From Simon Rostron:

It’s my 60th birthday on Saturday week and I have decided to test the proposition that it pays to advertise.  Now, to those who receive this note because we are connected purely commercially don’t bother to read on, but for others – friends and long-term colleagues and contacts – please be aware my home address (actually the current office address as well) is 6 Tudor Close, Oxford OX4 4HB and I love birthday cards.

If you’ld like to get me a present (and there’s no pressure !!) please note my Wish List via my email and if you do buy anything (really, you shouldn’t have, you’re too kind!) please remember to delete it from the list. Wine is also good!


As some recipients of this note already know.  My real reason for making a fuss about my birthday is to try to raise funds for the charity Futures for Kids ( which was set up and is run by good friends of mine.  Have a look at their website and then please think about giving £100 or more (or $175) via my ‘Just Giving’ page – ‘Simon Rostron’s Birthday’ (  I am really trying to raise as much as £60k – a big ask, I know – and will be pushing for this throughout the year through direct emails and by asking you to pass the message on via LinkedIn so that everyone can get involved.

As well as just asking for donations, I am prepared (figuratively speaking) to “sing for the charity’s supper”.

Three plans thus far:

1)  Quiz nights.  I would like to quote for, and organize a quiz night for any organization either for your own staff, for clients or for a broader range of contacts.  You choose the topics and give me a sense of the median age of the audience and I’ll do the rest.

2) WW1 Battlefields.  As a few of you may know, I have organized and led a series of short tours round the WW1 battlefields (primarily, the Somme, Ypres, Verdun).  Two nights or three.  If anyone would like to make up or join a group of say, a half a dozen people who’d like to see these sites, particularly in this the 100th anniversary year, then do get in contact – this is a self drive deal – you drive one car, I drive a second.

3) A big Indian dinner.  I plan to arrange of couple of dinner ‘down the Indian’ somewhere in central London which will be priced at a premium to real price where that premium will go directly (and fully) to FFK.   I’ll be sending dates shortly.

Thanks for reading.  Happy birthday to me and give generously (I mean to the charity).

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