Nasdaq opened a new chapter  in 2016 when 13-year-tenured CEO Bob Greifeld retired, handing the reins to longtime executive Adena Friedman. Friedman became CEO of the exchange group in November, but that was far from the only big move made by the company last year.

There were three primary areas of strength for Nasdaq in 2016, the first being the development of its new generation of infrastructure technology, Nasdaq Financial Framework, which, among other functions, incorporates blockchain, machine learning and cloud services.

The second strength was Nasdaq’s successful year of listings. It garnered 87 percent of the technology industry’s offerings and Nasdaq Nordic had 91 new listings. Other positive momentum in 2016 came from Nasdaq NFX, the group’s futures exchange. Started in late 2015, Friedman cited its 5 percent market share at the end of the year and growing membership. NFX looks to continue its growth in the energy and power markets.

Friedman has more goals for 2017. Nasdaq needs to continue the integration process from its acquisitions in 2016, namely the International Securities Exchange. Second, Friedman said the exchange needs to continue to “commercialize our emerging technologies,” and build upon the newly deployed Nasdaq Financial Framework. She also see rooms to grow Nasdaq’s index business.

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