In today’s edition, another setback for the EU carbon market: a compromise date of the very end of 2018 for reform of the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) has run into opposition from some legislators. Also, the drop in oil prices will not derail the Obama administration’s drive to cut carbon emissions. Actually, the White House touts the benefits of a clean energy policy. Finally, some private initiatives, such as Kaiser’s which will increase its investments in renewables.  

Quote of the day 

“You look all in at the Clean Power Plan, the fuel-efficiency standards for vehicles, and the range of other steps that the administration has taken on climate change, and they massively outweigh any change in carbon emissions that would result from changes in prices.”

Jason Furman, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, in the National Journal’s story White House: Oil Price Drop Won’t Derail Climate Push 

Lead stories 

Paris: Don’t leave out planes and ships (Opinion) 
By Bill Hemmings –  
There are a number of possible solutions to reduce emissions in the aviation and shipping sector.

EU politicians haggle over carbon market reform date 
By Barbara Lewis – Reuters
A compromise date of the very end of 2018 for reform of the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) has run into opposition from some legislators, EU sources said, ahead of a vote next week that will be closely watched by the world’s biggest carbon market.

White House: Oil Price Drop Won’t Derail Climate Push
By Ben Geman – National Journal 
Don’t worry: The drop in oil prices is helping the U.S. economy without hamstringing the administration’s drive to cut carbon emissions.

White House sees wide-ranging benefits in energy boom
By Timothy Cama – The Hill
Increased oil and gas production and use of renewable energy means the United States economy is stronger, greenhouse gases are down and security is better, the White House said Thursday.

Harvard University is fighting a lawsuit brought by students calling on it to divest from fossil fuels
By Suzanne Goldenberg – The Guardian
Lawyers for Harvard University will appear in court on Friday to fight off attempts to force the world’s richest university to dump coal, oil and gas companies from its $36bn (£23bn) endowment.

Canadian government donated to Clinton Foundation
By Timothy Cama – The Hill
A Canadian government agency promoting the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s nonprofit.

How to sell a carbon tax to Canadians
By Margo McDiarmid – CBC News
If you want to bring in carbon tax that actually works, the folks at Clean Energy Canada have some helpful tips for you.  
***LB: Also in this story “Using the B.C. model, new study looks at the dos and don’ts of introducing a carbon tax.”

Kiev accused of cutting gas supplies to rebels
By Neil Buckley and Roman Olearchyk – Financial Times
A new fault line opened up between Ukraine and Russia over natural gas on Thursday when pro-Russian rebels in east Ukraine accused Kiev of cutting off supplies to them amid sub-zero temperatures.

Jeb Bush ignores climate but backs oil in major foreign policy speech 
By Ed King – RTCC (Responding To Climate Change)
Climate change doesn’t rank at all in potential US presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s priorities, he revealed in a speech in Chicago late on Wednesday.

Is ‘green’ investing actually environmentally friendly? 
MPR (Audio)
Does “green” investing really do anything for the climate? 

Kaiser Doubles Down on Investments in Renewables to Reduce Impacts of Climate Change 
By Anastasia Pantsios – EcoWatch
Saying that it was “concerned about climate change and its threat to human health,” major health care provider Kaiser Permanente announced yesterday that it’s doubling down on its commitment to renewable energy. 
***LB: Also in this story “The Oakland-based company, which runs hospitals and clinics across the country, detailed plans to purchase enough renewable energy to provide for half its energy needs in California and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions nationally by 30 percent.”


2015 Climate Leadership Conference
ACCO, EPA, The Climate Registry, C2ES
February 23-25, 2015
Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City (Arlington, VA)

Navigating the American Carbon World (NACW) 2015
North America’s premier conference on climate policy and carbon markets
Presented by the Climate Action Reserve
April 28-30, 2015
Los Angeles, California


House advances bill that would certify CO2 stored in Wyoming oil fields 
By Laura Hancok – Casper Star-Tribune
A Wyoming House of Representatives committee advanced a bill Wednesday that would create a program for the state to certify the amount of carbon dioxide stored for use in oil production.

EPA proposal dashed hopes of struggling nuclear operators
By Hannah Northey – E&E
Rocked by waning demand and rising use of cheap natural gas for power generation, U.S. nuclear companies were tossed a possible lifeline last year by a top Department of Energy official.

Thousands of Green Deal vouchers remain unspent, despite soaring demand
By Jessica Shankleman – BusinessGreen
The government appears to have paid out around half of a promised fund of up to £150m that offers massive discounts for home insulation measures despite a rush of interest for the Green Deal initiative, figures reveal today. 

Arctic marine emissions to increase vastly over next decade: report 
By Bob Weber – Guelph Mercury
A U.S. study has found that emissions from ships that cause both climate change and acid rain could increase in the Western Arctic by almost 600 per cent over the next decade.

San Joaquin Valley growers help control greenhouse gases
By Dennis L. Taylor – Visalia Times-Delta
San Joaquin Valley row-crop growers should be allowed the benefits of so-called “cap-and-trade,” according to new research from U.C. Agricultural and Natural Resources.

Natural gas/coal

Largest US shale group sees growth halt
By Ed Crooks – Financial Times
EOG Resources, the largest US shale oil producer, expects its rapid production growth of recent years to come to a halt in 2015, in the starkest sign yet of how weak crude prices are hitting the industry.

Fracking waste must be dealt with responsibly
Poughkeepsie Journal Editorial Board
After wrestling with the issue for years, top state officials have made it clear that fracking won’t be allowed within New York’s borders, saying the health and environmental risks are too great.

Dutch gas field earthquake dangers ignored for decades: Safety Board
By Anthony Deutsch – Reuters
Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon Mobil Corp and the Dutch government ignored the danger of earthquakes caused by gas extraction at the massive Groningen gas field for decades, the Dutch Safety Board said on Wednesday.


Indiana House panel advances measure to add solar power fees
By Tracy Rucinski – Reuters
Indiana utilities are pressing state lawmakers to let them charge a monthly fee to customers who sell excess power from solar panels under a bill that has become a focal point in a battle between traditional and renewable energy companies.

UAE inaugurates micro grid solar plant in Fiji
Trade Arabia 
The UAE has inaugurated a solar photovoltaic micro grid project that will bring clean energy to some of Fiji’s outer islands.

IKEA to make Polish operations ‘energy independent’ following wind farm deals
By James Murray – BusinessGreen
IKEA Group’s global commitment to invest 1.5 bn euros in wind and solar energy by the end of this year took another leap forward today, as the company announced it has acquired a new wind farm in Poland and committed to purchase two more.

Clean tech

VW buys Canada fuel-cell patents 
Bangkok Post
Europe’s biggest carmaker, Volkswagen, has spent US$50 million (1.62 billion baht) for a portfolio of fuel cell patents. 
***LB: Also in this story “
VW bought the fuel-cell-technology intellectual property rights from Canada-based Ballard Power Systems. The VW group has also extended until 2019 an engineering and development agreement with the leading fuel-cell maker.”


Arsenic, nitrates among pollutants in California drinking water -report
By Sharon Bernstein – Reuters
California’s public drinking water systems violated safety levels for contaminants more than 1,000 times during the 2012-2013 fiscal year says a report that cites high levels in some water systems of arsenic, nitrates and other pollutants.

California Water Becomes Scarce and Energy Hungry 
By Bobby Magill – Climate Central
In drought-stricken California, ensuring water flows from faucets is nearly as much about energy as it is about the water’s source.

Thailand Allocates $US 240 Million to Deal With Drought
Circle of Blue 
Thailand will spend millions on alleviating drought this year, while a Palestinian developer may have wasted more than 1 billion building a city with no water supply.


New hopes that tar sands could be banned from Europe
By Arthur Neslen – The Guardian
A landmark directive with the potential to ban tar sands oil from Europe has been reprieved, the Guardian has learned.


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