This doesn’t sound like collaboration? The Warsaw U.N. talks intensify, producing headlines like these: China Faults Japan, Europe on Pollution at UN Talks, Japan Sets Emissions Target in Setback to UN Treaty Talks, U.S., EU, Reject Brazilian Call for Climate Equity Metric. Could this simply reflect the ugly work necessary before real progress is made, or are the talks headed nowhere fast? Read these articles and more in our Lead Stories section.

Quote of the Day:

“I don’t have any words to describe my dismay at that announcement forthcoming. [On Europe, he said] there’s no ambition at all. They talk about ratcheting up ambition, but rather they would have to ratchet up to ambition from zero ambition.”

–Su Wei, China’s lead negotiator, told reporters in Warsaw yesterday, speaking first of the Japanese announcement and then fielding a question on Europe, covered in Bloomberg’s China Faults Japan, Europe on Pollution at UN Talks.”

Lead Stories

EU can’t afford to step down as climate leader: Think tank
Europe’s abdication from climate leadership would stunt growth in the region and hand a huge economic advantage to China and the United States as they carve out their share of a multi-billion low-carbon market, a German think tank said today (14 November).

U.S., EU, Reject Brazilian Call for Climate Equity Metric
The U.S. and European Union blocked a proposal supported by 130 nations including Brazil and China that would use pollution levels dating back to the industrial revolution to help set limits on emissions in the future.

Japan dials back climate change emissions target
Japan has drastically scaled back its target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, possibly complicating efforts to forge a global climate change pact.

Japan Sets Emissions Target in Setback to UN Treaty Talks
Japan, the world’s fifth-largest producer of carbon dioxide, watered down its target to cut greenhouse gas emissions in a move that critics say will set back United Nations talks to tackle climate change.

China Faults Japan, Europe on Pollution at UN Talks
China singled out Japan and the European Union for failing to take more dramatic action against carbon pollution, signaling a rift at United Nations talks for a global treaty limiting fossil fuel emissions.

Shale’s Effect on Oil Supply Is Forecast to Be Brief
The New York Times
The boom in oil from shale formations in recent years has generated a lot of discussion that the United States could eventually return to energy self-sufficiency, but according to a report released Tuesday by the International Energy Agency, production of such oil in the United States and worldwide will provide only a temporary respite from reliance on the Middle East.

Canada attacks EU data labelling tar sands as dirty
Canada on Wednesday (13 November) renewed its attack on the European Union’s plan to classify Canadian tar sands oil as particularly dirty and released a study questioning the data behind the controversial measure.

China Prepares to Open Its First Deep-Water Gas Project
The Wall Street Journal
China is set to start the pumps at its first deep-water natural-gas project, an engineering feat using a Chinese-made platform designed to withstand typhoons and using hundreds of miles of undersea pipelines.

State Eyes Refinery As Ticket To Shale Gas Boom
The Wall Street Journal
A Brazilian conglomerate unveiled a proposal Thursday to build a multibillion-dollar natural-gas refining complex in West Virginia—the biggest such development in the state as it tries to profit from the region’s drilling boom.

California to nearly double wind, solar energy output by 2020 -regulator
California is set to nearly double its wind and solar power generation over the next seven years as utility companies try to meet the state’s requirement to source 33 percent of energy from renewables by 2020, reliability regulators said.

Climate Leadership Conference
Association of Climate Change Officers
February 24-26, 2014
San Diego, CA

Navigating the American Carbon World (NACW) 2014
March 26-28, 2014
San Francisco, California

Natural Gas/Coal/Alternative Fuel

Tennessee Valley Authority Makes Major Coal Plant Retirement Announcement
Sierra Club Press Release
Today at a board meeting in Oxford, Mississippi the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Board of Directors voted to retire units at three of its coal plants. This will affect coal-burning units at the Colbert and Widows Creek plants in Alabama and the Paradise plant in Kentucky, totaling over 3,000 MW of generating capacity. Today’s announcement by TVA made clear that, as one of the largest utilities in the country, it is ready to back away even further from the use of dirty, outdated coal for electricity. Environmental groups, including the Southern Environmental Law Center, Earthjustice, Environmental Integrity Project, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Our Children’s Earth Foundation, National Parks Conservation Association, and the Sierra Club have worked for years for cleaner air and a healthier environment in the Valley.

Tennessee Valley Authority Defies McConnell With Coal Cut
The Tennessee Valley Authority said it will cut its use of coal-fired electrical generation by about half of current levels, shuttering some units and converting others to burn natural gas to meet tighter emission-control regulations.

EPA Said to Consider Changes to Advanced Biofuel Draft
Obama administration officials, under pressure from advanced-biofuel producers and farm-state lawmakers, have told industry representatives that they’re considering raising the quota for their product next year above what was contained in an August draft plan.

U.S. EPA to unveil biofuel rules as soon as Friday
U.S. environmental regulators are likely to unveil rules on Friday dictating how much ethanol and other renewable fuels must be blended into the U.S. gasoline supply in 2014, following weeks of lobbying by the oil and biofuels industries, industry sources who have been briefed on the process said on Thursday.

Oil Producers Overtaking Refiners on Flood of U.S. Shale: Energy
Energy investors are shifting their attention from U.S. refining stocks that added $20 billion in market value last year to oil producers promising record output in shale fields.


EIB hints that it will fund energy infrastructure shortfall
Officials from the European Investment Bank (EIB) have given the strongest indication yet that they will fill a €3.25 billion hole in EU plans for modernising the continent’s creaky power infrastructure. Last month, the EU announced a list of 250 ‘projects of common interest’ (PCIs), such as cross-border transmission lines, fuel pipelines and gas storage terminals.

Arizona Regulators Impose Power-Grid Fees for Solar Roofs
Arizona regulators voted to permit the state’s largest utility to charge a monthly fee to customers who install photovoltaic panels on their roofs. The utility said the payments will be too little to pay for grid costs.

Ikea to Purchase Wind Farm in Canada From Mainstream Renewable
Ikea Group, the largest home-furnishings retailer, plans to buy a 46-megawatt wind farm in Alberta, Canada, from Mainstream Renewable Power Ltd.

Bonds Backed by Solar Power Payments Get Nod
The New York Times
Over the decades, Wall Street has used many assets to back up the bonds it sells, including car loans, life insurance policies and future royalties on David Bowie’s music. Now, in a milestone of sorts for the emerging solar industry, the finance wizards are embracing a new kind of security, this one backed by solar electricity payments.


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