Scott Gordon: In being acquired by Marex Spectron, RCG retains name, management, and gains global reach

Sarah Rudolph

Sarah Rudolph

Managing Editor & Head of Editorial Operations

Rosenthal Collins (RCG) has roots going back nearly 95 years, so the news that it is being acquired is big.  But the name will live on, as will much of the management and staff of the company. Marex Spectron is set to take over the customer business of RCG, one of the top independent FCMs, in January, with RCG’s current president and CFO Jason Manumaleuna as CEO and Scott Gordon, current chairman and CEO, as vice chairman. RCG will become a division of Marex Spectron.

In an interview with JLN, Gordon said Marex was “keenly interested in having RCG run the company with no change to the management or the customer side….customers will still be talking to the same people and getting the same service.”

Gordon will step back from the day to day operations he has been involved in at RCG for the past 15 years or so. He will leave the daily management to Manumaleuna, who Gordon said is the perfect person to be CEO. “When we hired him, I was hoping someday this would happen,” he said. Gordon will remain as an advisor.

Marex brings to RCG their global brokerage business and large balance sheet – several times larger than RCG’s, Gordon said – and their Category One membership at the London Metal Exchange, as well as their keen research and technology and offerings of financing and other vehicles.

“When I’m looking five years out and I say, What [does RCG] need to propel us and keep us thriving, those things Marex brings are what’s on that list. We complement each other further by the fact that we’re significant in the U.S. and they are significant in Europe,” Gordon said.

RCG does international business already, but it is not a clearing member on all the foreign exchanges and so must transact through a third-party broker. RCG customers will have far better global access because of the relationship with Marex, he added.

The company also expects to attract new business, including customers whom they had to turn away in the past because they did not have access to LME, or to a particular OTC hedging product, for example.

The RCG division of Marex Spectron will offer all of RCG’s current electronic trading platforms – which include RCG ONYX Plus, the full CQG suite and Trading Technologies, to name a few – plus Marex’s NEON platform, making a total of nearly 10 platforms to choose from.

At the moment, RCG is not disclosing anything about what it plans for its other, non-customer businesses.


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