015
Omni Parker House Hotel
Boston, MA  

2015 Rising Seas Summit 
Association of Climate Change Officers 
November 12-13, 2015, Cambridge, MA    

Call For Nominations: Environmental Markets Association 
The Environmental Markets Association is calling for nominations for two (2) openings on the Board of Directors for 2015/2016. 
If you are interested in running or would like to nominate someone, please call the EMA Headquarters at 202-591-2465
or email 


New Commitments To Reduce HFCS Show Leadership 
By Steve Seidel – C2ES
The fastest growing family of greenhouse gases – extremely potent hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) — aren’t going to be growing as fast in the future.

Natural gas /coal

In Fracking Downturn, Sand Mining Opponents Not Slowing Down 
By Zahra Hirji – InsideClimate News 
The market that supplies special sand to oil and gas companies for fracking wells is down more than 50 percent from last year.

Australia clears way for Adani’s $7 billion coal and rail project 
By James Regan – Reuters 
The Australian government on Thursday reissued an environmental permit for construction of one of the world’s biggest coal mines to Adani Enterprises, after clearing concerns about two rare outback species. 

China plans up to 30 pct cut in natural gas prices
China plans to cut city-gate non-residential natural gas prices by up to 30 per cent in some provinces at the end of October.


Britain faces tighter power supply this winter, but manageable-Grid 
Britain has measures in place to keep the lights on this winter despite the closure of several power stations leading to a narrower surplus of electricity supply over demand, network operator National Grid said on Thursday.

Clean tech

Tesla Starts Rolling Out Autopilot Features
By Dana Hull  – Bloomberg News 
Tesla Motors Inc. will begin rolling out the first version of its highly anticipated Autopilot features to some owners of its all-electric Model S sedan Thursday. 

Researchers High On “Molly” For Low-Cost Hydrogen Fuel 
By Tina Casey – CleanTechnica 
Fuel cell electric vehicles have a lot of catching up to do compared to their battery-powered cousins, but it’s also becoming clear that the learning curve for hydrogen fuel cells is accelerating past the fossil fuel stage and racing into renewable energy, as indicated by a new low-cost catalyst under development by our molly-loving friends over at Sandia National Laboratories.


Forecasters predict El Niño will deliver changes to winter weather across the US 
Associated Press  
El Niño this winter will leave a big, wet but not necessarily snowy footprint on much of the United States, including parched California, forecasters said Thursday.

Kenyan Lake May Disappear Because of Climate Change, HRW Says 
By Ilya Gridneff – Bloomberg News 
Kenya’s Lake Turkana, the world’s largest desert lake, may disappear because of climate change and development projects in neighboring Ethiopia, Human Rights Watch said.

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