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In this edition, big news of a Canada-U.S. carbon agreement. Bloomberg, and others, have the article. Also out of California, Bloomberg reports California Fracking Study May Take 18 Months, Brown Says.

Quote of the Day:

“This is not a revolution. You are witnessing an historic, small, but powerful step. It’s only the beginning. You watch. Next year and the year after that and the year after that, this will spread until finally we get a real handle and grasp on what is the world’s greatest existential challenge.”

–California Governor Jerry Brown, at a news briefing in San Francisco where the state and provincial leaders signed the agreement, covered in Bloomberg’s “Western U.S. States, British Columbia Agree on Carbon

Lead Stories

Western U.S. States, British Columbia Agree on Carbon
The governors of Oregon and Washington agreed to put a price on emissions and adopt fuel standards, bringing their efforts to cut greenhouse-gas pollution closer to those of California and British Columbia.
**RKB — Gov. Brown said the group will “soon be joined by provinces on the coast of China,” noting that a meeting has been scheduled with leaders from that country in January.

Pacific Coast states and British Columbia vow to put price on carbon, adopt cleaner fuels
The governors of Pacific coastal U.S. states and a Canadian province official on Monday vowed to collectively combat climate change by coordinating policies that place a price on greenhouse gas pollution and mandating the use of cleaner-burning fuels.

U.S. lays out strict limits on coal funding abroad
The United States said Tuesday it plans to use its leverage within global development banks to limit financing for coal-fired power plants abroad, part of Washington’s international strategy to combat climate change.

Climate change risk to one-third of global GDP: Report
Around one-third of the world’s economy by 2025 will be based in countries at “high” or “extreme” risk from the economic impact of climate change, according to risk consultancy Maplecroft.

China’s anti-pollution drive risks running out of gas
A chronic shortage of natural gas is hurting China’s plan to move away from burning coal to heat homes and offices, raising the prospect of more choking air pollution this winter and beyond.

China to Monitor Air Pollution Effects in Cities
China will start monitoring the effects of air pollution on the health of people in areas including Beijing and Shanghai, the government’s latest step to address public anger over the issue.

German SPD urges fast renewables reform in coalition talks
Germany’s centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) will push for a quick reform of incentives for green energy in any deal to share power with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives, documents showed on Tuesday.

Blocking a decarbonisation target is a gift to foreign clean tech firms
Business Green blog
First, a caveat: the defeat of the decarbonisation target amendment is not a crisis for the green economy. Nor is it a calamity, a catastrophe, or a cataclysm for the clean tech sector. Climate Change Minister Greg Barker has a point when he argues the debate on a decarbonisation target is something of a “diversion”. The Energy Bill is edging towards Royal Assent and when it is granted it will drive huge investment in clean energy projects for the rest of this decade, backed by over 7bn sterling in support mechanisms, a number of crucial Treasury loan guarantees, and a broad, if at times shaky, political consensus.


Climate Leadership Conference
Association of Climate Change Officers
February 24-26, 2014
San Diego, CA


Carbon tax was supported by AGL, Rio Tinto and Qantas under John Howard
Smart Company
As business and lobby groups prepare submissions on Environment Minister Greg Hunt’s legislation to repeal the carbon tax, it is worth remembering that until very recently the mainstream business community was behind carbon pricing.

Natural Gas/Coal/Alternative Fuels

California Fracking Study May Take 18 Months, Brown Says
Governor Jerry Brown said it may take as long as 18 months for California, the third-largest oil-producing state, to complete an environmental review of the oil and gas drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing.

Lithuania Plans New Tender for Shale-Gas Rights on Chevron Exit
Lithuania plans a new tender for shale hydrocarbon exploration rights and will revise licensing terms after Chevron Corp. (CVX) withdrew as sole bidder from a previous contest.


UK energy bosses blame politicians for price rises
The six energy companies that dominate Britain’s energy market defended steep price hikes on Tuesday, blaming rising costs and political interference as a panel of lawmakers accused them of abusing their market position at consumers’ expense.

U.K. Utilities Said to Charge What They Can Get Away With
Britain’s biggest utilities are charging as much “as they can get away with,” the leader of a smaller supplier said in testimony to Parliament that broke ranks with the rest of the industry.

Mainstream Awarded 360 Megawatts of South Africa Wind Projects
Mainstream Renewable Power Ltd., a Dublin-based renewable-energy developer, will build three wind farms totaling 360 megawatts in South Africa.

S. Africa Picks 17 Clean-Energy Bidders, Studies More Candidates
South Africa chose 17 preferred bids for almost 1,500 megawatts of green energy projects and is still studying candidates under a program to cut its reliance on coal.


Insight: Water, wealth and whites – South Africa’s potent anti-fracking mix
Stretching across the heart of South Africa, the Karoo has stirred emotions for centuries, a stunning semi-desert wilderness that draws artists, hunters and the toughest of farmers.


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