In this edition, European businesses cry foul over subsidies, as covered by the Wall Street Journal (and elsewhere around the Web). Plus, jury’s still out on U.S. alternative fuels as EPA’s McCarthy Says No Decision Made on Renewable Mandate, Bloomberg reports. And, Germany calls out U.S. and China to take climate leadership role.

Quote of the Day:

“The newly elected Chinese leadership is much more committed to environmental protection, to renewable energies and to climate protection than any other Chinese government in the past. I’m very optimistic that we can take China aboard to achieve an ambitious 2015 international agreement in Paris.”

–German Environment Minister Peter Altmaier in Bloomberg’s “China Ready to Help Achieve Climate ‘Breakthrough,’ Germany Says”

Lead Stories

China Ready to Help Achieve Climate ‘Breakthrough,’ Germany Says
China and the U.S. are more willing to act on climate protection, raising the chances for a “breakthrough” in United Nations-sponsored talks to curb global warming, German Environment Minister Peter Altmaier said.

Energy Bosses Call for End to Subsidies for Wind, Solar Power
The Wall Street Journal
Top executives of companies that provide half of Europe’s electricity production capacity on Friday called on politicians to end “distorting” subsidies for wind and solar power, saying the incentives have led to whopping bills for households and businesses and could cause continent-wide blackouts.

U.K. to Plan Budget for Low-CO2 Power Deals This Year
The U.K. government said it plans to propose by year-end budgets for each successive round of long-term power contracts that will be awarded under new laws to boost nuclear and renewable power.

U.S. Carbon-Dioxide Emissions Fell 11 Percent Since 2007
National Journal
Between 2007 and 2011, the amount of carbon dioxide the United States spewed into the air decreased by 2 million tons, or 11 percent. Accounting for part of the decrease, explains the Earth Policy Institute, is the recession. When the economy slows, carbon emissions slow with it. But our habits have changed as well, and in the past few years America really has gotten “greener.”

EPA’s McCarthy Says No Decision Made on Renewable Mandate
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has made no final decision about its proposal for renewable fuel mandates for 2014, the agency’s administrator said today, responding to reports about a draft the EPA had circulated.

Google teams up with Silver Ridge Power in $103m solar deal
Business Green
Google has continued its multimillion-dollar push into the renewable energy market, after agreeing to invest approximately $103m into the 265.7MW Mount Signal Solar project in California.

Environmental consultancy market rises to 1.3bn sterling
Business Green
The UK environmental consulting market expanded by 5.2 per cent over 2012 to reach 1.32bn sterling and notch a second successive year of post-recession growth.


Climate Strategies Forum
Association of Climate Change Officers
October 14-17
Washington, D.C.

Verge: Where Tech Meets Sustainability
October 14-17
San Francisco, California

FT Global Shale Energy Summit
October 21

Solar Power International
October 21-24

Climate Leadership Conference
Association of Climate Change Officers
February 24-26, 2014
San Diego, CA


Carbon budget means emissions capture is not optional
Climate Spectator
Agreeing on their Fifth Assessment Reporttwo weeks ago, the 195 member governments of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change accepted that to meet their goal of limiting global warming to 2 degrees, the planetary carbon budget – total carbon emissions released from the dawn of the industrial age – must be limited to one trillion tonnes.

Global effort to capture carbon emissions takes hit
Al Jazeera America
Despite progress in the global effort to capture carbon emissions from power plants and industrial facilities, the number of global large-scale projects aimed at capturing carbon declined from 75 to 65 in 2012, according to a new report.

Natural Gas/Coal/Alternative Fuels

France’s Fracking Ban ‘Absolute’ After Court Upholds Law
France’s constitutional court upheld a ban on hydraulic fracturing, ruling that the law against the energy-exploration technique known as fracking is a valid means of protecting the environment.

Tennessee’s Geology Shows the Local Peculiarity of Fracking
Circle of Blue
I’m in eastern Tennessee on a field trip that was organized as part of the Society of Environmental Journalists conference, which is being held two hours south of here, in Chattanooga. For this tour, we’re meeting with an energy company executive and an environmental lawyer, as well as touring a few producing gas wells near Frozen Head State Park with members of the Sierra Club. (The energy company executive could not accompany us on the field tour, because we were seeing another company’s wells.)

IEA Sees Oil Output Outside OPEC Rising Most Since 1970s
The International Energy Agency estimates that non-OPEC oil producers led by the U.S., Canada and Kazakhstan will bolster supplies next year by the most since the 1970s, undermining the need for OPEC’s crude.

EPA says nothing final on ethanol blend; industry group cries foul
The Environmental Protection Agency on Friday sought to calm a furor over its apparent proposal to reduce ethanol use in gasoline next year, saying that no final decisions had been made about the contentious mandate.

Brazil ethanol exports to U.S. at risk if EPA eases blend rule
U.S. imports of Brazilian sugar cane ethanol could be cut by more than half if a draft proposal to reduce next year’s U.S. biofuel blending mandate is enacted.

GOP lawmakers pressure EPA to include coal-powered states on tour
The Hill’s E2 Wire
Coal supporters are rallying behind Rep. Shelley Moore Capito’s (R-W.Va.) call for the Environmental Protection Agency to include coal-producing states on its listening tour.

Toyota eyes hydrogen-powered sedan in 2015 after driving down costs
Business Green
Toyota could start selling a hydrogen-powered sedan in 2015 at a price of less than £62,500 after slashing the cost of its fuel cell system by almost $1m. The Japanese automaker is expected to unveil a concept model of the sedan at the Tokyo motor show next month that could soon be sold in Japan, the US and Europe.


U.K. Labour Price Cap Risks Offshore Wind Investment, SSE Says
A U.K. opposition Labour Party plan to cap energy bills if it wins the 2015 election risks delaying investments in offshore wind before the vote, SSE Plc (SSE) said.

ET Solar Provides 4.8 Megawatts of Panels for Two Chile Projects
ET Solar Group Corp., a closely held Chinese photovoltaic-panel company, provided 4.8 megawatts of equipment for two projects in Chile’s central Combarbala region.

South Korea should lower reliance on nuclear -study
South Korea should reduce its reliance on nuclear power in view of public discontent with corruption in the industry and Japan’s difficulty tackling the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster, a group weighing up the problem said on Sunday.

India’s Welspun Energy to invest $1.6 bln in solar, wind projects by 2017
India’s Welspun Energy, which will commission the world’s second-largest solar power plant and two other projects by December, will invest an additional $1.6 billion in new projects over three years, its managing director said on Friday.


What Is the IPCC Telling Policymakers About Climate Change and Water?
Circle of Blue
The latest report on climate change from an international panel of scientists is a story of epochal transformations to the Earth’s land, air, and water systems. Greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere are the highest in 800,000 years, and the rate of sea level rise since the Industrial Revolution is the highest in the last two millennia.


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