In today’s edition, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon plans to invite around 40 world leaders including President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel to a closed-door meeting next month. Why? Because he is frustrated by slow progress in global climate talks. He is not the only one: EU climate chief Miguel Arias Canete is also growing impatient. Finally, President Obama  is in Alaska to call for urgent and aggressive action to tackle climate change. 

Quote of the day

“The technical talks are seriously lagging behind the political discussion. This must change.” 

EU climate chief Miguel Arias Canete, in the RTCC’s story Climate negotiators urged to up pace at Bonn session 

Lead stories

UN Said to Summon Leaders to Closed-Door Climate Change Meeting
By Ewa Krukowska and Alex Nussbaum – Bloomberg News 
Frustrated by slow progress in global climate talks, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon plans to invite around 40 world leaders including President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel to a closed-door meeting next month.

Obama’s Alaska Visit Puts Climate, Not Energy, in Forefront 
By Julie Hirschfeld – The New York Times 
President Obama will travel to Alaska on Monday to call for urgent and aggressive action to tackle climate change, capitalizing on a poignant tableau of melting glaciers, crumbling permafrost and rising sea levels to illustrate the immediacy of an issue he hopes to make a central element of his legacy.  

Climate negotiators urged to up pace at Bonn session 
By Megan Darby – RTCC (Responding to Climate Change)
Negotiators on a climate change deal have some catching up to do at interim talks in Bonn next week.

Essence of the Paris agreement will be a co-operative approach: France’s Laurence Tubiana 
By Urmi A Goswami – The Economic Times 
France’s Special Representative for the 2015 Paris Climate Conference Laurence Tubiana says that the essence of the Paris agreement will be a co-operative approach—”what every country can do, and how we can do better together”. 

White House reviews EPA’s ozone pollution rule
By Timothy Cama – The Hill 
The Obama administration has started the final review process for its regulation to reduce the allowable concentration of ozone pollution in the air. 
***LB: Also in this story “Cutting the ground-level ozone standard to between 65 and 70 parts per billion from the current 75 parts per billion could cost up to $1.1 trillion, according to a study commissioned by the National Association of Manufacturers, making it the most expensive regulation ever.” 

Warren Buffett vs. the greens
By Andrew Restuccia – Politico
Another billionaire is angering environmentalists these days: Democratic hero Warren Buffett. 
***LB: Also in this story “For Democrats, the world’s third-richest person is a champion who has advocated higher taxes for millionaires and donated money to put Hillary Clinton in the White House. But green-energy advocates are expressing increasing frustration with Buffett, whose sprawling business empire is opposing them on fronts including solar power, oil train safety and the Keystone XL oil pipeline.” 

Indonesia looks to increase emissions cut pledge ahead of Paris meet 
By Michael Taylor – Reuters  
Indonesia is looking to increase its current pledges on cutting emissions growth, a senior government adviser said on Monday, with a final decision likely by mid-September.

WWF broker cross-party climate change agreement (in Scotland)
The Herald Scotland  
The leaders of all of Scotland’s main political parties have pledged to set out comprehensive plans on how they will address climate change, ahead of next year’s Scottish Parliament election.


EMA Annual Meeting
October 28-30, 2015
Omni Parker House Hotel
Boston, MA 

2015 Rising Seas Summit 
Association of Climate Change Officers 
November 12-13, 2015, Cambridge, MA 


General Mills pledges to cut carbon emissions by nearly 30 percent 
By Matt Sepic – MPR 
General Mills is promising to cut carbon emissions 28 percent in the next decade in an effort to combat climate change. 

Natural gas /coal

Unlocking the mystery of the Four Corners Methane Hot Spot  
By Jonathan Thompson – High Country News   
A silver van rolls slowly down a narrow road on the edge of the small town of Bayfield, Colorado, a farming-turned-bedroom community 20 miles east of Durango. 

Is Europe the new frontier for US energy exports? 
By Francesco Stipo – The Hill 
In the past five years, new techniques of oil and natural gas extraction in the United States have untapped large volumes of oil and natural gas and transformed the U.S. from an energy importer to a self-sufficient economy with an oil and gas surplus.


“Dixie Do-Over” solar plan stalls 
By James Bruggers – The Courier Journal 
Louisville Metro Councilman Rick Blackwell said he became a solar power advocate when he realized the sun could lighten up Dixie Highway — at night.   

“Smart” solar palm trees power Wi-Fi, phones in Dubai 
By Saket S. – Thomson Reuters Foundation  
A new species of palm tree has started sprouting around Dubai. But instead of producing dates, the fronds of the Smart Palm harness the sun’s energy to allow people to look up city information, access Wi-Fi, and charge their phones, all for free.

Stadtwerke Düsseldorf: data reporting for unit F of power plant Lausward 
EEX Transparency News 
Stadtwerke Düsseldorf will start with the data reporting of power production data for unit F of power plant Lausward on 1 September 2015. 

Clean tech

How a new battery revolution will change your life 
By David J. Unger – The Christian Science Monitor 
It’s probably safe to say that freshman chemistry rarely ranks among college students’ most memorable courses. 

Era of super batteries will bring new problems 
By David J. Unger –  The Christian Science Monitor  
The battery revolution will spur fundamental changes in society – and bring new problems.


Puerto Rico Water Utility Wins Loan Extension From Banco Popular
By Michelle Kaske – Bloomberg News 
Puerto Rico’s main water utility said it plans to extend a $90 million loan originally due Monday through Nov. 30 as the agency seeks the “right” time to sell $750 million of bonds.

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