GlobalRisk founder Steve Probst talks with JLN about the evolving nature of risk and technology

John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman and CEO

JLN spoke with Steve Probst, GlobalRisk founder and inventor of the GlobalRisk Platform, at the OIC Conference in Nashville in April. He discussed the risks his customers need to manage, and how GlobalRisk is evolving to meet their needs. 

Probst started GlobalRisk in 1991, to serve the needs of market makers on the floor. As the market technology evolved, GlobalRisk customers became brokerage firms, futures commission merchants, or larger independent brokers. Customers use GlobalRisk technology to analyze a complex portfolio and bring it into one unified space. “The CFTC as a regulator is using this technology to do the stress testing and such as mandated by Dodd-Frank,” Probst said. Customers are also using GlobalRisk to manage risk in the credit default swap and credit cryptocurrency arenas, among others.

JLN asked Steve Probst these questions:

What is the history of GlobalRisk?
Who are the customers of GlobalRisk?
What risks are there with event contracts?
What risks are they trying to manage?
What other risk management opportunities are you seeing?
Do you manage risks for credit default swaps?
Do you manage risk for credit crypto currency?


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