FIA Europe Head Bruce Savage’s One-Question IDX Interview

John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman and CEO

Bruce Savage helped Walt Lukken host his first June IDX and was pleased to see so many people show up and participate. The head of FIA Europe, Savage was interviewed by John Lothian News outside The Brewery, where FIA’s IDX conference was being held.

We asked him what the top issues were on his agenda and he dutifully answered “driving member value.” But there are many issues on Savage’s plate and FIA’s in Europe and he addressed the litany of issues without our needing to ask him another question.

He said operational standards was one area where the industry came together under FIA leadership. He referenced the FIA setting up the Derivatives Market Institute for Standards as an example of FIA showing its value.

Savage spoke about the hangover from Brexit and the issues the industry still faces.

He also addressed the issue of EU clearing and equivalence and some of the problems bad regulatory choices can create.

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