ICE’s Chris Edmonds Expands on Crypto Commentary in JLN Video Interview

John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman and CEO

Last Friday John Lothian News interviewed ICE Chief Development Officer Chris Edmonds about the commentary he wrote that JLN published and why he wrote it and what he was trying to accomplish.

We asked him what lessons were learned from the BAKKT experience and what was ICE trying to accomplish with the exchange and clearing offering and what didn’t work?

Edmonds said the lesson learned was that the market did not want a physically delivered bitcoin contract.

We asked him why the crypto market doesn’t seem to want a physically traded market.

Edmonds was asked what were the lasting lessons from having FTX try to change the rules of the regulated markets.

We also asked him what advice he would give to Congress about regulating the crypto market.

He also addressed the question of whether the SEC’s regulation by enforcement and Chairman Gensler’s comments about the industry being full of hucksters and fraud was part of a campaign to get Congress to act.

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