In today’s Internet age, more news organizations and other companies are using videos to share financial news and information. Alan Knuckman, a partner at Incight, says about 84 percent of Internet traffic will be in the form of video. He says that for many, it is a faster alternative to constantly monitoring the news on television, where you may have to sit through several hours of programming to find one piece of information .

The increase in video is also a result of the big changes in the financial industry. Electronic trading has replaced the floor, where traders would congregate in one place and share information. However, that model is slowly fading away. With more traders spending their time behind screens and less time face-to-face with other traders, the financial industry is in need of a new way to form a community.

Knuckman started out as a floor broker at the CBOT and has worked in the trading industry for more than 20 years as a broker, analyst, strategist and commentator. He has helped with the launch of the Incight application, which lets its users track and share finance-related videos. The app is currently available for the iPad, but will soon be launched for the iPhone, Android and PCs.

You can download the Incight app by clicking here. (Reading this on an iPad? Click here to go straight to the app store.)

Disclosure: John Lothian News is one of the Incight app’s seven channels.

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