“Technology is affecting everyone. Just simple things we take for granted have a massive, massive infrastructure behind them, a massive amount of money behind them, and a massive amount of intellectual capital to make technology seem very simple.”

In this MarketsWiki Education video, Fraser Bell, chief revenue officer with BSO, outlines how fast things can change and how easy it is for us not to notice.

Inevitably, some of those in attendance at the event had to Google directions to get there.  But how many people look up information on the computer in their pocket while thinking about the thousands of miles of underwater fiber optic cable and data centers needed to show them those directions?

Or consider this: In 1965, some of the top companies in America were GM, Ford, Exxon Mobil, US Steel and GE. They all produced tangible outputs — cars, commodities and appliances. Now, you can add Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook to the list. What new company will be on that list in 2030 and how will we comprehend its product in the context of our day-to-day?  

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