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“The CDM remains the only viable international currency in offset credits that we have, and raised ambition in any post-2020 agreement means prices are bound to rise, rekindling interest from investors,”

Hugh Sealy, head of the CDM Executive Board, said in Eco-Buisness.com’s story, UN climate deal could ‘revive’ offset market says CDM chief.

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ICE U.K. NBP Natural Gas Futures Set Daily Volume Record
Press release
IntercontinentalExchange (NYSE:ICE), a leading operator of global regulated futures exchanges, clearing houses and over-the-counter (OTC) markets, announced today that ICE U.K. National Balancing Point (NBP) Natural Gas futures achieved a daily volume record of 118,145 contracts (equivalent to 3.65 billion therms) on March 3, 2014. The previous record of 70,690 contracts was set on January 13, 2014.
**JK – ICE should call this the Ukraine rally.

Ukraine reshapes US debate on gas exports
By Barney Jopson in Washington
The US should make it easier for Europeans to buy American natural gas in order to reduce its allies’ dependence on Russian energy, the top Republican in the House of Representatives has said.
**JK – Where nat gas and geopolitics intersect.

UN climate deal could ‘revive’ offset market says CDM chief
The main tool that funnels finance to developing countries could get a new lease of life from a possible global climate deal at the end of next year, as deeper carbon targets will mean more demand for offsets, the head of the UN’s main carbon offset scheme said.

Charles Koch: business giant, bogeyman, benefactor and elusive (until now) — exclusive interview
Wichita Business Journal
To the American business world, he’s a giant — head of the nation’s second largest private company.
To the political world, he is, by turns, the country’s No. 1 bogeyman and benefactor.
**JK – All good or all bad, or something in between.

European Union Carbon Trading Fix Goes Into Effect
SustainableBusiness.com News
Next week, the EU’s fix to its flagging cap-and-trade program finally goes into effect.
For years, the European Union’s Emissions Trading System (cap-and-trade) has been under attack because the supply versus demand for pollution permits was so out of whack.

Apple, eBay, Gap, Intel throw weight behind Climate Declaration
By BusinessGreen
A group of 140 California firms have reiterated calls for legislators to deliver ambitious action on climate change with the release of a new declaration signaling their support for policies that serve to cut emissions and drive investment in clean tech.

Wind farm plans in tatters after subsidy rethink
Plans to build wind farms in England and Scotland are being scrapped in the first sign that the Government’s proposed cut to subsidies is taking effect
Developers are abandoning plans for new wind farms in Britain because they are “no longer financially viable”.
The decision to scrap the wind farms is the first evidence that the spread of turbines across the country is being halted. It follows a radical overhaul by the Government of the consumer subsidy, worth more than £1 billion a year to wind farm owners.

John Podesta: The man behind President Obama’s new environmental push
Washington Post
Video: Some of the biggest West Coast businesses are pushing Congress and state government to act on climate change legislation. But it’s less about global warming and more about their bottom lines.
By Juliet Eilperin
New White House counselor John Podesta is playing a central role in pushing the Obama administration to adopt a more aggressive posture on environmental policies this year, including rules that would provide greater protections for public lands, support for state and local efforts to cut carbon emissions and stricter oversight of mining near pristine waterways, according to a dozen administration officials and outside allies. http://jlne.ws/1iatZRC

European support for climate change action ‘not dented by financial crash’
Eurobarometer poll finds public in worst-hit members states such as Spain and Greece still support moves to greener economy.
The financial crisis and recession across Europe have not put people off fighting climate change, a new poll for the European Commission has shown.


“Estimating the Costs and Benefits of Regulations: Lessons Learned”
Richard D. Morgenstern, Ph.D. Resources for the Future (RFF)
March 14, 2014
12:00 Noon, PDT (WEBCAST) Byron Sher Auditorium, 2nd Floor, Cal/EPA Building 1001 I Street, Sacramento, California

Navigating the American Carbon World (NACW) 2014
March 26-28, 2014
San Francisco, California

GLOBE 2014
13th Biennial Conference and Trade Fair on Business and Sustainability
March 26-28, 2014
Vancouver, British Columbia


Auction cuts breathe new life into EU ETS
Commodities Now
The European Union’s Emissions Trading System has been widely criticised for failing to provide sufficient incentive to stop the region’s generators burning coal rather than gas or other cleaner fuels. However, from next Wednesday, the EU ETS is set to change radically, according to research company Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Natural Gas/Coal

BP creates new US onshore oil and gas business
By Guy Chazan and Ed Crooks – FT
BP is creating a new business to manage its US onshore oil and gas assets, in an effort to compete more effectively with the smaller independent companies that dominate America’s shale industry. http://jlne.ws/1mT8OFS

Brakes put on UK shale gas revolution
By Verity Ratcliffe – FT
When the British Geological Survey doubled estimates for the shale gas reserves in the Bowland Basin, it raised expectations of a US-style shale gas revolution in the UK.
The region – which stretches from Cheshire to Yorkshire – is one of the UK’s most promising onshore shale gas prospects and could hold between 822 and 2,281 trillion cubic feet.


Install a building battery, save the grid?
The Solar Electric Power Association, an industry group for utility-scale solar, held a webinar last week on storage and demand response, a reflection of how important other distributed energy technologies are becoming to solar. Also last week, the Rocky Mountain Institute published a report titled Economics of Grid Defection, which argues that, as costs come down, businesses will be able to make their own “utility in a box” with a combination of solar and storage.

DONG Energy’s Westermost Rough offshore wind farm surges forward
Jessica Shankleman
First foundation at Westermost RoughPlans to install 35 of Siemens’ next generation 6MW offshore wind turbines off the East Yorkshire coast are moving forward, after an Isle of Wight company won a vessel supply contract with the project.


Green Investment Bank steps in to back onshore wind power
By Pilita Clark – FT
The UK government’s green bank is stepping in to back onshore wind power schemes for the first time as it emerges that several key projects have been battered by the Co-operative Bank fiasco.
The Green Investment Bank’s wind power investments have been limited to the relatively new offshore wind industry since the bank’s launch at the end of 2012, because state aid rules prevent it lending to older sectors, such as onshore wind, that should be able to obtain money elsewhere.

Wave Energy Developer Pulls Plug On Oregon Project
Kevin Watkins is the Pacific Northwest representative for Ocean Power Technologies. He said developing wave energy and implementing it on a large scale just became too expensive and too complicated.


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