In this edition, our environmental coverage crosses into related tax issues, in two Bloomberg articles: Cantor Weighs Tying Debt Ceiling to Renewable Fuel Bill: Taxes and Green-Energy Preferences Via Partnership Status Stalls. And a great chronological piece on Al Gore’s efforts on BuzzFeed. And from The Wall Street Journal, the latest from the shale space in: UK Shale Faces More Delays and U.S. Refiners Don’t Care if Keystone Gets Built.

Quote of the Day:

“Keystone XL has been back-burnered for so long that any relevant parties have been able to make plans as though the project never even existed in the first place.”

–Sam Margolin, an analyst at Cowen & Co., in The Wall Street Journal’s U.S. Refiners Don’t Care if Keystone Gets Built.

Lead Stories

Cantor Weighs Tying Debt Ceiling to Renewable Fuel Bill: Taxes
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor may attach legislation to alter renewable fuel standards to a package to raise the U.S. debt ceiling.

Green-Energy Preferences Via Partnership Status Stalls
Bipartisan U.S. legislation to allow renewable-energy companies to use a type of partnership structure popular with oil and gas drillers has been stalled by debate over a green-energy tax credit.

Column: Barack Obama should practice what he preaches about climate change
The Guardian
When President Barack Obama gave his long-awaited climate change speech in June, many US environmentalists bought the notion that a green giant was awakening in the White House. “Sticking your head in the sand might make you feel safer, but it’s not going to protect you from the coming storm,” Obama warned climate laggards then.

Al Gore’s Incredible Shrinking Climate Change Footprint
Last January, Al Gore took a boatload of scientists, donors, and celebrities to Antarctica to talk about climate change.
**RKB — Interesting “Where Are They Now?” look at Al Gore and group’s efforts, with one proponent arguing it’s not about a smaller effort but finding a niche.

Cap-and-trade auctions look safer after court ruling
Sacramento Bee/Sacramento Business Journal
In case you missed it, California’s cap-and-trade system scored a big win in court last week.

UK Shale Faces More Delays
The Wall Street Journal
U.K. shale pioneer Cuadrilla Resources Ltd. said Wednesday it will submit a new planning application for its controversial oil-exploration well in southern England, adding further delays to a project that has already been shut down once during anti-fracking protests.

U.S. Refiners Don’t Care if Keystone Gets Built
The Wall Street Journal
U.S. companies that refine oil increasingly doubt that the controversial Keystone XL pipeline expansion will ever be built, and now they don’t particularly care.

Do you believe in sharing?
FT Magazine
How do people work together at all? A story of two researchers who attacked the question in very different ways – and with very different results. While delivering his Nobel lecture in 2007, Al Gore declared: “Today, we dumped another 70 million tons of global-warming pollution into the thin shell of atmosphere surrounding our planet, as if it were an open sewer.”

Australia – still the lucky country?
Nick Butler blog
Energy policy has barely surfaced as an issue in the Australian election. Both of the main parties are committed to moving to an emissions trading system but neither seems likely to impose prices which fundamentally shift Australia’s energy mix away from hydrocarbons. The greater impact on the energy sector will come from international developments and that is where events are adding to Australia’s existing natural advantages.

Is incineration holding back recycling?
Yale Environment 360
For communities short on landfill space, “waste-to-energy” incineration sounds like a bulletproof solution: Recycle all you can, and turn the rest into heat or electricity. That’s how it’s been regarded in much of Europe, where nearly a quarter of all municipal solid waste is burned in 450 incinerators, and increasingly in the United States, where dozens of cities and towns are considering new, cutting-edge plants.

Obama visits green tech expo in Sweden
The Hill’s E2 Wire
President Obama surveyed alternative vehicle and clean water technologies at a Wednesday pit stop during his visit to Sweden.


Water and Society 2013
September 4-6
New Forest, U.K.

EMA’s 17th Annual Meeting
September 25-27
Las Vegas, Nevada

Climate Strategies Forum
Association of Climate Change Officers
October 14-17
Washington, D.C.

Verge: Where Tech Meets Sustainability
October 14-17
San Francisco, California

FT Global Shale Energy Summit
October 21

Solar Power International
October 21-24

Climate Leadership Conference
Association of Climate Change Officers
February 24-26, 2014
San Diego, CA


UN Carbon Credit Program Reports $82 Million Surplus to June
The trust for the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism, the operator of the world’s biggest greenhouse gas credit program, had an operating surplus of $82 million in the 18 months through June 30, as offset supply increased.

Myanmar gets Chinese help to enter U.N. carbon market
Reuters Point Carbon
Myanmar this week signed a deal to develop carbon-cutting projects under the U.N. Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) with China’s Sunshine Kaidi New Energy Group, a technology investment firm, Chinese media reported.

U.K. Offers 500 Million Pounds to Low Emissions Vehicles
The U.K. government sought advice from industry on how it should invest 500 million pounds ($780 million) it has set aside to stimulate development of ultra-low emissions vehicles by 2020.

Covanta Waste to Energy Plant in Florida Verified to Sell Voluntary Carbon Offsets
Waste Management World
Carbon offset credits generated by Covanta’s 46.5 MW Hillsborough County Resource Recovery Facility in Tampa, Florida have been verified and are now available for purchase on the voluntary market.To sell the credits Hillsborough County is partnering with Covanta, which is contracted by the County to operate the facility.

Natural Gas/Coal/Alternative Fuels

Fracking Boom Seen Raising Household Incomes by $1,200
Surging oil and natural gas production brought on by hydraulic fracturing is lifting the U.S. economy by lowering energy costs for consumers and manufacturers, according an industry-funded report.

An Interview with Senator Menendez
Blue Jersey
Robert Menendez has represented the Garden State in the U.S. Senate since 2006. He’s now the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, so I started today’s interview with questions about Syria. We also spoke about the NSA’s spying on Americans (5:15), Immigration Reform (8:00), dealing with climate change deniers (10:17), the Keystone Pipeline (13:00), energy independence (16:04), the future of nuclear energy (17:54), voting rights (19:24), and his views about the Democratic Party (21:30). The interview was recorded this afternoon in Camden.

UK ministers rule out subsidies to boost gas storage
Ministers have ignored industry pleas to subsidise investment in new gas storage facilities, saying the UK’s supplies are sufficient and that its decision will save bill payers up to £750m over 10 years.

Turkey’s $12bn coal plant project out in the cold
Arguably the announcement last week by Abu Dhabi state energy company Taqa that it would postpone a final decision on investing in developing new coal fired power plant in Turkey to next year, was less surprising than the response to the announcement from Turkish energy minister Taner Yildiz.


Hero Group Plans 1 Gigawatt of Indian Renewable-Energy Capacity
Hero Group, the parent of India’s biggest motorcycle maker, plans to build 1,000 megawatts of renewable energy capacity by 2017.

Ormat Finishes Biggest Binary Geothermal Site in New Zealand
Ormat Industries Ltd.’s U.S. geothermal-energy unit completed a 100-megawatt plant in New Zealand, the world’s largest using binary technology.


The Future of China’s Power Sector (posted August 27, 2013)
Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Sub-national involvement in NAMA development (posted August 7, 2013)
Ecofys’ International Climate Policies Unit

U.S. Energy Sector Vulnerabilities to Climate Change and Extreme Weather (Posted July 14, 2013)
U.S. Dept. of Energy

Turn down the heat: climate extremes, regional impacts, and the case for resilience (Posted June 19, 2013)
World Bank

Four energy policies can keep the 2 Degree C climate goal alive (Posted June 10, 2013)

Maneuvering the Mosaic: State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2013 (Posted June 10, 2013)
Ecosystem Marketplace

Mapping carbon pricing initiatives: developments and prospects (Posted May 30, 2013)
World Bank

Extreme Weather and Climate Change in the American Mind April 2013 (Posted May 1, 2013)
Yale Project on Climate Change

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