In this edition, renewables news (some positive, some not) flows in from around the globe: Clean Energy Investment Headed for Second Annual Decline; EU unveils funding list for gas, power projects; German renewable surcharge to rise nearly 1 cent in 2014-sources; Chile Doubles Renewable-Energy Goal to 20% to Spark New Projects. Plus, Australians are betting China to have ETS ‘by 2020’. And, a guest writer in The FT says lets markets drive U.S. energy policy.

Quote of the Day:

“I think it sends a strong signal to any country that does not use price-based emissions mechanisms that it may be a good idea to reconsider. If we have China so strongly expected to take on these cost-effective mechanisms, it makes all the more sense to use them in a market economy such as Australia.”

Australian National University Professor Frank Jotzo in AAP’s “China to have ETS ‘by 2020’”

Lead Stories

China to have ETS ‘by 2020’
AAP/Climate Spectator
Australian research suggests China will have introduced a nationwide emissions trading scheme (ETS) and a carbon tax by the end of the decade.

US energy revolution will end old Opec regime
Wednesday marks the 40th anniversary of the Arab oil embargo, a turning point for US energy security policy.
**RKB — Contributor is managing director and global head of commodities research at Citi. His main point: US energy independence does not ever require the US becomes a net oil-exporting country. But it does mean that a more secure US and global energy system needs freedom to export and import as the market warrants. That means removing barriers to exporting crude oil that have been in place for decades.

Clean Energy Investment Headed for Second Annual Decline
Clean-energy investment fell 14 percent in the third quarter from the prior three months as Europe curbed subsidies and cheaper U.S. natural gas lured investment.

EU unveils funding list for gas, power projects
The European Commission unveiled on Monday a list of 250 power and gas projects eligible to share 5.85 billion euros ($7.93 billion) of funding as part of plans to curb reliance on Russian gas and create a single energy market.

German renewable surcharge to rise nearly 1 cent in 2014-sources
Germany’s surcharge for renewable energy will rise by almost 1 cent to 6.24 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) next year, increasing power prices for households and companies, industry and government sources familiar with the matter said on Monday.

Chile Doubles Renewable-Energy Goal to 20% to Spark New Projects
Chile doubled its renewable-energy target and may solicit competitive bids in 2015 for contracts to sell electricity as the South American nation seeks to spur investment in new power plants and curb its reliance on imported fossil fuels.

Coal to surpass oil as top global fuel by 2020 -Woodmac
Coal will surpass oil as the key fuel for the global economy by 2020 despite government efforts to reduce carbon emissions, energy consultancy firm Wood Mackenzie said on Monday.

ADB Forecasts Soaring Asian Energy Use Through 2035
The Wall Street Journal
Asian countries will face big challenges in securing enough oil over the next two decades, as their additional demand will be equivalent to the current oil output of the Middle East, the Asian Development Bank said Monday.


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FT Global Shale Energy Summit
October 21

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EU Nations Agree To Seek Softer Law to Curb Car Emissions
European Union governments agreed today to seek a revision of a draft law to curb emissions from cars, bowing to calls from Germany for more flexibility to protect the competitiveness of the domestic automobile industry.

Germany criticized as EU’s introduction of carbon emissions rules for cars stalls
Deutsche Welle
Germany has been accused of slowing the European Union’s efforts to limit vehicle emissions. Fresh talks on when new rules would be introduced faltered, with Germany wary of harming its car industry.

Natural Gas/Coal

Greenpeace law challenge will not ban UK fracking, says industry
A Greenpeace plan to challenge fracking, hydraulic fracturing, could be an inconvenience but will not block efforts to exploit shale gas, the industry said on Monday.

Senior Republican bullish on House-Senate deal to advance US-Mexico drilling pact
The Hill’s E2 Wire
A senior House Republican said he’s hopeful the House and Senate can strike a deal after passing separate versions of legislation to implement a 2012 U.S.-Mexico offshore oil drilling pact.
U.K. Nears $22 Billion Deal for First Atomic Plant Since ’95
The U.K. is “extremely close” to announcing a deal with Electricite de France SA to build Britain’s first nuclear power station since 1995, Energy Secretary Ed Davey said.

Green policies forecast to add 41% to electricity costs by 2030
Green policies will add 41 per cent to electricity prices by 2030 – according to the energy department’s own forecasts.

Suzlon Sells 65 Megawatts of Wind Turbines for Uruguayan Project
Suzlon Energy Ltd. (SUEL), the world’s third biggest wind-turbine maker by sales, will provide 65 megawatts of power equipment for a project in Uruguay’s southwest region of Colonia.

Putting Robots to Work in Solar Energy
The New York Times
In a dusty yard under a blistering August sun, Rover was hard at work, lifting 45-pound solar panels off a stack and installing them, one by one, into a concrete track. A few yards away, Rover’s companion, Spot, moved along a row of panels, washing away months of grit, then squeegeeing them dry.

Study finds surge in renewable energy patents
The Hill’s E2 Wire
New research released Monday found there has been an explosion in renewable energy patents in the past decade.

Europe threatened by power outages this winter
Renewable energy is blamed for jeopardising Europe’s energy security this winter, a new study has found. EurActiv France reports.


India to Invest $1.8 Billion in Village Water Supplies
India, where 200,000 children four and under die yearly of diseases caused by dirty water, plans to spend 110 billion rupees ($1.8 billion) for the fiscal year ending March 2014 to improve village water supplies.

Water Desalination Capacity Climbs on Power, Energy Needs
Demand for water to generate power, energy and refining needs sparked such growth in desalination plants that 50 percent more capacity is due online this year than in 2012, according to newly published data.

Turkey Plans $819 Million of Water Purification, Sewage Works
Turkey plans 604 million euros ($819 million) of infrastructure investments on water purification and sewage systems in eastern and southeastern regions, the Environment & Urbanization Ministry said today.


Electric Car Rentals Stalled in U.S. by Range Anxiety
Rental car drivers just aren’t plugging into electric vehicles, largely because of fears the batteries will die.


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