In this edition, more from the Warsaw talks, including a look at the snag of procedure and a correction to U.N. carbon numbers in the latest report. Beyond those details, some deep-digging features, including In Warsaw As In California, Forest Carbon Carrot Needs Compliance Stick, reported by Ecosystem Marketplace

Also today, we tease the Wall Street Journal’s latest package of features, predicting what the energy landscape might look like in 20 years, including hydro, oil, gas, and nuclear.

Quote of the Day:

“The need for consensus certainly could hamper something major, like a Paris protocol. Everyone wants to remove the Damocles sword of requiring consensus. But they also realize that if you start going to even super-majority voting, it becomes a different atmosphere.”

–Alden Meyer, of the Union of Concerned Scientists in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who has attended all except one of the climate conferences, in Bloomberg Quick Take: Climate Change, A Global Push to Save the Planet.

Lead Stories

Global Warming Talks Risk Fizzling as Rules Snarl Debate
The future of a global climate agreement may rely on a French minister wielding a gavel. That’s because the annual talks aimed at limiting temperature increases never agreed on voting rules. Every move requires consensus, and it’s up to the chair to decide what that means.

Bloomberg Quick Take: Climate Change, A Global Push to Save the Planet
Bloomberg’s Alex Morales
The latest findings add urgency to UN talks in Warsaw this month for a new global treaty. Poor countries argue that they need cheap fuel to power development and small island nations clamor that their existence is threatened by melting glaciers and rising seas.

U.N. climate panel corrects carbon numbers in influential report
The United Nation’s panel of climate experts revised estimates of historical greenhouse gas emissions, made in September, both up and down on Monday but said the errors did not affect conclusions that time was running out to limit global warming.
**RKB — Economists and analysts said the corrections matter little to the big picture. Among changes, the IPCC revised down the cumulative amount of carbon emitted since 1860-1881 to 515 billion tonnes from 531 billion given in September, and revised up the amount emitted since 1750 to 555 billion tonnes from 545 billion. Global emissions are now running at about 10 billion tonnes of carbon a year, meaning those change are equivalent to about a year to a year and a half of emissions.

In Warsaw As In California, Forest Carbon Carrot Needs Compliance Stick
Ecosystem Marketplace
Today’s voluntary forest projects have the capacity to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions by 1.4 billion tons over the next five years, but voluntary markets alone aren’t likely to generate that kind of demand. If compliance markets don’t start driving demand soon, we could lose many of the environmental benefits achieved to-date.

Rich Nations Failing to Detail Climate Aid Pledges
Poor nations have been left in the dark on how much finance wealthy countries will provide to help them adapt to the effects of climate change and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, the development charity Oxfam said.

Merkel Gets Energy Deal as Self-Imposed Coalition Deadline Nears
German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s bloc and the Social Democrats stitched together an agreement on renewable energy as the parties close in on a self-imposed deadline to draft a coalition accord by the end of the month.

Germany to cut wind tariff, keep PV
German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives and the Social Democrats have agreed to slash feed-in tariffs (FIT) for wind power in many regions where wind energy production is high, according to a draft agreement obtained by Reuters.

The Future of Energy
The Wall Street Journal Special Report
Predicting what the energy landscape will look like in 20 years.

And more, including:

Going With the Flow
What’s green and strong? Hydropower, which is poised for major growth.

Oil Companies Go Deep
Defying predictions after BP’s huge spill in 2010, offshore drilling has taken off

What’s Holding Back Nuclear Energy
A look at the challenges that keep it from taking off—and how to meet them

The Future of Electric Grids: Distributed Generation
Jay Apt of the Tepper School of Business on why grids are undergoing a transition to distributed power generation and the role natural gas will play


Climate Leadership Conference
Association of Climate Change Officers
February 24-26, 2014
San Diego, CA

Navigating the American Carbon World (NACW) 2014
March 26-28, 2014
San Francisco, California


Mexico’s exchange to launch platform for carbon trading
Mexico’s stock exchange said on Friday it will launch an electronic platform to trade carbon credits, opening a new environmental market in the Americas and looking to profit from new low-carbon legislation in Mexico.

Abbott mulling RET assault: report
Australian Financial Review/Climate Spectator
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has declared similar the effects of carbon pricing and the renewable energy target on power prices, giving the strongest indication yet he may seek to weaken the scheme, The Australian Financial Review reports.

EU Carbon Permits Rise From Two-Month Low as SocGen Says Buy
European Union carbon permits advanced from a two-month low amid optimism that agreement will be reached on temporarily curbing an oversupply and Societe Generale SA recommended buying the contracts.

Clegg urges coalition to ‘stay the course’ on green energy
Financial Times
Nick Clegg will on Thursday urge the coalition to “stay the course” on its green agenda despite the political consensus shifting away from the environment because of the economic downturn.


EBRD Studies Loan for First Large-Scale Wind Farm in Kazakhstan
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is studying offering as much as 54 million euros ($72 million) of lending for Kazakhstan’s first large wind farm.

German Wind Industry Says Too Early to Panic on Subsidy Cuts
A German agreement to cut support for wind energy isn’t a reason for the industry to panic as the extent of the changes is undecided, a lobby group said.

Boeing, RER to Install Underwater Montreal Power Turbines
Boeing Co. (BA), the world’s largest planemaker, is working with RER Hydro Ltd. to install underwater turbines in the St. Lawrence River near Montreal with capacity to produce about 9 megawatts of electricity.

Allete to Buy AES Wind Farm Stakes for $27 Million
Allete Inc. (ALE), a Minnesota energy company, agreed to buy AES Corp.’s stakes in three wind farms in Minnesota, Iowa and Oregon for $27 million.

California to hold meeting on NextEra Blythe solar power plant
California regulators will hold a public meeting on Nov. 12 with a unit of NextEra Energy Inc on environmental and other issues related to its proposed 485-megawatt Blythe solar photovoltaic power plant.


Water UK Says Shale Gas Fracking Risks Can Be Mitigated
Water UK, which represents Britain’s public and private water and wastewater suppliers, says a report will be released “imminently” that concludes the risks from shale gas drilling can be mitigated.


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