Former CFTC Commissioner Dawn Stump Discusses Crypto, Carbon Markets, and the Future of Trading at FIA EXPO 2023

Dawn Stump Interviewed by JLN at FIA EXPO 2023
John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman and CEO

At FIA EXPO 2023, John Lothian News interviewed former CFTC Commissioner Dawn Stump, the head of Stump Strategic. In the sit-down, Stump was probed on several critical matters central to the futures industry and the larger financial landscape.

The notable lack of cryptocurrency discussions in the conference’s schedule and presence in the exhibit space didn’t go unnoticed. Stump was directly questioned about her perspective on the current condition of the crypto world, especially as the industry is looking at potential regulatory changes influencing the trajectory of digital assets.

As the landscape of voluntary carbon markets becomes increasingly significant given the climate crisis, JLN asked Stump what she anticipates will be the CFTC’s forthcoming guidance on the matter. Given the growing debate on event contracts and their place in the financial industry, Stump was also asked for her views on these instruments.

Another intriguing point of discussion was the fine line that separates trading from gambling. With increased trading activity in recent times, especially among retail investors, the concern about excessive trading mimicking gambling has been on some influencers’ minds.

The discussion touched on her forthcoming interview at the Expo with Matt Hulsizer, the co-founder of Peak6, sparking curiosity about the topics they would discuss. Looking back at her professional journey, Stump shared insights from her time as a CFTC commissioner. She also shed light on her recent endeavors and projects after her departure from the commission.

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