In today’s edition, the focus is on Europe, with corporations – as well as nations – supporting more ambitious energy-saving goals, and GE submitting a more ambitious offer to the French government for Alstom. Also featured today: the Keystone pipeline. Canada wants to convince Boehner to do it and Al Gore says president Obama is already convinced – against it.

Quote of the day

“If I had known about this, I would have taken French at school.”

General Electric’s CEO Jeff Immelt, in the Financial Times’ story GE looks beyond Paris with revised bid

Lead stories


Corporates add voice to calls for EU energy efficiency target calls
Leading European businesses have reiterated their call for an ambitious EU-wide energy saving target, arguing the measure represents a cost-effective way to improve energy security and reduce emissions. 
***LB: Also in this story “The call from a host of blue-chip companies that specialise in energy efficient equipment, including Kingspan, Knauf Insulation, Opower, Philips, Schneider Electric and Siemens, was orchestrated by the European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE).”

Europe on track for 2020 energy efficiency goal: report 
The European Union is almost on track to reach its goal of improving energy savings by a fifth by 2020 and may consider a significantly higher target for the next decade, according to a draft European Commission document seen by Reuters.

Seven EU countries demand binding energy efficiency target 
Gerard Wynn, RTCC (Responding To Climate Change)
A quarter of European Union member states say that they want a binding target for energy efficiency in 2030, in the run-up to a decision to be made by leaders in October. 
***LB: Also in this story “the European Commission, proposed in January deep cuts in carbon emissions and a target for deploying renewable energy, and is due in July to propose steps to boost efficiency.”

House holds first hearing on climate rule
Laura Barron-Lopez and Timothy Cama, The Hill
Cold Shoulder: House Republicans had nothing nice to say about the new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposal to cut carbon pollution from the nation’s existing power plants. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t say anything at all.

30 GOP senators sponsor bill to stop EPA’s water rule
Timothy Cama, The Hill
Thirty Republican senators signed onto legislation Thursday to stop the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) attempt to redefine its jurisdiction over land and water under the Clean Water Act.

Canada invites Boehner to talk Keystone
Laura Barron-Lopez, The Hill
Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) received an invitation to visit Canada to discuss the Keystone XL oil pipeline and energy independence Thursday.

Gore: Obama ‘signaled’ he will reject Keystone
Laura Barron-Lopez, The Hill
Former Vice President Al Gore says President Obama has “signaled” that he will likely reject the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, but gave no mention of hard evidence. 
***LB: Also in this story “In a Rolling Stone article, Gore argues the U.S. is at a turning point in the climate change debate, and that Obama’s newfound courage to act on the matter may hint at the direction in which he will rule on the oil-sands pipeline.” 

GE looks beyond Paris with revised bid
Ed Crooks and Michael Stothard, Financial Times
General Electric’s Jeff Immelt, an archetypal US chief executive from his love of (American) football to his Harvard MBA, has often seemed something of a fish out of water in France.



Environmental Bonds 2014 
Now in its 4th year, Environmental Finance’s Environmental Bonds conference will examine the challenges facing the environmental bond market as it matures and the opportunities available for investors, issuers, bankers, corporates and others. 
23 June 2014 
London, UK

EMA’s 18th Annual Meeting 
Join the Environmental Markets Association and environmental industry professional for two days of dynamic sessions, two nights of networking receptions, and countless opportunities to increase your business contacts. 
October 22 – 24, 2014
Santa Monica, CA

FT European Gas Summit 
The FT European Gas Summit brings together leading and aspiring gas suppliers from around the globe, as well as energy industry experts, commentators and government decision makers to review the potential barriers to new gas supplies for Europe, and the impact on the region’s economic competitiveness. The summit will be chaired by Guy Chazan, Energy Editor, Financial Times. 
23 October 2014 
London, UK 


Clean Power Plan Exempts Major CO2 Emitters 
Bobby Magill, Climate Central
The proposed Clean Power Plan, which aims to slash carbon emissions from existing electric power plants burning fossil fuel, may allow some of the most polluting coal-fired power plants in the country to continue operating without having to slash their emissions.

Natural gas / coal

Russia ‘secretly working with environmentalists to oppose fracking’ 
Fiona Harvey, The Guardian 
The head of one of the world’s leading groups of democratic nations has accused Russia of undermining projects using hydraulic fracturing technology in Europe.

Texas Gas Town Considers Banning Fracking 
Emily Schmall, AP
Natural gas money has been good to this Texas city: It has new parks, a new golf course and miles of grassy soccer fields. The business district is getting a makeover, and the airport is bustling, too.

Louisiana gas export project gets final OK
Timothy Cama, The Hill
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on Thursday approved the Cameron liquefied natural gas (LNG) export project in Hackberry, La., the final federal hurdle for the project.
*** LB: Also in this story “Sempra Energy had previously received a conditional permit from the Department of Energy (DOE) to export LNG from the existing plant to countries with which the United States does not have a free-trade agreement.”

Coal company sues EPA over climate rules
Timothy Cama, The Hill
Coal mining company Murray Energy Corp. said it has filed a federal lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to stop its carbon emissions rules for power plants, calling them “illegal, irrational, and destructive cap-and-tax regulations.”


L.A. faces choice on regulating solar cells, open land 
Emily Alpert Reyes, Los Angeles Times
Worried that solar farms could overtake prized patches of open space, a Los Angeles councilman is asking the Department of Water and Power board to put off allowing new arrays that are mounted on the ground — part of its Feed-in Tariff program — until the city can ensure they mesh with neighborhoods.

Clean Tech

Harley-Davidson introduces electric motorcycle 
M.L. Johnson, Associated Press  
Harley-Davidson has introduced its first electric motorcycle, a sleek, futuristic bike that sounds like a jet airplane taking off and can go from 0 to 60 mph in less than four seconds.


Why are our sea prairies under serious threat?
Robin Turner, Wales online
Seagrass meadows, the so-called “prairies of the sea”, which along with kelp forests and horse mussel beds are vital for the existence of fish such as cod, are seriously under threat.

Longer flights ‘could curb impact of vapour trails’ 
Matt McGrath, BBC News
Researchers are concerned about the climate change potential of these wispy, man-made clouds.

Casting EPA rule as the next Obamacare could prove a tough sell
Elana Schor, E&E
In the days since U.S. EPA proposed landmark carbon emissions limits for power plants, comparisons to President Obama’s health care reform law have abounded on the left, the right and in the media — but the strongest parallel of all may be political.

Mental well-being will suffer under changing climate, experts say
Umair Irfan, E&E
In the wake of increasing fires, storms and drought, the most profound wounds may occur in the human psyche, according to experts.

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