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Introducing Euronext Knowledge Center

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is is John Lothian for The Spread with John’s Take: Introducing Euronext Knowledge Center

As the world has struggled through the pandemic that has at times isolated us, quarantined us and left us connecting with other people only through the magic of online video, all types of firms have searched for new ways to engage with customers and prospects using video more effectively. One aspect that has rapidly improved during this time is the online education video offerings of some of the exchanges.

Today I want to take a look at Euronext, which offers the Euronext Knowledge Center on Youtube. Though up for less than a year, they have posted 41 videos, focusing on elementary aspects of market structure and terminology. 

Euronext offers videos in both French and English. Many of their videos focus on key elements of options trading, Euronext addresses intrinsic value, volatility, in the money, out of the money, exercising options, American versus European style options and  more. There are also some basic videos that are not option related, like who is Euronext and what is an exchange. 

Euronext has given JLN permission to use their Knowledge Center videos in our Term of the week feature in The Spread, which we introduced this week with the subject of price volatility, something I thought was relevant given the volatile markets we saw as Russia invaded Ukraine last week. 

Euronext also has Euronext TV, which is where they present their market opening and closing bell ringing ceremonies, something they will almost let anyone do it seems.

Anyway, Euronext has made good use of their time during the pandemic working with Amsterdam-based education firm Entrima on developing the content of these videos. 

This is nice work by Euronext and we  thank them for allowing us to feature these videos here at JLN.


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