A Grateful Scouter with a Big Silvery Beaver-Like Smile

John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman

I was informed late last night that I am to be recognized for my contributions to Scouting with a Silver Beaver Award on behalf of Pathway to Adventure Council of the Boy Scouts of America. The Silver Beaver Award recognizes “registered Scouters of exceptional character who have provided distinguished service within a council.”

I am honored to be recognized for my work on behalf of the Scouts, but this award is as much about you, the readers of this newsletter, and my creative and persistent use of the goodwill that you have showered on me for my work here.

I am grateful for the way people have allowed me to use the goodwill to help others, our industry and our markets. This goodwill helped spawn MarketsWiki and so many other initiatives of John J. Lothian & Company, Inc. It helped drive the development of talents like Jon Matte, Jim Kharouf, Ryan Lothian, Patrick Lothian, Jeff Bergstrom, Sarah Rudolph, Doug Ashburn and others who grew professionally in the empowering ether it created. I am grateful for all the JLN staff and their support of my Scouting efforts over the years.

Your goodwill has helped raise hundreds of thousands, maybe bordering on millions of dollars, to support charitable causes around the world.

I am grateful for Chris Hehmeyer and Joe Guinan coming to my office and asking for help to promote the historic LaSalle Street Boy Scout fundraiser, the same event I attended in 2001 that convinced me to become a Boy Scout leader. They connected me with the people of the Chicago Area Council of Boy Scouts, which would become the Pathway to Adventure Council after a merger with three other councils. I am grateful for the team at Nasdaq-Liffe, who invited me to that LaSalle Street Boy Scout event.

I am grateful for Nan Elder, whom I knew from my home council, Three Fires Council, and who sparked a passion in me for promoting STEM in Scouting. She left the Scouting movement but handed me off to Myriam Herrera, who is a gift from God of a Scout executive.

Myriam bought into my vision for STEM and all my crazy ideas to bring a World’s Fair to Chicago to focus on STEM and make Chicago the STEM capital of the world. She has also grown tremendously, helping to revitalize the Scouts’ relationship with the Chicago financial community as we together built up the Trading Tech 300 program. She found a new level of purpose in her work in Scouting as she collaborates with the firms and Scouts in the Trading Tech 300 program.

She was the one who nominated me for the Silver Beaver Award and I am grateful for her friendship, collaboration and Scout Spirit.

I am grateful for the leaders of Glenstar Properties, CBOE, NFA, Advantage Futures, DRW, Spot Trading, XR Trading, US Bank, NEX Group, CME Group, Enova Digital Technology, Four Star Wealth Advisors (am I forgetting anyone?) who became the first firms to embrace the Trading Tech 300 program.

I am grateful to Craig Donohue for being the first chair of the LaSalle Street event before the launch of Trading Tech 300 and for Matt Haraburda and John Hague for sharing the duties of chair of the event with me for the last two years.

I am grateful for my best friend John Fabry, who is the committee chair of our Boy Scout troop long after his son aged out, and who provided much of the detail of my Scouting track record for the application for the award. He is also chair of our Venturing Crew and our Exploring Club.

Greg Gley, the Scouter to whom I handed off one of the greatest opportunities of my life, being a Scoutmaster of Troop 117, also contributed to my earning this award. My wife, Cheryl Lothian, also contributed to this, and I am eternally grateful for her love, patience, understanding and support of my Scouting efforts.

I am grateful for other Scouting professionals and volunteers who empowered me in promotion of STEM, people like Drew Glassford, Michael LoPresti and others. I was grateful for the opportunity to help bring a passionate and talented Scout executive to Pathway to Adventure Council as part of the search committee for Pathway to Adventure. Jeff Isaac is doing great things with Pathway to Adventure and is helping revitalize Scouting in the Chicago area.

The founder of the troop my son Tim joined so many years ago gave me sage advice and guidance through the years and also the kernel of the idea that formed into Trading Tech 300. Keith Miller is the blood, sweat and cheers behind the Merit Badge University in my home Scouting district, a dedicated Scouter and an inspiration to many a Scouter.

Lastly, I am grateful for my children, all of whom have embraced the Scouting program and allowed me to participate in their lives in a meaningful way within it. I learned from my late father how to be involved in one’s children’s lives, and how to be a passionate leader. He was a Scoutmaster before I was even born. I know he would be very proud of me if he were still alive. I won’t even mention my mother being proud of me, because she is always.

Thank you all for helping me earn this award.

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