A Most Interesting Charity Challenge Without Cold Water

John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman

I have a challenge for the readers of the John Lothian Newsletter that does not involve cold water, but does include a donation to the Futures For Kids charity. The week before the FIA Boca Raton International Conference news broke that Dos Equis spokesman Jonathan Goldsmith, known as “The Most Interesting Man in the World” was being replaced by the beer maker with a younger replacement. In fact, Goldsmiths character is being sent to Mars.

You could be the next MIMITW.

Here is the plan. You need to shoot and share with us an audition video for the part. You need to audition with two different lines.

The first line is “I always donate to children’s charities, and when I do it is to Futures For Kids.”

The second line should be about your business. You can write it yourself. For example, it could be “I don’t always trade stocks, but when I do I trade on BATS.”

You are welcome to add any color to the video about why you are the most interesting man in the world with some B-Roll, or background supplemental video to help you tell your story.

Share these videos with us, make a donation to Futures For Kids and we will share your audition video with this newsletter. We will even make a best of video similar to what we did for the ICE Bucket Challenge.

The bad news is that you will all have to compete with Pat Kenny of CQG who I called The Most Interesting Man in the World in a column a few years ago. I am sure Kenny will come up with a strong audition.

And just to be fair, this competition is open to women as well. If you want to be “The Most Interesting Woman in the World” and submit your own video, we will publish and include those as well.

Let’s have some fun, raise some money for Futures For Kids and see if we can help Dos Equis find the next Most Interesting Man/Woman in the World.

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