In today’s edition, Ontario officials say they’ve launched discussions for industry partnerships to join Quebec in a cross-border carbon market hook-up. Quebec has already linked with California in a cap-and-trade system that sets a limit on carbon emissions, although technical issues postponed an auction this week. Elswhere, the IEA tells the EU that coal and nuclear must be in its energy mix over the next decade or officials risk having the lights go out. And for political junkies and anyone gearing up for next year’s fight on Keystone, The Hill offers a post-mortem of the Senate’s inaction on the pipeline.

Quote of the day

“It’s a reality check for [China’s] policy makers who’ve finally realized the shale gas boom may not come as easily as many thought. Progress has been made in many areas, but none of them are big enough to trigger a shale revolution.”

–Shi Yan, an analyst at UOB-Kay Hian Ltd., in Shanghai.

Lead stories

Ontario May Join Cap-and-Trade Carbon Emission Trade System
QMI Agency
Ontario has not ruled out joining the Quebec-California cap-and-trade system to limit the emission of greenhouse gases.

EU’s Sefcovic hopes for swift agreement on carbon market fix
The European Commission’s new energy chief Maros Sefcovic said he hopes for an agreement as soon as possible on a plan to reform the bloc’s ailing carbon market, or emissions trading system (ETS).

EU Risks Blackouts Without Clean-Coal Inducement, IEA Says
Matthew Carr – Bloomberg
Europe faces power shortages in the next decade unless it balances its drive for low-carbon energy with investment in clean-coal and nuclear generation, according to the International Energy Agency.

Report: Coal to dominate power sector in 2030, despite renewables boom
Business Green
Zero emission electricity sources, such as wind farms and solar arrays, will grow rapidly to account for 42 per cent of global power supplies in 2030, according to a new report, which warns that despite this surge coal will continue to play a dominant role in the energy mix throughout the next 15 years.

Miliband: EU Brexit would torch UK’s climate change credibility
James Murray – Business Green
Ed Miliband last night warned “there can be no ambiguity about our place in the European Union if we are to tackle climate change”, arguing that a country that is serious about climate change, “cannot be serious about leaving the European Union”.

China Climate Pledge Needs 1,000 Nuclear Plant Effort
China, which does nothing in small doses, will need about 1,000 nuclear reactors, 500,000 wind turbines or 50,000 solar farms as it takes up the fight against climate change.

Greens say voters in close races support climate policies
Voters in midterm election “battleground” states support policies that aim to mitigate climate change, the Sierra Club said.

EPA punts on renewable fuel mandate decision
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Friday said it is holding off on the final rule for standards that tell refiners how much ethanol and other biofuels must be blended into the nation’s fuel supply.

Global Temperatures Are the Hottest on Record for a Fifth Month This Year
Helen Regan – TIME
The world is heading for the warmest year on record with October the fifth month to break worldwide heat records.


Regional Thought Leader Round Table: Northeast RECs 
Environmental Markets Association
November 20, 2014
New York, NY

U.S. Solar Market Insight Conference 
The U.S. Solar Market Insight Conference presents data, analysis and expert forecasting on the state of the solar market in the U.S.
Dec. 8 – 10, 2014
San Diego, CA 


NRG plans to slash CO2 emissions 90 per cent by 2050
Garrett Hering – Business Green
NRG Energy yesterday announced new long-term sustainability targets, which include slashing carbon-dioxide emissions from 2014 levels 50 per cent by 2030 and 90 per cent by 2050.

VCS, CCB To Cooperate On Standards
Allie Goldstein – Ecosystem Marketplace
After a long courtship, the most popular carbon standard and the leading co-benefits standard on the voluntary carbon market have taken their relationship to the next level: The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) will now manage the day-to-day operations of the Climate, Community and Biodiversity (CCB) Standards.

GOP senators want cost analysis in ozone rule
Two top Republicans on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee want federal regulators to consider the costs of their upcoming rule on ground-level ozone.

The Magical Thought That’s Assumed in Climate Studies
Eric Roston – Bloomberg
Here’s one way to phrase the basic climate change conundrum: There’s a huge gap between the volume of pollution emitted every year and how much scientists say we can safely send aloft.

Natural Gas/Coal

How the Keystone bill died
Alexander Bolton and Laura Barron-Lopez – TheHill
Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) told reporters on Monday night that she had the 60 votes she needed to approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

Gulf Coast Embraces U.S. Coal Shippers Rejected by West
Mario Parker and Lynn Doan – Bloomberg
When it comes to exporting American coal, the West Coast’s loss is the Gulf Coast’s gain.

China Shale Boom Fizzles as Clean Energy, Imports Take Lead
Aibing Guo – Bloomberg
China has sharply cut its output target for shale, signaling the country’s drilling boom is fizzling out before it even gets going.

It’s Time for Obama to Tighten Rules on Gas Leaks
Andrew Revkin – NY Times
Environmental groups with varied stances on the merits of natural gas and the controversial extraction method best known as fracking have endorsed a set of cost-effective steps the Obama administration could take to stanch gas leaks from wells and other gas and oil facilities. Such emissions contribute to harmful local air pollution and — because the main constituent of natural gas is heat-trapping methane — global warming.


U.K. Green Bank Invests in 110 Million-Pound Wood-to-Power Plant
Louise Downing – Bloomberg
The U.K. Green Investment will invest in a 110 million-pound ($172 million) plant to generate power and heat from waste wood in the country’s northwest.

Obama Administration Rejects First California Desert Solar Plant
Christopher Martin – Bloomberg
The U.S. Interior Department rejected a proposal to build a 200-megawatt solar farm in Southern California. It’s the first time the agency’s Bureau of Land Management has denied a permit for a solar plant outside certain zones that have been designated as preferred locations for solar power, the administration said yesterday in a statement.

Google uploads wind turbines for Dutch data centre
Jessica Shankleman – Business Green
Google has signed a deal with Dutch wind farm developer Eneco to buy power for its new 600m euro data centre, which is planned for the North of the Netherlands.

AfDB to lend Kenya $133 mln to extend access to power
The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved a $133 million loan to fund a project aimed at improving access to electricity among poor populations in Kenya’s rural areas.


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