FOW-JLN Event Showed His Impact on Program

Jim Kharouf made a strong statement with his design, leadership and execution of the FOW-JLN Trading Chicago event on June 28th in collaboration with the FOW team and I hope the industry took notice.

The event drew 210 people to talk about the key issues facing money managers, traders, exchanges, clearinghouses, brokers, vendors and the industry.

What was special about the co-sponsored event was that the program used many of the items in our toolbox to deliver an interesting, educational, lively and real event. With much help and support from FOW, we featured knowledgeable panelists and speakers, and they were all well prepared.

In marketing the event and creating buzz, all forms of social media were used repeatedly to get the message out, along with multiple marketing techniques to attract a diverse crowd that offered real value and produced quality leads for the vendors present. Jim and our production team created an animation video to tell the story before the event and he went on Twitter Live to promote it. We used banner ads in JLN, on MarketsWiki and, along with FOW,  and fresh commentary was written frequently and delivered to attract the audience.

Key industry players responded to the event’s message by offering their own recommendations, spreading by word of mouth the merits of the conference.

And we mixed up the styles and cadences of the event. The program kicked off with a keynote speech and was paired with an Oxford debate with the audience voting before and after. We featured standard panel discussions but also mixed in TED Talk-style presentations. Most of what we tried worked. There is always room for improvement, but the message is clear – we are willing to try new things and collaborate in new ways.

FOW wanted a local partner to re-establish a Chicago event and they found one in the new CEO of John J. Lothian & Company, Inc. and his team.

FOW, now part of Global Investor Group, deserves a lot of credit for this event as well. They have been resurgent in recent years under the leadership of Will Mitting. Their events around the globe show growth and event planning expertise. The way his team worked with Jim and the JLN team was evidence that inter-company collaboration, even among competing media firms, can be accomplished.

In his book “The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling, Mastering the Art and Discipline of Business Narrative,” author Stephen Denning talks about the forms of collaboration. Despite the differences in corporate structure, JJLCO and FOW were able to come together as a workgroup from across the Atlantic, find common interest and collaborate so well because of those shared values, a point Denning makes.

With this event, Jim demonstrated the kind of collaboration Denning describes and proved JJLCO is a strategic partner for firms seeking assistance developing and executing successful events.

This week we will be working with Thomson Reuters and Nasdaq in New York, as they host our MarketsWiki Education World of Opportunity event on July 11th and 12th. In Chicago, the following week we are collaborating with the Stuart School of Business at Illinois Tech and Trading Technologies, both of which will host our MarketsWiki Education series.

We have long said we don’t want to be an event company. We want to be a news organization and media firm that strategically holds events when appropriate. I call this “events with a purpose.”

Our main event series to date has been the MarketsWiki Education World of Opportunity. The beauty of this initiative is that the audience changes every year as firms hire new interns for the summer or students from universities cycle through the program. This brings a freshness to the event every year while delivering value to the interns, speakers and industry as a whole.

Another event type we offer is a roundtable and thought leadership paper, something Jim did last year for Itiviti -[[|Firms of the Future]]. In this case, working with a strategic partner we assembled a diverse group of industry participants to discuss a particular issue of concern for the industry. We’re looking to expand on that concept with Leslie Sutphen, an industry veteran and consultant.

We could not execute these types of events and services unless we were a trusted party and knowledgeable about the subject matter. This desire to innovate and try new things is part of the DNA of the markets, and ours too.

The insight and ability to collaborate to make our industry stronger, more engaged and informed and help it grow and evolve is what we aspire to. The Trading Chicago event is just one example of what we do and why we do it.  

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