In this edition, futures exchange consolidation buzz continues with Bloomberg reporting: CME Said to Approach Deutsche Boerse to Weigh Deal Talks. In yet another delay, EU lawmakers will not vote Tuesday on drafting CO2 law.
And Reuters covers the Business Roundtable where the news agency learned US execs united on oil drilling, divided on gas exports.

Quote of the Day:

“Technology, coupled with access to vast resources, could help strengthen America’s position as an energy superpower.”

–Chevron CEO John Watson at the Business Roundtable.

Lead Stories

CME Said to Approach Deutsche Boerse to Weigh Deal Talks
CME Group Inc. (CME), the world’s largest futures exchange, has approached Deutsche Boerse AG to consider beginning talks on a merger, according to four people familiar with the situation.

EU lawmakers will not vote Tuesday on drafting CO2 law
European politicians will not vote on Tuesday, as had been expected, on whether to begin drafting a law to prop up the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), delaying any possible deal on supporting the carbon market, an official agenda showed.
**RKB — Officials take to Twitter to try to keep ahead of the media. “Backloading will not feature in the committee hearing tomorrow. All other reports are inaccurate,” Matthias Groote, chairman of the environment committee, who is leading the debate, tweeted. Normal procedure then pushes the debate to a plenary session, another potential slowing tactic. More in Bloomberg’s report below.

EU Parliament’s Biggest Group Wants Plenary Talks on Carbon Fix
The biggest group in the European Parliament wants the whole assembly to decide about talks with governments on a carbon fix, avoiding fast-track negotiations, lawmaker Eija-Riitta Korhola said.

German CO2 output under EU trade scheme flat in 2012
Germany’s carbon dioxide emissions from industry and power stations in 2012 stood at 450 million tonnes, unchanged from the previous year, the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) said on Monday.

CEOs back more oil drilling and Keystone XL pipeline
A group of top business executives on Monday urged U.S. officials to cut red tape for drillers and open more federal land to oil and gas interests and approve the Keystone XL (TRP.TO) oil sands pipeline which is opposed by some environmental groups.

US execs united on oil drilling, divided on gas exports
Chief executives from some of the largest U.S. companies offered an energy blueprint on Monday that would expand drilling but they dodged thorny questions such as whether the nation’s oil and gas wealth should be exported.

Chevron Invests in Australian Shale-Gas Prospects
The Wall Street Journal
Chevron Corp. CVX -2.09% said it will buy Australian shale-gas assets from Beach Energy Ltd. BPT.AU -1.46% for as much as US$349 million, placing a bet on the potential to replicate the U.S. boom in unconventional gas output in the Outback.

Sinopec to Buy Stake in Chesapeake Energy Asset
The Wall Street Journal
Chesapeake Energy Corp. CHK -6.78% agreed to sell a stake in an oil and natural-gas field straddling the Oklahoma and Kansas border to China’s Sinopec for $1 billion, as the U.S. company tries to plug a gap in its cash flow.

Exxon, BP, Halliburton take ‘fracking’ case to White House
The Hill’s E2 Wire
The White House review of delayed federal rules for oil-and-gas “fracking” is drawing plenty of interest from energy companies and green groups.

Silicon Valley Shifting to Power Grid After Solar Sours
Silicon Valley investors that helped build the solar industry are shifting cash into electricity-grid technology and energy-storage developers after bets on panel manufacturers failed to pay off.

Experts Look Ahead to California REDD
Ecosystem Marketplace
Support for allowing international offset credits based on reducing deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) in California’s cap-and-trade program predates the program’s launch. Months after the state’s carbon mitigation program became fully operational, the REDD+ Offset Working Group presents its draft recommendations for the inclusion of REDD+ credits in the Golden State’s program – here we unpack the domestic and international importance that state endorsement carries.


2013 Climate Leadership Conference
Washington D.C.
February 27-March 1, 2013

Wall Street Green Summit XII
March 18, 2013
Center for Architecture, New York

Navigating the American Carbon World (NACW) 2013
San Francisco April 16-18


California’s second carbon auction exceeds expectations
Business Green
CO2 permits for 2013 clear $2.91 above floor price, as EU committee again discusses propping up ailing Emissions Trading System
**RKB — We covered California’s results in yesterday’s edition, but here’s a U.K.-based point of view that compares Cali to the EU situation.

U.S. offers airspace-based emissions regime
A U.S. proposal for curbing aircraft emissions would exclude time spent flying over international waters, an approach that some environmental groups say is too timid in addressing the rise in greenhouse gasses from the aviation sector.

Alberta Cancels Funds for Swan Hills Carbon-Capture Project
Alberta and Swan Hills Synfuels LP canceled plans to develop a carbon-capture and storage project, the second CCS initiative to be scuttled in the Canadian province in less than a year.

We may compensate for carbon tax refits – Hockey
The Sydney Morning Herald
The Coalition will consider compensating big companies that are part-way through expensive refits to reduce their carbon price liability when the carbon tax is abolished, according to shadow treasurer Joe Hockey.

Recovery lost as polls put Labor in carbon-tax territory                
The Australian
LABOR’S long and slow recovery after the disastrous impact of the carbon tax has been lost as the government’s polling trends back down pushing into the election year.

Natural Gas/Coal/Alternative Fuels

AEP to stop burning coal at three U.S. Midwest power units
U.S. power company American Electric Power Co Inc on Monday agreed to stop burning coal at three Midwest power plants by 2015 and replace some of the capacity with renewable energy as part of a settlement with several environmental groups.
**repeats in Power

U.S. Refiners May Use RINs to Meet Requirement on Biofuel Use
U.S. oil refiners may draw from a reserve of 2.5 billion Renewable Identification Numbers that they’ve banked in previous years to meet federal requirements for the amount of ethanol they blend into gasoline this year.

Chesapeake, Encana sued in civil antitrust action
A major Michigan landowner is suing Chesapeake Energy Corp and Encana Corp, alleging that the two energy giants colluded to rig bids for oil and gas rights in 2010.


Exclusive: Could renewables provide the key to restoring trust in the energy industry?
Business Green
Public trust in the energy industry has inched up in the past year thanks to increased investment in consumer engagement, but the industry remains one of the least trusted sectors in the British economy.

AEP to stop burning coal at three U.S. Midwest power units
U.S. power company American Electric Power Co Inc on Monday agreed to stop burning coal at three Midwest power plants by 2015 and replace some of the capacity with renewable energy as part of a settlement with several environmental groups.
**repeats in Natural Gas

Uruguay Plans 200 Megawatts of the World’s Cheapest Solar Energy
Uruguay will offer contracts next month to buy power from 200 megawatts of solar farms at the world’s cheapest rates as the South American nation seeks to add low-cost generation.

The Ant, the Grasshopper and Electricity Prices in New England
The New York Times
The electricity crunch in New England that I wrote about on Feb. 15 persists, and it is clearly related to a shortage of natural gas pipeline capacity relative to growing demand. But experts say the root cause is something more complicated: a structural flaw in the regional electric market.

Clean Tech

‘Internet of things’ promises nine billion tons of carbon savings
Business Green
Global greenhouse gas emissions could be cut by almost a fifth over the coming decade thanks to the rapid development of the so-called ‘internet of things’, giant networks of sensors that could revolutionise energy and resource efficiency by enabling machine-to-machine communication.


Dow Chemical to Make Lake Water Drinkable in Azerbaijan
Dow Chemical Co. (DOW), the largest U.S. chemical producer, is helping build the world’s biggest surface water ultrafiltration plant in Azerbaijan with HidroLotus LLC.


Tesla CEO Says N.Y. Times Article Reduced Market Cap
Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA)’s chief executive officer said a New York Times story saying the electric-vehicle maker’s Model S sedan fell short of its estimated range trimmed the company’s stock-market value as much as $100 million.


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