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Help John Lothian News Capture Industry History with GoFundMe Campaign | John Lothian News

Help John Lothian News Capture Industry History with GoFundMe Campaign

John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman and CEO

Go Fund Me Campaign for MarketsWiki Education Video Series and John Lothian News

We need your help. John Lothian News is running a GoFundMe campaign to support our MarketsWiki Education history-focused video series and our company at large.

Your contribution will allow JLN to continue its work to capture the history of our industry through our Open Outcry Traders History Project, The Path to Electronic Trading series and more, including MarketsWiki and other MarketsWiki Education content.

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We need your support to capture this history and help our company remain at the forefront of keeping the industry informed, educated and we hope occasionally entertained.

On an individual level, if you contribute to the GoFundMe campaign, we will build you a personal MarketsWiki page (if you don’t have one) and will place a GoFundMe gold badge on your page signifying you are a JLN benefactor. We will mention you on a special MarketsWiki Education benefactor page on MarketsWikiEducation.com and MarketsWiki.com.

On a company basis, we will list you as a sponsor on a number of our videos for The Path to Electronic Trading, depending on the level of your giving. You will be listed in the credits at the end of the video, just like in the movies. You will also be listed on the webpage on JohnLothianNews.com where the video is posted. And your company page on MarketsWiki will list your firm as a JLN benefactor and include a gold JLN benefactor badge. Your firm will also be mentioned on the benefactor pages mentioned above. Any donation above $5,000 will include a logo in the credits of the video.

There will be additional benefits depending on the amount contributed. And of course, if you wish to donate and remain anonymous, that is an option too.

This important campaign will help support the ongoing operation of John Lothian News and the continued employment of its current staff and offset lost revenue due to the pandemic and other related factors. The campaign will give our productive news organization the resources to continue our work to inform readers with our newsletters and websites and educate viewers with our videos and listeners with our podcasts.

History of MarketsWiki Education

We started MarketsWiki Education to help promote careers in our industry through the World of Opportunity series that we ran in Chicago, New York, London, Stockholm, and this year virtually.

Additionally, last year we introduced the Open Outcry Traders History Project, where we conducted video interviews of traders and key players in the open outcry markets in futures, options and equities. These stories need to be captured before the participants all leave us.

This year, we launched a new series that is a natural follow up to the Open Outcry Traders History project, The Path to Electronic Trading. This series looks at people who were the pioneers developing, using or even fighting the technology used for electronic trading across all types of products, listed on exchanges or traded over the counter. There has been no bigger story in our markets in the last twenty-five years.

We also continue to work on a long-term video documentary project, The History of Financial Futures.

The Path to Electronic Trading, like its open outcry precursor, is a global story. This is a story John Lothian News was created to tell and is well positioned today to do so.

History of JLN

The John Lothian Newsletter was started in 2000 as a way to help then futures broker John Lothian keep his online trading clientele up to date on the relentless changes occurring in the markets as they migrated from the historic open outcry method of trading to electronic means.

The newsletter was also a viral marketing experiment that worked not only for John Lothian’s brokerage business, but also for the markets. As the audience of the newsletter expanded, so did the knowledge of its market professionals and users who became avid readers of the newsletter.

In 2003, John J. Lothian & Company, Inc. was incorporated, the newsletter was formally given its name, and the firm asked people who found the newsletter valuable to pay for it. Thousands of readers pay for it, including the leading exchanges, banks, regulators and technology firms.

The goal of the John Lothian Newsletter and of John Lothian News today, has not been to maximize the revenue to the firm, but to maximize the impact of the newsletter and the company for the benefit of the industry.

This philosophy has served us well and helped us grow into a nine-person company today. However, the pandemic has hurt our ability to develop new sponsor relationships and source new revenue. This is not the first time JLN has faced such a challenge, but each time before we were able to grow our way out of it, or reduce our expenses organically or strategically.

Pandemic Impact

The lack of industry conferences greatly hurts our business development. The pandemic impact has also made some loyal sponsors pull back on all their advertising. As a result, we are facing a budget shortfall for the coming year and need to resort to the extraordinary means of a GoFundMe campaign to cover our shortfall.

But we are also looking at this as an opportunity to find new supporters of our operations and to develop ways to help contributors market themselves or their firms via our products.

We are happy to be creative to give you credit for your support of JLN.

Please give so that we may continue to serve you and the industry at large and capture the history of the open outcry era traders and those that blazed the trail of electronic trading.


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The Spread

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John Vaile Saw the Potential of Financial Futures and Helped Make Them A Success

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