Eventus CEO Travis Schwab Highlights Growth and Innovation at FIA EXPO 2023

Travis Schwab of Eventus at FIA EXPO 2023
John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman and CEO

At FIA EXPO 2023 in Chicago, John Lothian News caught up with Eventus CEO Travis Schwab to discuss the company’s latest developments and industry insights. Schwab shared the significance of extending Eventus’s relationship with Philip Capital, emphasizing the growth in the Asia-Pacific region and validating the strength of their partnership.

Schwab revealed that the new user interface (UI) of its Validus platform is gaining traction with clients. The UI, designed to streamline workflow, allows users to efficiently work through complex issues, investigate alerts, and remedy them with greater ease and speed. Schwab also said the firm is starting to roll out its new platform. With the first clients already on board, Schwab said he anticipates this platform will significantly enhance scalability, performance, and usability.

Addressing compliance and trade surveillance challenges, Schwab noted that clients across all asset classes must navigate constantly evolving regulations. Whether it’s changes proposed by the SEC in the U.S. equity market or the dynamic regulations in the cryptocurrency space, Eventus stands ready to support clients through these shifts, which are compounded by market volatility and macroeconomic changes, he said.

Schwab also touched on the uptick in applications for Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs) and Designated Contract Markets (DCMs), pointing out that while Eventus is enthusiastic about guiding clients through the application process, there are noticeable delays in approvals from the CFTC, which the company hopes can be expedited for the benefit of the industry.

Distinguishing Eventus from the competition, Schwab highlighted its product-first approach, with the new UX release and upcoming platform enhancements. He underscored the combination of advanced technology and subject matter expertise as Eventus’s unique value proposition. This blend, he believes, resonates well with both current clients and prospects and is set to continue into the future.

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